The Musketeers

Season 1 Episode 3


Aired Sunday 9:00 PM Jul 06, 2014 on Showcase



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    • Porthos: Any hidden weapons we should know about?
      Bonnaire: Er, no. No, I never carry any concealed weapons.
      Porthos: (finds a pistol) Hmm.
      Bonnaire: I completely forgot about that one.
      Porthos: Hm. Easily done.

    • Emile Bonnaire: I've always admired men of a military disposition. My father raised me on tales of the great heroism of the Musketeers.
      Porthos: Who was he? Nostradamus? The regiment didn't even exist then.

    • Richelieu: It appears you had quite an adventure on your way here.
      Bonnaire: Some adventures a man can live without.

    • Bonnaire: Tonight, my friends, the drinks are on me. The drinks are on me. For tomorrow, I set sail to a new and disgustingly prosperous life. Sante!

    • Bonnaire: (flirting with a barmaid) The tail-feather of an Amazonian macaw, quite the loveliest bird in the jungle. Yet not half so lovely as you. It matches your eyes perfectly.
      D'Artagnan: Seduced by a feather. Really?
      Athos: Anyone can tell a woman she's beautiful. Making her believe it is where the genius lies.

    • Maria: I'll kill you!
      Bonnaire: Darling, calm yourself, I beg you. It's far too early in the morning.

    • Bonnaire: Well, gentlemen, Paris it is. Oh, um, grant me one last favour before we go. A few moments alone with my wife.
      D'Artagnan: You must think we're stupid.
      Aramis: Hmm.
      D'Artagnan: Terribly sorry, apparently we are.

    • Milady: Will you be requiring my services in the near future? I have some personal matters to attend to.
      Richelieu: Any notion of a personal life ended the day I picked you out of the gutter and made you my creature. But, of course, even assassins should have a holiday now and then.

    • Aramis: Come out and state your business!
      Athos: That was very formal.
      Aramis: I like to be polite.

    • Athos: I will inform the Cardinal of your claims against Bonnaire.
      Meunier: How do I know you won't betray me?
      Athos: I'm going to pretend I didn't hear that.

    • Bonnaire: Oh, I have something better. A bottle of rum bouillon. Colonists makes it out of sugar molasses. So potent, they call it killdevil.
      Porthos: (eyeing the bottle) We'd best get acquainted.

    • Louis: Explorers really are the most terrible bores. "I've discovered this," "I've named that." No doubt Bonnaire's cut from the same cloth.
      Richelieu: No doubt.
      Louis: Still, I suppose one might call him a patriot.
      Richelieu: Well, that certainly isn't the word the Spanish ambassador used.

    • Bonnaire: I am not a prejudiced man. This is business. Strictly business.
      Porthos: The business of misery and suffering.

    • Porthos: I heard stories about those ships as a child. Oh, hellish stories. Know why they're shackled? Hm? To stop 'em jumping overboard. Yeah, cos that's better than watching your friends, your family, your children die of starvation and sickness and hopelessness.

    • Bonnaire: I refuse to arrive at the palace on an ass, and I'm within my rights to demand a fresh set of clothes.
      Porthos: What rights?
      Bonnaire: The rights of every man to some fair treatment. Justice, dignity. A little dignity.
      Aramis: You do know how ironic that sounds coming from a slave-trader?

    • Bonnaire: If I might be permitted to, er, lay out my plans in detail?
      Richelieu: By all means. Explain them as if your life depended on it. Which, incidentally... it does.

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