The Munsters

CBS (ended 1966)





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  • Another strange comedy from the past.

    Another strange comedy from the past. It was a show very similar to "The Adams Family". This was another comedy that I literally grew up watching. I spent much of my time trying to tell the difference between the two shows. I couldn't tell who was dead, undead or just really strange. They both started and ended about the same time. Herman Munster was the head of the family. He looked like Frankenstein and worked at a funeral parlor. I can't believe they got away with it. I would have thought the owner of the Frankenstein rights would have sued them. His wife Lily Munster was a homemaker, or stay-at-home-mom by today’s standards. Their son was a werewolf named Eddie. Grandpa Munster was like Count Dracula and was also a mad scientist. Again, I'm not sure how there was not a lawsuit. Marilyn Munster was their niece and just a regular all-American beautiful blonde girl who went to college. A fun show to watch but I don't think anything like this could work on TV today.