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  • I've said it before and no doubt I'll say it again ..... the old shows are STILL the best.

    What a great show this was. Everything about The Munsters was superb... the writing, direction, sets, and most of all, the performances, particularly those of Fred Gwynne ( Herman ) and Al Lewis ( Granpa). I was'nt fourtunate enough to watch this show when it was first aired ( not born ) but i caught reruns in the late 70's early 80's, i still laugh now watching the DVD's. Amongst the best episodes was the one in which Herman is picked up by a Russian trawler after wandering into the ocean while at the beach, or the one in which Herman buys a ghost town through a magazine ad. The Munsters has gotten very little respect over the years. It's usually dismissed as a "silly" show, inferior to the Addams family (which it is often compared to) In fact the Munsters was a much better show than The Addams family.
    The Addams family plots almost entirely took place within the house and were rather contrived unlike The Munsters which used location filming. Also The Addams family had no characters that could match the great chemistry shared by Fred Gwynne and Al Lewis.

    If you were unable to watch this show on TV the grab the DVD's, both seasons are now available plus two feature length movies The Munsters Revenge & The Munsters Go Home, in 2007 they are releasing an updated version of the Munsters but it wont be the same with out Fred Gwyne and Al Lewis.
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