The Musketeers

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AIRED ON 3/21/2015

Season 2 : Episode 10

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The Musketeers is a modern take on Alexander Dumas' classic novel, following D'Artagnon, Athos, Aramis and Porthos in their exploits with the dastardly Cardinal Richelieu.

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  • Has this ended???

    Any idea as to whether this series has ended or will they be returning???
  • For those that missed new episode

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  • Had potential. I hate not having honorable heroes in a "honorable" hero action drama show.

    lol they ended the season with "we have honour"


    D'artagnan has been banging the wife of the man who's house he lived in.

    Porthos banged the girlfriend of (as far as he knew) his childhood friend who just saved his life.

    Aramis banged and knocked up the Queen (of the guy who he swore an oath too) in a Convent nontheless..

    Until the final episode of Season 1 -Athos was only one to have constantly behaved honorably, that changed when he covered up the Queen's treason.

    It seems the show has adopted the position that the people of that time thought marriage vows before their god as more of a suggestion and thus means squat in the world they created -that's fair enough, it's their world.

    But the King and Queen are not just a couple; not just a cloth merchant and his wife, by cuckolding the King they have loaded a bullet that could easily start a war of succession if the truth is EVER discovered -even in a hundred years.

    I'm not expecting realism. . .I mean 4 guys killing like 3 dozen armed guys? but that was part of the 'uber elite soldier' narrative.

    But all the affairs, random romances and the 'good' and 'honorable' Queen having an affair with a 'hero' and 'honorable' Musketeer plot -is just super unoriginal superfluous gunk.

    The worst part is that breaking of all these laws, oaths, promises, etc. are being consistently portrayed in a positive light just because -love right?. . .love and lust are 2 different things.moreless
  • lots of fun

    When I first heard of this show, I looked at wikipedia to get the critics reaction, and found many were lukewarm at first but liked the show after awhile. But for me, this was a winner from episode one, a light-hearted, old-fashioned swashbuckler with a brisk pace and a nice sense of humor.

    While I read the book, that was probably 40 years ago, and I mainly remember the Richard Lester movie. Based on the first few episodes, I'm a bit disappointed in the two main women; the good one seems rather bland, and the evil one seems rather uncomplex for what I recall was, in the book, a fascinating character. I'm hoping that improves. But overall, lots of fun.moreless
  • Season 2, yes!

    One of the best shows on telly. Love it.


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