The Muppet Show

Season 1 Episode 18

Vincent Price

Aired Unknown Jan 31, 1977 on

Episode Recap

Bats start flyng around Kermit during the opening. Fozzie puts a pie in Kermit's face.

One orange monster eats a smaller monster and sings "Under my Skin." The little monster's head pops up in the strangest places; in the mouth, the hand, and on the back of the big monster.

Scooter informs Kermit that someone is there to audition. It's a three headed monster.

Hilda introduces a Dracula sketch because she's from Transylvania. Fozzie and Gonzo appear at a house of horrors. Vincent Price asks for a room for the night. At midnight Vincent changes into a demonic monster but since it's New Year's Eve he turns into Jack Parnell causing everyone to run away.

Kermit tries to talk to the three headed mosnter but they can't agree on anything.

Wayne and Wanda perform "Bewitched" until there's an explosion that turns Wanda into a monster.

The panelists this week are Kermit, Vincent, Chef Pierre, and Gorgon a monster. The topic is gourmet dining. Gorgon eats everything in sight including Chef Pierre. Gorgon and Vincent start to eat Kermit at the end.

The ballroom has ghosts, a vampire, and a monster surrounded by bats.

Three ghosts dance backstage while singing "I'm Looking Through You." Fozzie gets scared and runs away. Some bats join in for the fun.

Kermit and Vincent chat about monsters. Kermit wants to know how Vincent turns into a vampire. On a change of events Kermit bites Vincent.

Kermit refuses to put the three headed monster on the show. The ghosts return.

Muppet Newsflash shares a story about furniture turning into monsters and eating people. A look into a man's apartment show the furniture attacking him. Finally when he thinks he's safe the TV eats him. The news anchor gets eaten by his desk.

Vincent looks for Hilda. Sweetums offers to give him a hand and does literally.

Fozzie consoles the three headed monster. They tell him they have a new act.

Vincent gives Kermit a hand literally at the closing.