The Muppet Show

Season 1 Episode 4

Sandy Duncan

Aired Unknown Oct 04, 1976 on



  • Trivia

  • Quotes

    • Statler: Well, how'd you like the show?
      Waldorf: Maybe I'm getting soft but I loved it - have a banana.

    • Blue Bunny: (to a girl muppet) Do your remember where we first met?
      Girl Muppet: Yes. At the "hop".

    • Rowlf: (to a girl muppet) My cousin lives in the desert and boy, can he run fast!
      Girl Muppet: ...because the sand is so hot?
      Rowlf: No, because the trees are so far apart.

    • Male Pig: (to a female pig) Where did you say you were born?
      Female Pig: In Paris.
      Male Pig: How did you do that?
      Female Pig: Oh, the usual way.

    • Mildred : (to George the Janitor) You know, when I was in London, I saw them changing the guard.
      George the Janitor: Why? Was he dirty?

    • Fozzie: Would you lend me a fiver till payday? I gotta pay my writer, the legendary "Gags" Beasley.
      Kermit: The legendary "Gags" comes pretty cheap, doesn't he?
      Fozzie: Well, we worked out a good deal.
      Kermit: You pay him by the line?
      Fozzie: No, I pay him by the laugh.
      Kermit: Oh. Then he owes you money.

  • Notes

    • This episode was taped from 8/3-5/1976.

    • "Nobody" is the UK spot. It was written by Alex Rogers and Bert Williams.

    • Fozzie's joke: Hey, we were so poor, I was born at home. After my mother saw me, she went to the hospital.

      Gonzo's gong: Gonzo spits on mallet, then puts it down and bangs the gong with his head.

    • Debuts: Swedish Chef, Veterinarian's Hospital, and first mention of Fozzie's joke writer Gags Beasley.

  • Allusions

    • "A Nice Gilr Like Me" is a version of "A Nice Boy Like Me" written by Enoch Anderson and Barry Manilow.

      "Never Smile As a Crocodile" was written by Frank Churchill and Jack Lawrence for Peter Pan.

    • The song "Try to Remember" was written by Tom Jones and Harvey Schmidt and is from the Off-Broadway musical The Fantasticks. It ran from 5/3/1960-1/13/2002 for 17,162 performances.

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