The Mystery Files of Shelby Woo

Nickelodeon (ended 1998)


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  • Season 4
    • The Big Cheese Mystery
      Someone dressed up as Cheese Louise, a beloved children's show character, is committing a series of crimes, including a bank robbery. Shelby, Vince, and Angie go to watch the filming of the show, which the Cheese Louise character is a part of, and Vince and Angie are caught up in memories from their childhood. Can Shelby, Vince, and Angie figure out who would want to sabotage Cheese Louise and why?moreless
    • The Train Mystery
      The Train Mystery
      Episode 19

      Angie takes a train to Washington D.C. for an interview about a summer internship. Naturally Shelby, and Vince tag along with her. At the same time a man goes missing on the train. Detective Muldoon who is apart of a tuba quartet who is coincidentally on board takes the case. Naturally Shelby and her friends try to figure it out as well. But Shelby can't figure out exactly what happened. Was this man really thrown off the train? Or he is really on board somewhere hiding?

    • The Mystery of The Mice That Roared
      Christmas is right around the corner, but it's not very merry at Simple Pleasures. First, someone switches a dinner of salisbury steak with mice, then the restaurant is closed for health violations and once it's reopened again, some of the customers' food is spiked with crushed chilies. Why would anybody want to sabotage Simple Pleasures? Meanwhile, it's Secret Santa time at the police station and Detective Delancey has set it up so Vince and Shelby will get each other, but neither one knows what to get the other.moreless
    • The Mystery Under Our Noses

      Everyone is getting very excited for the President's visit to Boston. But after the schedule for his visit has been stolen from the Police Station he might not come and what's more it could cost the Police Chief and Detective Delancey their jobs. There's no time to waste! Can Shelby, and her friends figure out which of their 3 suspects has done this and why?

    • The Toy Store Mystery
      When a popular doll and its accessories start malfunctioning, Shelby tries to figure out who or what is causing it to go wrong before someone gets hurt.
    • The Racetrack Mystery

      A horse goes missing right before it is set to retire. The owner shares a close bond with the horse and is desperate to get it back. Can Shelby, and her friends figure out which of their 3 suspects has taken the horse, and why? Meanwhile Angie tries to get Vince to teach her to drive a stick-shift to which Vince is most reluctant to do.

    • The Movie Mystery
      The Movie Mystery
      Episode 14

      When a detective movie is being shot in Boston, everyone is getting excited about it especially Detective Delancey. But the police have to focus on the case at hand when one of the movie stars goes missing. Not only are the police sidetracked but Shelby, Angie, and Vince are also pumped for this movie to be shot. But can the police, Shelby, Angie, and Vince figure out which of their 3 suspects has kidnapped the movie star and why?

    • The Jinxed Campaign Mystery

      Everyone likes to get a taste of the politics. But someone doesn't want Dan Kellerman to get elected for Congress. Shelby, Angie, & Vince investigate the 3 suspects who have a lot to gain from Kellerman losing the election. Could be his opponent in the election, or is it his daughter who isn't having a life she wants because of her father's campaign, or is it his campaign manager making these stunts look good for her candidate? With the election right around the corner Shelby, Angie, and Vince have to figure out who's trying to drop Kellerman from the race, but who's the most suspicious candidate?

    • The Egg Mystery
      The Egg Mystery
      Episode 12
      Shelby, Vince, and Angie agree to be part of Grandpa Woo's murder mystery game to try to actually solve to case of a stolen fabrigae egg from the 20's that was commited in the B&B. Vince, as a mobster, Shelby, as his girlfriend, and Angie, as a dancer, team up to try to figure out which desendant of the other three guests, one of the them the ever annoying Christie, is going to finish the crime and try to take the egg for themselves.moreless
    • The Moon Rock Mystery
      Shelby, Vince, and Angie go to space camp for a week, but while there, an important moon rock, found by the Apollo astronauts, is stolen. Can Shelby, Vince, and Angie find out who took the moon rock before camp is over?
    • The Haunted House Mystery
      Mrs. Epps lives alone in her house next door to her niece. When believed her house is haunted, she stays at the bed and breakfast. Shelby and Angie go back to the house with Mrs. Epps on Halloween to stay with her to prove the house isn't haunted and it is safe to live in. Will they prove the house isn't haunted or will they discover that the ghosts are real?moreless
    • The UFO Mystery
      The UFO Mystery
      Episode 9
      A mysterious UFO has been sighted in Shelby's town. People are believing "The Mothership" is coming, but Shelby doesn't think so. Can Shelby, Vince, and Angie figure out which of their three suspects are responsible for this and why?
    • The Yearbook Mystery
      It's yearbook time at Shelby's school! There's just one problem with the yearbooks: most of them are missing page 86. Can Shelby, Vince, and Angie find out which of their three suspects are responsible for the missing pages and why they would do it?
    • The Baseball Fan Mystery

      Mike's Bed & Breakfast is holding a baseball auction. There's just one thing wrong four priceless baseball cards have been stolen from a very secure area in the B&B. Detective Delancey doesn't want Shelby butting in. But the crime happened in her own house. Can Shelby, Angie, and Vince figure out who stole the cards, and where their hidden?

    • The Art Attack Mystery

      After an artist's latest masterpiece gets vandalized he goes missing right after that. Shelby, Angie, and Vince investigate all the suspects who have a lot to gain from this artist getting ruined. But can they figure out who's behind all this before the artist get's hurt severely?

    • The Robot Mystery
      When a man is put in a coma by someone he knows, Shelby tries to figure out who it is before Christie does. The only clue Shelby has to go on is a bunch of pages torn off of a calender.
    • The Itchy Shorts Mystery

      Someone has put the varsity basketball girls uniforms with itching powder; which is just a diversion so the thief could steal the ticket sales which was gonna send the basketball girls to Florida for the citrus states shoot out. Shelby, Angie, and Vince investigate the only 3 girls who could have done it. And they have to work fast because the entry fee registration deadline is at the end of the week. Not only does Shelby have to solve this mystery under time pressure, but she has to figure out before her new rival; the arrogant cocky and overconfident Christie Sayers does.

    • The Skin Deep Mystery

      Someone is sabotage the Miss Mall Beauty Pageant. Shelby, Angie, and Vince investigate the pageant host himself, a hardware store owner, and a bitter contestant entering the pageant. In order to do some investigating without Detective Delancey hassling her to stay out of the way, Shelby signs herself and Angie up as contestants for the pageant. They say their only doing it to investigate the case because they believe that pagaent will bring out the worst in them. But the more Shelby, and Angie investigate the more interested they are in winning the pageant.

    • The Spare Parts Mystery

      When vandalism in the school auto shop breaks out Shelby and Angie join the auto shop class to find out who's tampering with the cars. Although Shelby doesn't want to admit it she has quite a crush on one of the suspects Vince. But Shelby knows she can't let her feelings get in the way of this investigation. Shelby & Angie to need to find out who's sabotaging the cars before someone gets hurt.

    • The Paul Revere Mystery

      Shelby's having it rough as the new kid in town. Not only does she have to help her grandfather unpack around the new Bed & Breakfast and help with guests. She's trying to find an internship at the Boston Police Department. One thing's for sure it didn't take her long to find a mystery! The problem is all the kids at school think she's the culprit behind the theft of a bowl that belonged to Paul Revere. Being the new kid in school and the prime suspect in her first case in Boston is giving Shelby a hard time. But her new friend Angie Burns and her new boss at the Police Department Sharon Delancey are accepting that having Shelby around is a good thing.

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