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(ended 1981)





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  • It's tome to get things started on The Muppet Show tonight!

    With a lively crew of Muppeteers, writers, producers, and Jim himself heading this wacky adventure, one couldn't help but get sucked in. Yes, like a fellow Muppet family member in Sesame Street, The Muppet Show appealed to children just as easily as it did towards adults, and yes, like the future family member in Fraggle Rock, The Muppet Show did showcase brilliant unity between the characters and the audience. The only difference: Whereas education was Sesame Street's forte and promoting a world balance was Fraggle Rock's niche, The Muppet Show had those things, but was best in one differing attribute...outter craziness, chaos, mayhem, and disorder!

    From Gonzo's dangerous antics, to Crazy Harry blowing the theatre up constantly, to Swedish Chef finding new inventive ways to create homemade dishes, to Statler & Waldorf heckling Fozzie already bad jokes that were set to bore anyone to death, and even to Miss Piggy, relishing the spotlight, the diverse cast of colorful characters for this variety show with a vaudeville feel seemed endless.

    In fact, no character was as cheerfully radiant as the numerous guest stars who starred on the program, proving that this was something unique...a variety show formula starring big time stars, semi-insane puppets, and an audience just as loud & bonkers as the characters being presented!
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