The Muppet Show

Season 1 Episode 16

Charles Aznavour

Aired Unknown Jan 17, 1977 on

Episode Recap

Fozzie is peeking through the curtains checking out the house until Kermit catches him.

A woman is making herself pretty in the mirror while singing "I Feel Pretty." She replaces her nose, takes of her wig, and slowly turns into a monster. At the end, her monster husband comes home and complements her.

Gonzo wonders why he hasn't been on stage for the past couple of weeks. He explains to Kermit that he's an artist. Kermit suggests that Gonzo get a manager. Shirtly Scooter comes as Gonzo's manager but the act still stinks when they show Kermit.

On "Veterinarian's Hospital," Dr. Bob (Rowlf) is inhaling laughing gas. The patient is dead.

Hilda serves Charles Aznavour dinner. There's even a loaf of bread who speaks French. He's French bread.

The ballroom has a rat dancing with a banana and Animal's partner dips him on the floor for a change.

The jug band performs "Does Your Chewing Gum Lose Its Flavor." It's a humorous song interspersed with jokes.

Charles and Kermit talk. Kermit asks for advice in love. Miss Piggy fawns over Charles' French even though she has no idea what he's saying. She starts kissing him. Charles then falls in love with Miss Piggy.

Hilda complains to Kermit about Scooter rooting through the wardrobe looking for a costume for Gonzo. Gonzo comes in dressed as a woman. The only reason Gonzo gets to go on stage is because Scooter's uncle likes the act.

The panel this week is Gonzo, Sam, Hilda, and Mildred. The question is: "What is man's role in the universe?" Sam thinks it is to be decent. Hilda claims the conversations is over Gonzo's head. He continues to take expressions literally. In the end Gonzo hits Sam.

Fozzie insists that the audience "please don't stop" the applause. he's off guard when he's not heckled.

Scooter mentions to Kermit that he's not going to manage Gonzo afterall. Gonzo ate the contract.

Carles sings "Inchworm" with a school house repeating addition tables in the background. He's sitting under a tree amid a field of marigolds.

At the closing Charles mentions that he's friends with the loaf of French bread who joined him for dinner.
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