The Muppet Show

Season 1 Episode 17

Ben Vereen

Aired Unknown Jan 24, 1977 on

Episode Recap

The first number is a dance party with Rowlf playing the piano. The band sings "Bandstand Boogie." Each pair of partners knocks their heads together. Ben Vereen joins in dancing.

Fozzie finds Marvel the Magician's trick cabinet. He gets locked inside while looking around. Kermit says that no one can open it but Marvel and he's in Toledo. He's a guest for next week's show.

Crazy Harry sets off explosions when he hears the words "short fuse," "dynomite," and "blockbuster."

Ben dances to and sings "Mr. Cellophane" on a neighborhood street set. Muppets sit on the stairs and are in the windows. They join in the singing but are not really paying attention to what Ben is doing. As he walks aways at the end of the number he disappears.

Kermit tries to get Fozzie out of the cabinet. It doesn't work. Fozzie thinks that Kermit is going to have to cancel the whole show because he can't go on. When Kermit mentions that Fozzie is replaceable Fozzie faints inside the cabinet.

Muppet Newsflash shares a story about a man who died while trying to break the world's record for flagpole sitting.

In the ballroom are jokes about bathing beauties and footballs.

Rowlf performs "Fur Elise" at a grand piano. He does make some mistakes while playing.

Ben and Kermit chat about dancing. Ben mentions "explosive power" and Crazy Harry set off an explosion.

Fozzie really wants to do the show. He begs Kermit.

On "Vetrinarian's Hospital" George is the patient. Dr. Bob (Rowlf) sings. He mentions that he named the hospital Fred.

Hilda checks up with Ben. When he mentions "big charge" Crazy Harry sets off another explosion. Ben is hanging from the light rail above the stage.

Wayne and Wanda perform "I'll Know" until he leaves Wanda for another girl.

Helda tells Fozzie "that the show is dying" without him. Gonzo brags that the audience loved him. Scooter mentions that it's the best show ever. Fozzie shuts the little peephole in the cabinet. Kermit reveals that Fozzie isn't being cut from the show.

Fozzie does his act from the cabinet. His hat is on top of the cabinet. When gets gets asked to take a bow, two pigs tilt him over slightly.

Ben sings "Pure Imagination" to a bored monster. A creature with long arms and legs dances in the sky. Little roundfuzz balls sing too. Other monsters join in to sing.

Fozzie joins Ben and Kermit at the closing because Crazy Harry blew up the cabinet. When Ben mentions that the show was "dynomite" Crazy Harry sets off the last explosion of the show.