The Muppet Show

Season 1 Episode 14

Bruce Forsyth

Aired Unknown Dec 06, 1976 on

Episode Recap

The Snerfs, a new musical group open the show with their unique sounds. They stand out because of their day-glo colors.

Fozzie shares his plan to get back at the hecklers. He rehearses with Kermit but Fozzie just plans to beg for them to stop.

Bruce Forsyth sings "All I Need is the Girl" amid a dark background with day-glo accents. He finds a giant bird standing next to him. He tries to get the bird off stage but they end up dancing together. At the end he gets chased by two birds.

The jug band sings "I'm My Own Grandpa" about confusing family relations.

Fozzie and Kermit rehearse again. Fozzie hits him with a rubber chicken.

In the ballroom Mildred invites George over for dinner and there's a light up monster.

Kermit and Bruce chat about how strange the show is. Bruce mentions that he wants to lease a duck. Miss Piggy is insulted when he mentions pigs as currency so she slaps Bruce and he fights back.

Fozzie is concerned about being heckled. Kermit breaks the news that Fozzie's act is cut because the show is running long. Fozzie faints.

Wayne and Wanda sing "Trees" until a tree falls on Wayne.

Fozzie begs Kermit for his spot on the show. But Kermit breaks the news that Bruce is going to be te comedian tonight. Fozzie faints again.

Bruce does a good job dealing with the hecklers. He's rather funny. Fozzie comes on stage. Bruce tries to give him some advice on dealing with the hecklers. But when Fozzie tries to retort he shortly falls flat. Then he tries again and again until he's finally on a roll. The hecklers surrender. Together Bruce and Fozzie sing "Side By Side."

On "Veterinarian's Hospital," Nurse Piggy starts sucking on gas. They thhink their duck patient is a chicken. Dr. Bob (Rowlf) gets hit by a light.

Bruce plays the piano and sings "Let There Be Love" as a duet with Miss Piggy. He mentions that he hopes the big bird from his first act doesn't come back. A line of six pigs are the back up singers.

At closing Bruce complements Kermit for being a great emcee. Fozzie comes on stage throwing singers toward Kermit. He's still on a roll from dealing with the hecklers. Bruce stops Fozzie, and he begs Kermit for forgiveness.