The Muppet Show

Season 3 Episode 21

Roger Miller

Aired Unknown May 10, 1979 on

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  • The late Roger Miller stops by The Muppet Show as an outbreak of Cluckitis hits the Muppet Theater.

    This is a good but not great episode of "The Muppet Show". What makes it memorable is the very clever running gag of all the muppets catching Cluckitis and Kermit trying to hide the truth from the late Roger Miller. Roger Millers rather silly country songs are actually a nice fit for "The Muppet Show". However Miller's attempts at humor kind of fall flat as they seem contrived. Still this episode has enough laughs for it to be seen. Kermit's appearance at the end where he identifies himself as "Kermit the Chicken" was, in my opinion, the funniest moment of the show. Talk about saving the best for last!