The Muppet Show

Season 1 Episode 5

Rita Moreno

Aired Unknown Sep 09, 1976 on

Episode Recap

Rita Morena dances a tango with a man in a cafe. She's upset at him because he was talking to Miss Piggy. While dancing she slowl beats him up by biting his ear, hitting him with bottles, throwing him around, etc. The man then pushes her through a hole in the wall before he collapses.

Backstage Fozzie answers the phone only to be sprayed with water from the water department.

On "Veterinarian's Hospital" Dr. Bob (Rowlf) operates on Fozzie. He's assisted by Nurse Piggy (Miss Piggy) and Nurse Janice (Janice). They constantly crack jokes.

Fozzie answers the phone again to be greeted by smoke from the fire department.

Muppet Newsflash shares a story about a chicken who dances classical ballet.

The Swedish Chef prepares flapjacks. When he flips them they get stuck to the ceiling. He shoots them down with a gun.

Fozzie answers the phone. Coins start coming out because Las Vegas is calling.

In the ballroom, Animal admits to breaking his home and sharks swim by.

A folk song trio entertain us with "Tomorrow." The bass player mentions at the end that he doesn't understand the song.

Marvin Suggs and his Amazing Muppaphone perform. Kermit discovered them waiting at a bus station. Mervin hits little creatures on the head with a mallet. Their "Ows" are the music. They perform "Lady of Spain" this way. At the end Marvin gets hit on the head with a giant mallet.

It's panel time with the topic: "Is coversation a dying art?" Rita Moreno is Tiffany Gonzales with a very thick accent. Miss Piggy and Tiffany get into a fight because of trying to understand each other.

Fozzie answers the phone and there's an explosion. The call is from the Atomic Energy Commission.

Rita mentions to Kermit that she's a "Muppet nut." She doesn't want to read cue cards. She wants to ad-lib the "Talk Spot." Sweetums comes out disappointed because he's the cue card holder. Instead of holding the cue cards he holds Rita.

Sam introduces Wayne and Wanda who sing "Goody Goody." The act doesn't last long because Wanda falls down.

Fozie makes a joke about a bow legged girl. Backstage he wants to answer the phone but Kermit says no. Animal comes and takes the phone off the wall.

Rita performs "Fever" with Animal and Floyd accompaning. Aimal keeps interupting her singing with his drums. She crashes his head between two cymbals at the end.

A group of Muppets come out to say goodbye to Rita.
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