The Muppet Show

Season 1 Episode 5

Rita Moreno

Aired Unknown Sep 09, 1976 on

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  • Rita Moreno gives an award winning perfomrance.

    The Muppet Show will always be a classic, and the numerous skits that they put on in a given episode make each episode a delight. To truly provide us with a memorable episode, however, you need to have an amazing guest star. Most of the guest stars that the Muppet Show has are fantastic, but there are a few that stand out above all others. Rita Moreno is one such guest star. You can tell by her performance that she is at home with her foamy castmates, and she is up to par in matching with their wit and charm. She plays up her strengths and expands herself. All the bits with her in them are exceptional, but I wish to point out two parts in particular that make this one of the best episodes of the season. The first is the panel discussion, where her hispanic character brings down the house as she ends up in a war of words with Mis Piggy over the art of conversation. The second is her rendition of "Fever", with Floyd Pepper on base and a scene-stealing Animal on drums. This number is a classic in and of itself. How Rita is able to effectively portray her frustation with Animal and at the same time look and sound fabulous is a testament to her abilities as an entertainer. By far, this is the best episode of the season, and it is largely due to Rita's Emmy-winning performance.
  • Excellent

    This episode has wonderful performance for Rita Moreno.
  • Rita Moreno guests on The Muppet Show and wins an Emmy in the process.


    There are, as is the case with many episodes of this classic television show, many great moments that make watching this episode fun from start to finish. From the corny jokes to Rita Moreno's terrific performace on the show, the viwer will not be disappointed. One thing I have noticed about The Muppet Show is that some of the best moments on the show are ones where we don't see the guest. In the case of this particular episode, the song "Tomorrow" (or should it be "To Morrow") is no doubt the best sketch in this episode. A fun episode.