The Muppet Show

Season 1 Episode 9

Lena Horne

Aired Unknown Nov 01, 1976 on

Episode Recap

The Rag Mops open the show. The act was discovered by George, the janitor. It's no surprise that they sing "Ragg Mopp." George comes on stage to mentions that it's his kind of act.

Kermit tells George "to clean up his act." Miss Piggy is upset that she doesn't get to do her song on the show this week because of their guest star Lena Horne. She thinks that she is going to overshadow Lena.

Lena sings "I've Got a Name" by a railroad track while sitting on a trunk. Other Muppets are her backup singers.

Miss Piggy mentions that she's devoted to Kermit because of the consideration that he's showing toward Lena.

Muppet Newsflash shares a story about a woman who only eats seaweed.

At the ballroom there's a monster who "blows his top" literally.

Zoot joins Rowlf on stage to perform the theme from the movie "Love Story." Rowlf really gets into the music. He starts crying at the end.

Kermit mentions that they're all very fond of Lena during the talk spot. Fozzie interrupts because he feels ignored. Lena complements Fozzie. But Fozzie doesn't recognize Lena. She tells him that she's Doris Day.

The Swedish Chef make spaghetti. It's keeps crawling off the plate. He keeps putting it back. The spaghetti attacks him.

Gonzo returns to perform "Pop Goes the Weasel." Animal sneaks up behind him and pops the balloon that Gonzo is hiding behind his back. He goes to Lena's dressing room. She tries to cheer him up by singing "I'm Glad that There's You." She explains that it takes awhile for an artist to be appreciated.

Scooter's glad that he's in show business. Kermit suggests that he needs to be ruthless. Scooter tells Miss Piggy the real reason she's not singing on the show this week and gets beat up.

Fozzie can't believe the great audience. He tells a joke about Japanese actors. He tries to balance himself on no legs and falls down.

Lena asks for help finding the key to her dressing room. Animal hits her on the foot with a mallet. Lena screams and he replies that her key is B Flat.

Miss Piggy gets upset at Kermit for why she's not on the show this week. She hits him because "the truth hurts."

Lena sings her favorite song from "Sesame Street," "Sing." She accompanied by Rowlf on the piano and other Muppets as backup singers.

At the end Lena suggests to Kermit that Miss Piggy should sing a song on the show because she has a great voice. Miss Piggy is overjoyed and wants Kermit to kiss her.