The Muppet Show

Season 1 Episode 24

Juliet Prowse

Aired Unknown Apr 25, 1977 on

Episode Recap

Kermit introduces the first act a song "Mahna Mahna-Mahna Mahna" with two snowths. It's basically a bunch of sounds put together. It's sung by a red haired purple skinned guy. First he goes far away from the snowths and then he comes back. He goes past Kermit out the stage door exit still singing. Kermit answers the phone backstage, takes the phone to the snowths where they find out it's their companion still singing.

Backstage Kermit is drinking milk when he's interrupted by Scooter and his dog Muppy. They want to talk about the act they're doing on the show. Kermit informs them that they're not doing an act on the show. But he changes his mind when he finds out that Scooter's uncle owns the theater. When Kermit leaves to introduce the next act Muppy drinks some of the Kermit's milk.

Gonzo's act is eating a tire while being accompanied by "Flight of the Bumblebee." The audience thinks it's boring and boos him off the stage.

Scooter and Muppy come to apologize to Kermit. Scooter shares with Kermit Muppy's demands. Since Muppy is going to be a star he wants a dressing room and star billing.

Juliet Prowse comes out of her dressing room. She mentions to Kermit that she is sharing her dressing room with Gonzo. Kermit says that he told Gonzo to dress in the alley. She dances in a forest setting with a bunch of green abstract gazelles joining in.

It's a ballroom dancing scene puncuated by witty jokes and a smoking monster.

Rowlf plays "You and I and George." He claims that only two records were made, one owned by Rowlf and the other owned by George. He also comments that when his mother hears this song she turns down her hearing aid.

Juliet and Kermit talk about their dreams. Kermit mentions that he always wanted to be a dancer. Juliet tells Kermit that he is the "Robert Redford of frogs."

Backstage Fozzie asks Kermit is he sounds like John Wayne. He preparing for the Western number. Muppy wants the title changed to "The Muppy Show." We learn that Kermit already gave Muppy a dressing room.

The Western number has Rowlf playing the piano in a saloon. Fozzie is the bad guy who wants to do a stick up with two pickles as guns. Everyone makes fun of him until the pickles fire. He has a carrot for a knife and an apple bomb with a lit fuse. Fozzie and Rowlf cling to each other during the explosion.

Scooter informs Kermit that since the title of the show isn't changed that Muppy isn't going to perform. He's even locked himself in his dressing room. Fozzie takes over for Muppy is "Simon Smith and his Amazing Dancing Bear." Problems arise when Scooter holds onto the leash around Fozzie's neck too tight.

It's time for the Muppet Glee Club but no one sings. Kermit suggests that they need to sing so the next time around they all sing a bunch of different songs. They decide to sing "Temptation" with Miss Piggy singing the solo. It's sounds beautiful. Kermit tries to conduct but Miss Piggy is in his way.

Kermit thanks Juliet and present her with her own Muppet likeness.