The Musketeers

Season 1 Episode 2

Sleight of Hand

Aired Sunday 9:00 PM Jun 29, 2014 on Showcase
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A violent criminal with a mind for overthrowing the monarchy masterminds an escape from the prison he is incarcerated in. D'Artagnan endeavors to prove himself worthy by persuading Treville to allow him to go undercover, much to Athos's disapproval.

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    • Athos: Nothing more we can do for him.
      Porthos: No point all of us getting arrested.
      Aramis: He knows the Musketeer motto. "Every man for himself"!

    • Porthos: Well, I think he can do it. And I'm a pretty good judge of character.
      Aramis: You're a terrible judge of character, especially when you're sober.

    • Porthos: You've heard about D'Artagnan? You know, these stories can be greatly exaggerated.
      Constance: Really?
      Porthos: Mm.
      Constance: I was told you led him into danger and then abandoned him.
      Porthos: That one's about right.

    • Aramis: (rubs his cheekbone after being slapped) God, I love that in a woman.
      Porthos: What? Passion?
      Aramis: [grinning] Violence.

    • Porthos: The way I look at it, you saved her life, so she's probably grateful.
      Aramis: But we did put her in danger in the first place, so she might want to see us whipped.
      Porthos: I hadn't thought of that. You've upset me now.

    • Constance: (after D'Artagnan kisses her as a ruse) Oh! You're making a habit of this.
      D'Artagnan: Believe me, I wouldn't unless I had to.
      Constance: That's flattering. And no tongues.

    • Constance: If you've heard of anyone wanting a room, I'd be glad to know. My husband needs the money. It's not easy to find decent lodgers. Every time one of them gets themselves killed in a duel, or thrown in the Chatelet or murdered in some intrigue or other, it's a tremendous inconvenience. Of course, it's less cooking and cleaning. In fact, I wish my lodgers would die more often, so I could have an easier life.

    • Suzette: I've never been this close to a Musketeer with my clothes on. I must be in trouble.

    • Suzette: Has anyone ever told you you've got lovely eyes?
      Aramis: The Captain mentioned it only this morning.
      Athos: If you don't tell us the truth, we could have you whipped.
      Suzette: It's usually the other way round with you boys, but if the money's right...

    • Richelieu: Your father was assassinated, it's simply a matter of common sense to stay away!
      King Louis: Common sense is for commoners, not for kings!

    • D'Artagnan: You know mutton is the one that goes "baa" and has wool on it?

    • Aramis: I dont like this. I've never been unpopular before.
      Porthos: Try trading places with me.
      Aramis: But you're used to it. I'm more the romantic hero type.

    • Aramis: What's the vital thing to remember in a duel?
      D'Artagnan: Honour?
      Porthos: (slaps the back of D'Artagnan's head) Not getting killed. By biting, kicking, gouging, it's all good.
      D'Artagnan: I was raised to fight like a Gentleman.
      Aramis: Were you raised to die young?

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