The Musketeers - Season 1

Sunday 9:00 PM on Showcase Premiered Jan 19, 2014 In Season




Episode Guide

  • 8/24/14

    The cardinal orders Milady to dispose of the Musketeers, fearful that he may be discovered as the brains behind the attempt on Queen Anne's life. Milady's plan endangers Constance and puts pressure on the Musketeers, who have to use all their wits and skills to try and save her and bring Milady and the cardinal to justice.

  • Knight Takes Queen
    Episode 9

    King Louis becomes enamoured with Count Mellendorf's daughter, causing him to show some disdain for his current wife. The cardinal seizes the opportunity and hires Milady to kill the queen. When the assassination goes wrong, the Musketeers find themselves held up in a convent, full of nuns, protecting the queen from the hired guns.

  • The Challenge
    Episode 8

    The Musketeers are tasked with bringing in Labarge, a regional intendant being arrested for the murder of two Musketeers. The Red Guard intervene and a vicious fight breaks out. The rivalry between the regiments hits an all time high so the king calls for a contest - the best from each side to decide once and for all which one is the stronger. D'Artagnan sees the contest as a way of finally proving himself worthy to be a Musketeer and to get revenge on Labarge for burning his home farm to the ground. To do this he must first learn to control his impetuous nature and to fight with his head instead of his heart.

  • A Rebellious Woman
    Episode 7

    After the death of a girl under the royal carriage, the Musketeers start investigations, leading them into the world of highborn and enlightened women. The leader of the women is a charming woman named Ninon de Larroque. When Ninon is charged with witchcraft and the cardinal poisoned, the Musketeers are forced to put aside their animosity towards him as well as rescue Ninon.

  • Death of a Hero
    Episode 6

    Aramis and D'Artagnan are tasked with escorting a young woman and her child to the palace. On their way there, they are attacked and the child abducted. The Musketeers must find out who she really is and why anyone would want her son. Elsewhere, the king's hunting party runs into Marie de Medici, Louis' banished mother who comes to them for protection from an assassin. The Musketeers have to fight to protect both the mother and baby while still loyally defending the throne.

  • The Homecoming
    Episode 5

    After a drunken night of birthday celebrations, Porthos wakes to find a dead body lying next to him and no memory of what happened. Dragged before a judge and sentenced to death, the Musketeers pull out all the stops to prove his innocence.

  • The Good Soldier
    Episode 4

    When Aramis's old friend, Marsac (a former Musketeer), unexpectedly returns to Paris believing that he finally knows the truth behind the massacre in which his troop was killed. He comes to the Musketeers seeking Aramis's help to prove it. The Musketeers are thrown into turmoil, knowing that they're duty bound to report him for desertion. Marsac arrives at the same time as the king's sister and her husband, the Duke of Savoy, of whom the Musketeers must protect. Despite their misgivings, the Musketeers decide to help, but can they prevent Marsac from exacting his own revenge?

  • Commodities
    Episode 3

    The Musketeers are given orders to apprehend an explorer named Bonnaire, who has apparently broken France's trade treaty.  Bonnaire's surprisingly numerous enemies make the mission far more difficult than they had anticipated.

  • Sleight of Hand
    Episode 2

    A violent criminal with a mind for overthrowing the monarchy masterminds an escape from the prison he is incarcerated in. D'Artagnan endeavors to prove himself worthy by persuading Treville to allow him to go undercover, much to Athos's disapproval.

  • 6/22/14

    D'Artagnan and his father are on their way to Paris, when they are attacked at an inn, resulting in the death of his father by a man claiming to be the Musketeer, Athos. D'Artagnan goes to Paris to confront Athos and seek his revenge. Athos is arrested for murder and is to be executed by order of the king. Porthos and Aramis help their friend to prove his innocence, with the aid of D'Artagnan who wants to find the truth.