The Muppet Show

Season 5 Episode 1

Carol Burnett

Aired Unknown Sep 20, 1980 on



  • Trivia

    • This is one of the episodes where Statler and Waldorf do not have the last lines with a final comment in the closing credits because Carol Burnett tries to perform her sketch of "The Lonely Asparagus", but the show ends.

    • This episode won the Emmy for Best Writing for a Comedy/Variety program for the 1980/81 season.

  • Quotes

    • Scooter: Hey, mister! You're in the wrong place. They're doing the vegetable soup commercial next door.
      Carol: Mister?! I'll have you know I AM A LADY!!!!
      (punches Scooter out of her dressing room)
      Scooter: AAAAAHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!

    • Male Monster: (to a Female Monster) Hey, hey, hey! Do you know what sea monsters eat?
      Female Monster: I give up.
      Male Monster: Fish and ships!

    • English Gent: (to Zelda Rose) I put my golfing shoes on by mistake and my feet are killing me!
      Zelda Rose: Oh, why?
      English Gent: I put them on inside out!

    • Girl Muppet: (to a pirate) Why do we keep dancing around in the circles?
      Pirate: Because me wooden leg be screwed to the floor.

    • Waldorf: (to Statler) Say, Statler, what's the first prize?
      Statler: 3 weeks away from "The Muppet Show".
      (They start dancing.)

  • Notes

    • This is the first time Miss Piggy is eaten by a monster (Big Mama), but the mosnter seems to regret her choice in snack item after being kicked in the stomach from the inside, another first.

    • During one scene in her dressing room,Carol Burnett makes a statement about Julie Andrews'episode.Carol and Julie are actually the best of friends.

  • Allusions

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