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  • Doomed to Two Seasons

    "The Munsters" and "The Addams Family" debuted in 1964 a few days apart. Both featured families of monsters but their themes were entirely different and they attracted different audiences. Muster fans boycotted Adams and vice versa, ruining the ratings of both shows and dooming them to only 2 seasons. What The Musters had going for it was the amazing chemistry between Fred Gwynne (Herman) and Al Lewis (Grandpa); unfortunately, it also had the Marilyn character which the writers could not smoothly fit into the plot lines. Beverley Owen was well aware of this and left after 13 episodes. The producers made a grave mistake by recasting the character instead of writing her out. In the original concept, Marilyn was supposed to have been an older teenager, not a twentysomething. Would the show have been more successful with, say, Patty McCormack (19) as Marilyn instead of Owen (27) or Pat Priest (28)? Perhaps, but we'll never know.
  • Another Dark, Gothic Show from the great 60s!

    1st ep (09)
  • What kid in the '60s couldn't like the Munsters???

    I very fondly remember the Munsters on TV when I was about 12 years old back in the mid-60s. It was near the end of the time when Universal had released their classic monster movies from decades earlier in the Shock Theater format and used the classic Frankenstein, Dracula, vampress, and wolfman to create this comedy, how appropriate. The cast was perfect for the part and although slap stick comedy basically using this theme worked nicely. Most boys my age were enamored of the classic Universal monsters and this show fit perfectly with that interest. Along with the Addams Family they made weekly TV viewing a joy.
  • The Best of it's Kind

    The Munsters was one of many "escapist" programs of it's time. Others included, Bewitched, I Dream of Jeanie, The Addams Family, My Favorite Martian, My Mother the Car, My Living Doll, Gilligan's Island, Lost in Space, and The Flintstones. Of all of these programs, The Munsters is, to this day, the greatest of all of these series'. It manages to translate through the 50+ years it's been on the air without a scratch on it. The only things about this show that gives it's age away are the hairstyles and the facts that it's filmed in black and white. This show will be watched and loved for many decades to come.
  • Love! Love! Love this show!

    Every moment of this show was and is Wonderful! Sincerely one of the Very Best comedy shows ever created. Laugh out loud comedy every moment. The Munsters is what I call comedy in the grandest style. The Munster Family lives on in love and memories. A sincerely timeless comedy for all generations. Effortless funny, clean entertainment! In these difficult times this show serves as a reminder of funny, easy comedy for all. Thank Goodness for The Munster Family and Every Moment of the series.

    This is Prime Time Comedy at it's Finest! Best! Most Wonderful! Loved Deeply and Sincerely.....Again Many Thanks!
  • Another strange comedy from the past.

    Another strange comedy from the past. It was a show very similar to "The Adams Family". This was another comedy that I literally grew up watching. I spent much of my time trying to tell the difference between the two shows. I couldn't tell who was dead, undead or just really strange. They both started and ended about the same time. Herman Munster was the head of the family. He looked like Frankenstein and worked at a funeral parlor. I can't believe they got away with it. I would have thought the owner of the Frankenstein rights would have sued them. His wife Lily Munster was a homemaker, or stay-at-home-mom by today’s standards. Their son was a werewolf named Eddie. Grandpa Munster was like Count Dracula and was also a mad scientist. Again, I'm not sure how there was not a lawsuit. Marilyn Munster was their niece and just a regular all-American beautiful blonde girl who went to college. A fun show to watch but I don't think anything like this could work on TV today.
  • Fantastic show that everyone remembers fondly.

    The Munsters is one of those shows that sets the way for numerous parody's and revivals. A great cast, great adventures every week and an allround wholesome family despite their origins from Transylvania.

    Fans of this show check out the 1988 revival series "The Munsters Today" - video clips, a tour of the Munster mansion and overall show history from
  • I've said it before and no doubt I'll say it again ..... the old shows are STILL the best.

    What a great show this was. Everything about The Munsters was superb... the writing, direction, sets, and most of all, the performances, particularly those of Fred Gwynne ( Herman ) and Al Lewis ( Granpa). I was'nt fourtunate enough to watch this show when it was first aired ( not born ) but i caught reruns in the late 70's early 80's, i still laugh now watching the DVD's. Amongst the best episodes was the one in which Herman is picked up by a Russian trawler after wandering into the ocean while at the beach, or the one in which Herman buys a ghost town through a magazine ad. The Munsters has gotten very little respect over the years. It's usually dismissed as a "silly" show, inferior to the Addams family (which it is often compared to) In fact the Munsters was a much better show than The Addams family.
    The Addams family plots almost entirely took place within the house and were rather contrived unlike The Munsters which used location filming. Also The Addams family had no characters that could match the great chemistry shared by Fred Gwynne and Al Lewis.

    If you were unable to watch this show on TV the grab the DVD's, both seasons are now available plus two feature length movies The Munsters Revenge & The Munsters Go Home, in 2007 they are releasing an updated version of the Munsters but it wont be the same with out Fred Gwyne and Al Lewis.
  • One awesome Comedy Classic!!!

    I love this show. It is a classic and extremely funny. I must say I don't like many comedy's. However this is one of them. Yes without a doubt this show carries on a great legacy. Why it still is one air after over what, like 40 years. Well let me tell ya that's a pretty long time. I hope that this show does stay on the air. They should bring back some of those corney commercials of the show too. Yep I do think that back in the day they did have some neat things. Perhaps better than alot of what we have today, after all where do you think Hollywood gets their material these days; it's all about the past baby!!!
  • Original and funny

    Okay, I admit that I am a very big fan of the Addams Family and all of its members and relatives, but that does not mean that I can not love these friendly monsters... With a family like this, you will never want to leave them. When I saw this series for the first time I thought that it was probably a copy of the Addams, but as I watched the episodes, I realized that the Munsters were very different from the Addams, and yet, so similar. While the Addams have crazy and bizarre habbits, which they think are perfectly natural, the Munsters try to behave according to society standards, even though it is a bit difficult for them sometimes. Both families have pets (the Addams have Thing, and the Munsters have Spot the Dinosaur and Igor the Transylvanian Bat), and I must say that some of the scenes with imply them are just terrific.

    We know that as soon as we see Herman or Grandpa trying to come up with something, they are asking for trouble... it is a good thing that Lily, Marilyn and Eddie are around to help them out. Awesome show and I reccomend it to all those who love family sitcoms.
  • Wholesome fun for the whole family

    Fred. Lily. Grandpa. Marilyn. Eddie, Spot. Household names to a child growing up in the 1960s and 1970s (via reruns). We love the Munsters. Talk about comedy, this show was hilarious.

    Each episode follows a similar format. Someone in the family (usually Fred) has a problem that needs to be solved. In the process of finding a solution, the characters get into more trouble. By the end of the episode the problem is solved and the story ends on a happy and funny note. While this may sound predictable (and it is), it is always funny.

    Each character has a unique personality that the view can relate to. It's wholesome entertainment for the whole family. Pick it up on DVD. You won't be disappointed.
  • One of the most original comedy's on television.

    The best original show in television history. Great take-off on the classic munster characters for the movies of Universal Pictures. Herman was a loveable creature. Grampa Munster{Al Lewis} was unique in the way he played Count Dracula. He was more like a Catskill comic. Lily Munster{Yvonne DeCarlo} played the part as a memorable wife. Eddie Munster{Butch Patrick} was the best as a normal child warewolf! Marilin Munster{Beverly Owen and Pat Priest} were pretty ordinary.The guest stars,Dom DeLuise,Frank Gorshin,Don Rickles,Paul Lynde,Charlie Callas were the top stars of the day. George Barris built two memorable cars The Munster's Koach and the Dragula. Classic's to this day. Tbe music was great. The score was catchy.
  • A family based on the old Universal Monsters trying to be normal

    Along with so many people, The Munsters is still one of my childhood favorites along with Bewitched and Gilligan's Island. I loved the classic horror movies so it was only natural that I should love the Munsters. Herman was the Frankenstein Monster: big, lovable, misunderstood and a bit simple-minded but at heart a family man. Grandpa was the eccentric and sometimes noble Count Dracula, but he was much more comical and more fun than Lugisi or Lee in the role. Lily harkened back to the vampire, but easily could have fit the role of the living dead as the loving and sometimes stern housewife. Eddie was the every child albeit with a bit of the wolfman in him, and poor, sweet beautiful Marilyn was the only straight character. She was played first by the effervescent and beautiful Beverley Owen, but after she left and was replaced by Pat Priest, she never figured much in the series again except as a sidekick to Lily against the shenanigans of Herman and Grandpa. Contrary to belief, the series was never better or worse than their "rival" TV family, The Addams. The Munsters was about tolerance, being different but acting normal in the world, while the Addams were about their right to be eccentric in a normal world. The Munsters had a lot of paranormal and supernatural aspects; they never saw death as final. The Addams was more about living up to and embracing the absurb and the macabre. Both shows had their styles and each one was brilliant, but on the surface, they both embraced the horror mentality.
  • The average family in modern(1964)America.Transylvanians never had it so good.

    Classic amongst classics, If your not laughing at The Munsters..your dead.
    Flawless comic acting,imaginitive application of horror classics.
    Great writing in every episode, what idiot canceled this!
    Lots of cool cameo roles.this show made the 60s rock and speaking of the theame song is still a hit and widly recognised.
    I wish this thing had spell check. Chicks dig the car,a hot rod hearse.
    Pet monster Spot under the stairs.Godzilla maybee?
    1313 mocking bird lane(its the little things that make a difference).
    \\\"Fred\\\" Munster is a little weak, why not \\\"Frank\\\" or is that too hokey?
    Great Idea having a smokin hot \\\"Lilly\\\" Munster.
    favorite episode, When Fred goes drag racing in the hot rod hearse.
  • A show about a bizarre family and their strange habits.


    "The Munsters" was another show that I literally grew up watching as it started on air just months after I was born. I spent a lot of time trying to tell the difference between the two shows. I couldn't tell who was dead, undead or just really strange. They both started and ended about the same time.

    Herman Munster was the head of the family. He looked like Frankenstein and worked at a funeral parlor. I can't believe they got away with it. I would have thought the owner of the Frankenstein rights would have sued them. His wife Lily Munster was a homemaker, or stay-at-home-mom by today’s standards. Their son was a werewolf named Eddie. Grandpa Munster was like Count Dracula and was also a mad scientist. Again, I'm not sure how there was not a lawsuit. Marilyn Munster was their niece and just a regular all-American beautiful blonde girl who went to college.
  • Good. Not as good as The Addams Family...but still good

    The Munsters is a sitcom based on your typical family of monsters next door. Herman Munster, the father looks like he is related to Frankenstein. He adores his vampire wife Lily, their werewolf son Eddie, and their abnormally normal niece Marilyn. Lily's vampire father, better known on the show as Grandpa also lives with them.
  • (snores loudly)

    What? What time is it? Oh. Silly me. I thought i was watching the show but instead i am reviewing it. Anyhow, this show is boring and lame. The title sounds like crap. Just like the show. Crappy title for a crappy show. Boring and stupid. Glad it is no longer on the air.
  • Great show to watch over and over again!! Al Lewis died 02-04-2006 aged 95. ;-(

    Keep this Classic going!! Keep this Classic going!! Keep this Classic going!! Keep this Classic going!! Keep this Classic going!! Keep this Classic going!! Keep this Classic going!! Keep this Classic going!! Keep this Classic going!! Keep this Classic going!! Keep this Classic going!! Keep this Classic going!! Keep this Classic going!! Keep this Classic going!! Keep this Classic going!!
  • Not a show to miss if you love crazy, goofy 60s period comedy!

    The Munsters were often overshadowed by that other wacky ghoulish comedy show on during the same time period, The Addams Family. But for sheer individual comedic performances, the cast of The Munsters not only held their own, but often times out shined those of the Addams' cast.

    As in The Addams Family, The Munsters were a family that had either fallen back through time or withstood change. Direct decendants from Translyvania, The Munsters brought characters from all of our favorite horror movies of the 30s through the 50s.

    Herman Munster (Fred Gwynne) is a "dead" ringer for Dr. Frankenstein's monster, but as gentle a soul as you'll find on the planet.

    His lovely wife Lily (Yvonne DeCarlo) is always devotedly at his side, though she half the time has to stop Herman from making mistakes in the goofy ventures he tries, or must go and rescue him from his own undoing.

    Herman's partner in crime is Grandpa, wonderfully played by former college professor and Ph.D. holder Al Lewis. Grandpa is a direct relation to Count Dracula and just as crazy in the lab. He's always coming up with some hair brain scheme that usually ends up getting Herman way in over his massive, bolted on head.

    And just like the Addams Family, The Munsters have two children, only one is "odd". Young "Eddie" Wolfgang Munster (Butch Patrick)is a miniature Lon Chaney all the way. But poor Marilyn (Debbie Watson, Beverly Owen, Pat Priest) is the oddest of the whole gang. The family is very protective of their unusual and oddball child, the only problem is, she's not. At least by normal standards. Marilyn came out looking just like us. But to the members of her family, she is the outcast. Most of the time, the character of Marilyn was a walkin and walkout, thus the role was played by three different actresses over the run of the show.

    One of the extra perks for guys featured on The Munsters, was the wildly customized cars by crazy car creator George Barris. Barris can make a hot-rod out of anything, and often did for this show. His coolest may be the coffin racer he constructed for Grandpa. It was the era of Rat Fink art showing Big Daddy Roth's creepy creations driving souped up hot rods. So Barris' creations begin driven by tv monsters was perfect timing and may have actually helped the movement.

    Looking back over my television experience of the 1960s, it has to be taken as a whole. And The Munsters fills in a nice peace of that era.
  • This show is a classic and excellent.

    This show is a classic and excellent. Unfortunately it came out at the same time as the Adams Family. It is always being compared and coming up short when compared to the Adams Family. As a result it is underappreciated. It has great use of lighting with the black and white television of its time. The characters are funny and engaging. Like the Adams family it brings up social issues of what is normal and acceptable in society for looks and behaviors. The family is actually healthy. They are truly loving and supportive of each other. The heroes are big, unattractive men, shown as true men. Loving and supportive of their family and ready to fight if necessary for their family.
  • Absolutely fantastic show

    I never tire, watching re runs of this great show. The characheters were so strange yet they were oh so very normal.
    The sets and costumes were great. There are not enough good clean comedies on televison these days. I look forward to owning on DVD all episodes of the Munsters.
  • Bring it back ... it was better than the Adams Family in my opinion.

    I loved the Munsters, I wish they would put re runs back on tv.
    I would even like to see it re done but maybe keeping it in black and white?
    I think it was better than the Adams Family because I liked the comedy side of it and the characters were great.
  • The Munsters being in B&W was still a classic, I was sad to hear about Fred Gywne passing away.

    The Munsters had a great assortment of characters. My favorite start in this order. Mr Munster, Grandpa the vampire, Lily, and Eddie Munster. This show reminded me of The Addams Family in a way on how the weird was normal to them. Look forward to seeing Season 2 release. GREAT!!
  • One of the many classic 1960's American TV series'.

    This is one of the best TV shows, I have ever seen. The characters are hilarious, and the scripts are funny. It's definitaly one the best TV shows America has ever had. The whole show itslef, is based on the fact that the family is monsters, yet they never seem to relaize that. The strange thing I notice, is that people constantly compare The Addams Family to The Munsters. No, they are not the same. The Munsters are monsters that are very slapstick, The Addams Family was just a weird, and dull family.
  • Not quite as good (IMO) as The Addams Family, but not a bad show.

    Not quite as good (IMO) as The Addams Family, but not a bad show. The Munsters was a bit more slap-stick than The Addams Family, but both were funny shows. Like the Addamses, the Munster family is unaware that they're any different from everyone around them. Even their "normal" niece, Marilyn, doesn't notice that they're different.

    Fred Gwynne was perfect as Herman (mostly an overgrown kid). For many of us, Al Lewis will always be Grandpa and rightfully so. He brought great zest and glee to the role. Yvonne De Carlo was stunningly beautiful as Herman's wife Lily.

    Another show worth catching if you can find it.
  • The Munsters is a family of ghouls from Transylvania in search of the American dream. They believe themselves to be the typical All-American family, not unlike the rest of society, that share a common belief that hard work and honesty is a virtue and that

    This has to be the best television series in tv history. Fred Gwynne (Herman), Al Lewis (Grandpa), Yvonne De Carlo (Lily), and Butch Patrick (Eddy) will forever reign supreme in their roles as the Munsters. They are the originals! This is truly the golden age of television. You can always count on Herman getting into trouble, Grandpa trying to cover up the mess for Herman (and sometimes for the both of them), Lily and Marilyn usually suspecting something wrong (and usually fixing it), and Eddy just being a kid who looks up to "pop" as a hero and role model most of the time but getting into his own trouble every once in a while causing Herman to panic or to feel inferior as a parent, thus, once again causing Herman to do something stupid because of the love he has for his family. Truly a family man devoted to his family, there's always a lesson to be learned or a moral to the story at the end of each episode. They will never be replaced!