The Muppet Show

Season 1 Episode 11

Florence Henderson

Aired Unknown Nov 15, 1976 on



  • Trivia

    • The concept name for The Guru was The Philosopher. In the pilot "sex and Violence" he was named Brewster.

    • During the panel sketch, at one point Miss Piggy turns to Floyd, and if you listen very carefully to the background speech, you can hear Miss Piggy actually apologizing to Floyd for hitting him!

    • Kermit: Jealousy doesn't become you.
      Piggy: Jealous? Moi?

      This is the first time Piggy uses her trademark phrase: "Moi?"

    • In "Happy Together" we can see Gloat's performer's arm performing him.

  • Quotes

    • Guru: In my country we have a seldom-used saying; 'A woman who laughs at her own jokes has no branches on her shoe tree.'
      Florence Henderson: That is the dumbest thing I have ever heard.
      Guru: now you know why it's seldom-used.

    • Male Rat: (to a female rat) I think we oughta move out of the ghetto and find ourselves a nice little dump in the suburbs.
      Female Rat: Oh, honey, I love you like the plague!

    • House #2: My brother has ghosts in his attic.
      House #1: Sounds scary.
      House #2: Yeah. He's on the "10 Most Haunted" list.

  • Notes

    • Episode 7 on the Muppet Show Season 1 dvds

    • Debuts: Kermit acting as a reporter in a sketch, Miss Piggy using faux French, Kermit loses his temper, guest star protraying themself in the "Panel" sketch, Floyd dislikes Miss Piggy.

    • This episode was taped from 6/15-16/1976.

    • Fozzie's joke: Prices are so high, yesterday I bought a pound of hamburger and had to have a co-signer.

      Gonzo's gong: Gonzo hits the "O" and "The Muppet Show" sign goes up.

  • Allusions

    • The "wire for" gag is going to be used again in season 1 episode featuring Candice Bergen.

    • Koozebane is derived from Coos Bay, Oregon. Jim Henson always thought that was a strange name for a town. Whenever a name for an alien planet was needed Koozebane was used. The mating ritual sketch was also feature on "The Valentine Special" another pilot.

    • "Happy Together" was sung in 1967 by The Turtles.

    • Rolf's solo spot, "Cottelston Pie," is the UK only spot for this episode. It is written by A.A. Milne, the creator of Winnie the Pooh. It was a favorite of Jim Henson's.