The Muppet Show

Season 1 Episode 11

Florence Henderson

Aired Unknown Nov 15, 1976 on

Episode Recap

The Bouncing Borcelano Brothers open the show with their acrobatic act. They are six pigs who make a pig pyramid. But because of the weight crash through the floor.

Kermit asks George to clean up after the pigs. George comments that he's sick of cleaning up after pigs. When Kermit says that George can quit, George replies that he doesn't want to leave show business.

Florence Henderson sings "Elusive Butterfly" while walking through a white forest. She walking after a yellow butterfly.

Kermit ushers the bandaged pigs from the first act out of backstage. He fierceness turns Miss Piggy on. She fawns over him, pounces on his only to cover him with kisses.

In the ballroom George keeps knocking his head into Mildred's chin. Rowlf's partner is wearing a flea collar.

Kermit flirts with Florence during the talk spot. Miss Piggy comes out jealous at their relationship. Florence tries to explain that they are just friends and that Kermit was rehearsing with her what he really wants to say to Miss Piggy. This makes Miss Piggy try to get as close to Kermit as she possibly can. She even pushes Florence out of the way. When Kermit runs away, Florence tries to give Miss Piggy some advice about love and Miss Piggy threatens Florence. When Kermit does come back and Florence touches him, Miss Piggy sttacks Florence.

Rowlf talks about Winnie the Pooh. He then sings "Cottleston Pie" which Winnie would sing when he's confused.

On the discussion panel this week is Floyd, Miss Piggy, Kermit, Florence, and the Guru. They discuss whether or not Shakespeare was Francis Bacon. Miss Piggy takes offense. She karate chops Floyd. Florence mentions that she had bacon for breakfast. The acrobatic pigs interrupt to perform their act again just for Florence and fall just like the first time.

There's chaos backstage. Kermit wants everyone to knock off the noise. When he yells, Miss Piggy romantically gushes. He mentions that he doesn't want anymore pigs on the show. She slugs him.

Fozzie tries to add something to his act. He does impressions of famous movie actors but they all sound alike.

Florence sings "Happy Together" with Lizard. Other monsters join in for the joyous number.

Miss Piggy wonders how Kermit and Florence are getting along together. He objects to being called "her frog." She karate chops him.

Sweetums mentions that "he could fall" for Florence and literally does.

Kermit is on the planet Koozbane as a new reporter. He's there to report on the mating rituals of the Koozbanian creatures. At the end the male and female crash into each other and there's an explosion. When the smoke clears there are four little creatures.

Kermit thanks Florence. She kisses him. Fozzie comes saying he has a wire for her. There'a a wire hanger hanging off his nose.