The Munsters - Season 1

CBS (ended 1966)




Episode Guide

  • 6/10/65
    When Herman walks home from work, he meets a boy named Galen Livingston Stewart whose head is trapped between some bars. He bends the bars and frees him. They soon become friends, and Herman takes him home. When Gale, as he is called, tells his parents about Uncle Herman, they get mad and think he is making up some fantastic story.moreless
  • Herman's Raise
    Episode 37
    At Lily's suggestion, Herman goes in to Mr. Gateman asking for a raise. Herman comes home and tells Grandpa he got fired. He doesn't want Lily to know, so he goes looking for work, pretending he still works at the parlor. He has serious trouble at each of his new jobs.moreless
  • Hot Rod Herman
    Episode 36
    Eddie gets Herman involved in a race against his friend Sandy Baker's father, who happens to be a professional driver. Mr. Baker makes a bet on who will win, and Herman accepts. Herman loses, and must forfeit the Koach. Grandpa comes up with the solution, making the Drag-ula out of a coffin so that he can race it and win back the family car.moreless
  • 5/20/65
    A couple of con-artists try to trick the Munsters into buying some land at "Happy Holiday Valley." The Munsters go to check it out, and it is a ghost town. Enchanted by it, they decide to stay. However, the people who sold it to them didn't think they'd really like it, so they want to scare them away.moreless
  • 5/13/65
    Eddie tells Herman he entered him into a talent show at his school. Grandpa gets a pair of magic ballet slippers that will let Herman be an excellent dancer, no matter what the genre. Then Herman finds out Eddie wants him to perform magic. Herman is a failure at magic, so Grandpa does the magic for him.moreless
  • 5/6/65
    Lily decides to enter the work force. She applies to several jobs, but is not accepted. She goes to a fashion designer to be a model. The designer is very picky, but loves Lily's exotic flair and the way she literally floats around the room. Herman, however, doesn't like the idea.moreless
  • Mummy Munster
    Episode 32
    Herman takes a sleeping pill from Grandpa, and then goes to pick Marilyn up from the natural history museum. However, he cannot find her, and falls asleep in an ancient Egyptian sarcophagus, which will be opened for the first time the next morning. When the sarcophagus is opened, Herman is still sleeping, and the archaeologists and historians think he is King Amenhotep IV who ruled during the 18th Dynasty.moreless
  • 4/22/65
    The Munsters receive a mysterious package from Uncle Gilbert from Transylvania. Upon opening it, they find Spanish gold doubloons. They put the money in the bank, and one of the bank men falls in love with Marilyn. He makes plans to elope with her--so he can inherit the money.
  • 4/15/65
    Herman is watching TV when the announcer says that Herman Munster has won a membership to the Mockingbird Heights Country Club. He is excited about winning and decides he wants to take up golf. Grandpa and Lily go to the club, but they misunderstand what's going on, and everyone there misunderstands their misunderstanding. They decide they don't like it. Herman, however, still goes golfing--causing great damage to the course.moreless
  • Herman the Rookie
    Episode 29
    Herman is playing baseball in the park with Eddie when he hits a baseball so far it hits Leo Durocher, the manager of the Dodgers. When Mr. Durocher finds out how far the ball park is, he wants to recruit whoever hit it. He finds Herman and signs him up for the team. Herman plays baseball in front of Mr. Durocher--convincing him that maybe he wouldn't be the greatest asset.moreless
  • Movie Star Munster
    Episode 28
    A couple of crooks want to collect insurance money by fraudulent means. They pose as movie producers and recruit Herman to star in their movie. When they try to hit him with a car, the car is totaled, and the crooked driver is injured, but Herman is fine. They continue to try to kill him, hurting themselves instead. Meanwhile, Grandpa and Lily hear about criminals who pose as movie producers, and figure out what's going on.moreless
  • 3/25/65
    Herman tells the family that they will be moving to Buffalo, and everyone is happy with the choice. However, Eddie is not there when Herman announces it; he is talking with someone on his baseball team saying that his family will never move. The Munsters sell the house, but when they find out Eddie's opinion, they try to take it back. The man refuses, and they find out he intends to tear down the house. When the wrecking crew comes, Lily, Grandpa, Marilyn and Eddie pretend that they're in the French Revolution, defending their home. The crew isn't persuaded, however, until Herman comes and demonstrates his strength by leaning on the wrecking ball.moreless
  • Far Out Munsters
    Episode 26
    The Standells, a rock group, are coming to Mockingbird Heights. They have a tendency to damage the places they stay in, so they decide to get a run-down house in the suburbs. This house happens to belong to the Munsters. The Munsters are paid to go stay in a hotel, but they can't stand the beds, lack of dust, or fresh air, so they return to their house, where the Standells are holding a concert for beatniks and hippies.moreless
  • 3/11/65
    Grandpa thinks he has done it again: a magic trick has backfired. He is convinced that he turned Eddie's friend, Googie, into a monkey.
  • Love Locked Out
    Episode 24
    An office party keeps Herman out late causing Lily to lock him out of the bedroom. After Herman has a night on the sofa, they are unable to resolve their issues and each seek counseling.
  • Follow That Munster
    Episode 23
    Lily suspects Herman of having an affair, because he is leaving at night. What she does not know is he is practicing to become a detective. Suspicious of his activities she hires a private eye…which leaves Herman following himself.
  • 2/18/65
    Herman wishes to take Marilyn to a school dance and decides to take dance lessons. At the school he is convinced to sign a ten year contract totaling 1500 lessons.
  • 2/11/65
    While at the local bank to make a withdrawal, Grandpa and Herman are thought to be bank robbers. The bank hands over $18,000 in cash, but later Herman feels guilty. While trying to return the money, he ends up in more hot water.
  • Bats of a Feather
    Episode 20
    Eddie’s school is holding a pet fair and each child can bring a pet. Spot is Eddie’s first choice but won’t come out of hiding. Eddie decides to take what he thinks is Igor the bat…which leads to more problems.
  • Eddie's Nickname
    Episode 19
    Kids can be mean and Eddie figures this out when the kids at school call him Shorty. Grandpa tries to help by mixing a potion to make Eddie grow taller, but all he grows is extra hair.
  • 1/21/65
    Herman believes he has contacted Martians on a radio in Grandpa’s lab. What he doesn’t know is that the "Martians" are really two kids with space toys.
  • All-Star Munster
    Episode 17
    Herman heads to the college to help Marilyn out with a tuition problem. By accident he wanders into the gym, and is offered a chance to play college basketball.
  • 1/7/65
    The Munsters decide to embark on a camping trip. When nature calls, wolves that is, Grandpa is reminded of the old country. When Lily realizes her father has been captured as a rare Transylvanian wolf, she goes to claim him.
  • Herman's Rival
    Episode 15
    Herman lent Lily’s brother some money, and Lily thinks Herman overdrew at the bank. Lily decides to get a part time job, which leads the family to suspect she is having an affair.
  • Grandpa Leaves Home
    Episode 14
    Initially Lily and Herman believe Grandpa is trying to get some attention when he decides to leave the Munster family. Soon after his departure Grandpa is missed and found doing magic at a local night club.
  • Family Portrait
    Episode 13
    Event Magazine has selected The Munsters as “the average American family.” Grandpa is less than thrilled by being called average. His little disappearing act could cost them the money that comes with the title.
  • The Sleeping Cutie
    Episode 12
    Grandpa mistakenly mixes a sleeping-beauty potion for Marilyn when she has trouble sleeping. Now, she requires the kiss of a prince to wake her. They run an advertisement in the paper without much luck.
  • 12/3/64
    Late one night, Herman heads to the car to retrieve Lily's coat, but is so tired that he falls asleep. He has left the keys in it and the car is stolen by bank robbers with him in the backseat. When he wakes up and goes into the crooks' hideout, he is mistaken for "Big Louie" and ends up being an accomplice.moreless
  • Autumn Croakus
    Episode 10
    All alone and depressed Grandpa heads for a match making agency to help him find love. An elderly woman shows up and they hit it off. She turns out to be a black widow…ready to take Grandpa for all he is worth.
  • 11/19/64
    When Herman’s brother Charlie shows up, it can’t be a good thing. Charlie is a con-artist and coincidentally Lily just inherited five thousand dollars.
  • Herman the Great
    Episode 8
    Herman bends a metal pipe in front of one of Eddie's friends, whose father is a wrestling manager. The father recruits Herman--who becomes a disguised wrestler under the appellation of "The Masked Marvel." Herman, however, is a natural loser as he listens to the sob stories of his opponents and lets them win.moreless
  • Tin Can Man
    Episode 7
    With expulsion from school a possibility, Grandpa helps Eddie create a robot. Herman is mistaken for the robot, winning Eddie first place.
  • Low-Cal Munster
    Episode 6
    An army reunion looms and Herman wants to attend. He wants to wear his uniform, but has gained too much weight. He visits Dr. Dudley to see if a diet would be healthy. After strange occurrences, Dr. Dudley tells Herman he will be dead if he doesn't go on a diet.moreless
  • Pike's Pique
    Episode 5
    When the gas company decides to run a new pipeline, it poses a problem for the Munsters. At the depth the gas company is planning it would send the pipe right through Grandpa’s lab. Work presses on till the workers are frightened by the way the Munsters look.
  • Rock-a-Bye Munster
    Episode 4
    When Herman and Grandpa overhear a conversation they believe Lily is pregnant, and they could not be more wrong.
  • 10/8/64
    Herman struggles with insomnia. As a remedy, he decides to go walking through the park, where there are reports of a monstrous villain.
  • My Fair Munster
    Episode 2

    After another date runs away, Grandpa develops a love potion intending to help Marilyn. Unfortunately, things don't go as planned.

  • Munster Masquerade
    Episode 1

    The Munsters are invited to a masquerade party by Marilyn's boyfriend. With carefully-picked costumes for the event everyone is shocked when Herman wins…for wearing one mask under another one.

  • My Fair Munster (with Yvonne DeCarlo and Butch Patrick)
    Marilyn comes home from a date, and her date is scared away when Herman opens the door. Herman and Lily discuss Marilyn's problems, so Grandpa goes down to make a love potion to try to solve them.
  • My Fair Munster (with Joan Marshall and Happy Derman)
    This initial 15-minute, color unaired pilot for the series starts out with Marilyn being escorted home after a night out and her would-be beau being frightened off when he sees Marilyn's Uncle Herman. Grandpa heads to his lab to concoct a love potion that will entice whomever Marilyn should want--despite her appearance.moreless
  • Marineland Carnival with the Munsters
    In this Easter Special, the Munster family pays a visit to Marineland in California. Also featured are The New Christy Minstrels.