The Muppet Show

Season 1 Episode 20

Phyllis Diller

Aired Unknown Feb 14, 1977 on

Episode Recap

Fozzie greets the audience until Kermit comes on stage. Kermit pulls the cord for the trap door to get rid of Fozzie.

Members of the jub band sing "Mississippi Mud" while stomping their feet in the mud.

Hilda complements Phyllis Diller. She thinks that she might consider a face lift so that she will look younger.

Phyllis sings and tells jokes on a nightclub set. She mentions to Rowlf that she's depressed. They bond while sharing stories trying to top each other. The Muppet audience laugh. She mentions that she's feeling better.

Hilda turns herself into young Hilda saying that no one will recognize her in her new wig but Kermit does.

Muppet Newsflash tells us about a woman who flew to Texas with homemade wings.

At the ballroom Statler and Waldorf are dancing and Zoot is playing the sax.

Dr. Teeth and the Electric Mayhem play "Lazy Bones."

Fozzie chats with Phyllis about comedy. He thinks that everything she says is funny. Fozzie says he can't lie to the audience even if it is for the sake of telling a joke. Phyllis says he's not funny and suggests he go into politics.

There's a strange creature with a snout and a tree on his head. He sings "Hugga Wugga" with another green monster. A happy yellow creature pops up out of nowhere and sings "You are my Sunshine" annoying the first monster. They try to shoot smoke at each other.

Hilda says Phyllis gave her beauty tips. She's determined that people will notice the change. Fozzie thanks her for changing the dirty towels in the dressing room.

Dr. Bunsen Honeydew shows us exploding hates from Muppet Labs. There's also exploding earmuffs and a self destructing necktie.

Phyllis shows Gonzo pictures of pockets taken from her pocket camera.

On "Veterinarian's Hospital," the patient is a sick loaf of bread.

Kermit can't believe how pretty and slim Hilda looks. Everything's fine until her girdle blows out and her fat is exposed. Kermit reassures her that they like her just the way she is.

Phyllis performs with the Muppet orchestra on sax. But she's not very good. Her tongue even gets stuck. Zoot comes by to help her out but eventually leaves.

Fozzie pulls the trap door cord on Kermit at the closing causing giggles from Phyllis.
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