The Musketeers

Season 1 Episode 8

The Challenge

Aired Sunday 9:00 PM Aug 10, 2014 on Showcase
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The Musketeers are tasked with bringing in Labarge, a regional intendant being arrested for the murder of two Musketeers. The Red Guard intervene and a vicious fight breaks out. The rivalry between the regiments hits an all time high so the king calls for a contest - the best from each side to decide once and for all which one is the stronger. D'Artagnan sees the contest as a way of finally proving himself worthy to be a Musketeer and to get revenge on Labarge for burning his home farm to the ground. To do this he must first learn to control his impetuous nature and to fight with his head instead of his heart.


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      • Richelieu: Labarge is a regional intendant. You had no business arresting him without coming to me first.
        Treville: Your intendant is a violent criminal who subjected Gascony to a reign of terror.
        Louis: I went to Gascony once. It's full of sheep and hedges.

      • Treville: Any of my Musketeers could thrash any of your Red Guards at any time!
        Louis: A thousand livre Captain Treville is right. Each side to choose his champion in a contest to settle the matter. What do you say, Cardinal? Do you accept the wager?
        Richelieu: Shall we say two thousand livre?

      • Porthos: There is just the thorny issue of the entry fee. Anyone got it?
        Aramis: My pockets are empty and the cupboard is bare.
        Porthos: Yeah, I just pawned my cupboard.

      • Athos: You have natural talent but too often you let your emotions run away with you. Talent won't keep you alive if your heart rules your head.
        D'Artagnan: Can we just get on with it?
        Athos: My point in a nutshell.

      • Richelieu: Your fascination with these Musketeers seems inexhaustible.
        Milady: I do everything for you.
        Richelieu: Permit me to doubt that. There was a time I found your independence of spirit arousing. I must warn you, Milady, that time has now passed.

      • Richelieu: I understand you're a cloth merchant?
        Bonacieux: The house of Bonacieux has been in business for three generations. My grandfather, Jean Bonacieux...
        Richelieu: I'm sure he was a visionary amongst drapers.

      • Bonacieux: You want me to spy on him?
        Richelieu: I can see you are a man of quick intelligence.
        Bonacieux: It will be my honour to serve you.
        Richelieu: I'm sure it will.

      • D'Artagnan: You will give me that confession.
        Labarge: You know what I like about cutting people's throats? It stops them talking.

      • Richelieu: You ruled Gascony like a petty tyrant.
        Labarge: Well, people don't like paying their taxes. I just gave them a bit of encouragement.
        Richelieu: Perhaps if all the taxes you collected had reached the Treasury, I'd be inclined to overlook your excesses.

      • Richelieu: No control, no pity, no remorse! No more humanity than a jackal. You're exactly what I need. Succeed, and you walk free. Lose, and you hang.

      • Constance: You were right. I was jealous of Milady. Of course you had to take her money. It's just... well, she's so beautiful and--and glamorous and... and wealthy, and I'm just... well, I'm just me.
        D'Artagnan: You shine so brightly in my eyes, it puts every other woman in the shade.
        Constance: Good answer.

      • Constance: I was tempted, I'll admit that. But I can't risk my future for you, I've far too much to lose.
        D'Artagnan: I'm sure you've made the right decision, I mean what use is love compared to money. Thank you for helping me to see things more clearly.

      • Labarge: My little friend from the Bastille. You look even more pathetic in the daylight. I'm gonna enjoy this.
        D'Artagnan: Somehow I doubt it.

      • Labarge: (to D'Artagnan) I wish I could remember burning down your farm. It would make killing you a lot sweeter.

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