The Muppet Show

Season 1 Episode 23

Avery Schreiber

Aired Unknown Apr 18, 1977 on

Episode Recap

Dr. Teeth and the Electric Mayhem start the show with "Tenderly." It's very jazzy and upbeat.

Miss Piggy asks Scooter for a favor. She wants him to make Kermit jealous by saying Avery Schreiber is in love with her.

Kermit is a new reporter on a strange planet to report on a battle between Sir Avery of Macho and the Monster of the Moors (Sweetums). Very chooses to fight with insults. Kermit gives the play by play account of the battle. It's a draw. But Avery wants a rematch.

At Muppet Labs, Dr. Bunsen Honeydew shows us his new gorilla detector. A gorilla climbs over machines into the lab. Bunsen is convinced the animal is not a gorilla because the detector is not going off. When the gorilla captures Bunsen the detector finally sounds and gorilla smashes it.

Scooter tells Kermit that Avery and Miss Piggy are together as a couple. Kermit can't believe it.

Avery is eating lunch in a museum. When he's not looking, Fozzie (inside of a painting) takes his lunch. Avery goes into the painting to try to get his lunch back from Fozzie. Rowlf comes in with his lunch and when he's not looking Avery takes Rowlf's lunch.

In the ballroom Rowlf talks about his bit part and Animal dips his partner, dropping her on the floor.

Kermit and Avery chat. Miss Piggy stares at Avery. Kermit stands up to Avery claiming that Miss Piggy is his girl. When he leaves Miss Piggy wants Avery to kiss her. He refuses because she's a pig. She takes offense and karate chops him.

Wayne and Wanda perform "Some Enchanted Evening" until Wayne is eaten by a monster.

On "Veterinarian's Hospital," the patient is a chicken. Dr. Bob (Rowlf) claims he's a bird dog.

Miss Piggy asks if Kermit is jealous. Kermit says no because Scooter said it was a trick. She hits Scooter.

Avery comes to Fozzie's defense when it's his act. He realizes that the banana-in-the-ear shtick really does look funny. He gets a big laugh when he puts the banana in his ear.

Avery and a bunch of monsters make music by making sounds and playing the guitar.

At the closing Avery apologizes to Kermit about the trick he played with Miss Piggy. Kermit claims he's in charge of Miss Piggy and that he can handle her. When Miss Piggy hears this she hits Kermit repeatedly.