The Muppet Show

Season 1 Episode 12

Valerie Harper

Aired Unknown Nov 22, 1976 on

Episode Recap

Kermit asks George to clean up the backstage because it's a mess. George says it's a mess bcause of all the exploding Muppets. A lizard "blows his top" literally as further proof of George's statement. Valerie Harper enters asking if she's in the right place. She explains that the reason she is able to perform this week is because "Rhoda" is on vacation. When Valerie mentions she's a Muppet freak, George says that "everyone around here is a freak" just as a three headed monster dances by. Valerie really wants to do a big opening number. She already took care of the opening act so they won't be coming. She even auditions for Kermit dancing and singing "Broadway Baby" around backstage. She dresses up as a maid, Mae West, and Marilyn Monroe. The Muppets gather to watch and applaud.

The Swedish Chef prepares to decorate a cake. He dumps fruit on the cake. When he goes to cut the cake, it screams. He then hits it with a baseball bat.

Gonzo tells Kermit that Statler is backstage looking for Valerie. Statler brings an African Berry Bush that grows at the rate of three feet per hour. Kermit wants him out but he won't leave.

Muppet Newsflash shares the story of a man who turned into a rug.

Rowlf recites a poem titled "The Butterfly" while a butterlfy flutters behind him. At the end a giant butterfly throws a net over Rowlf.

George waters the berry bush causing it to grow rapidly.

In the ballroom Animal dips his partner, Zoot complains about the music, and a baseball bat hits the head off a monster.

Rowlf and Sam sing Gilbert and Sullivan's "Tit Willow." Sam gets to play the part of the bird.

A couple of guys and Floyd sing "Searchin'" while looking for a little blond girl. She pops up in the strangest places. At the end the men find her.

Backstage the berry bush has grown all over the place. Statler is still waiting to see Valerie. Kermit gets upset about the plant. George throws more water on the plant and it keeps growing.

Hilda and Valerie meet Bernie the makeup bunny. Animal pinches Valerie and she punches him.

The plant has tendrils hanging all over the backstage. The plant also ate Fozzie's cue cards. Tarzan goes swinging through the vines.

Wayne and Wanda sing "On A Clear Day" only to be covered with smoke. They can't see and they start coughing.

Kermit informs Valerie she's going to be dancing with the Muppet chorus line for the big closing number. They're called The Clodhoppers. They are a bunch of blue monsters. Valerie goofs up repeatedly through the number but finishes with the splits.

Statler finally gets to meet Valerie and gives her the berry bush's first born. She refuses his dinner offer stating that she's a vegetarian. Kermit and Fozzie usher Statler off stage.