The Mystery Files of Shelby Woo

Season 4 Episode 18

The Mystery of The Mice That Roared

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The Mystery of The Mice That Roared
Christmas is right around the corner, but it's not very merry at Simple Pleasures. First, someone switches a dinner of salisbury steak with mice, then the restaurant is closed for health violations and once it's reopened again, some of the customers' food is spiked with crushed chilies. Why would anybody want to sabotage Simple Pleasures? Meanwhile, it's Secret Santa time at the police station and Detective Delancey has set it up so Vince and Shelby will get each other, but neither one knows what to get the other.moreless

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  • Another amazing episode of The Mystery Files of Shelby Woo.

    In this episode, Angie starts working at Simple Pleasures to raise some extra money for holiday shopping. But not long after she starts is the restaurant closed for health violations. Shelby figures out that the "culprit" responsible for all the trouble at the restaurant is the owner's daughter, just wanting to spend some time with her parents. Also, Shelby and Vince have gotten each other as Secret Santas.

    I think this is a great episode because it shows just how important family is to people. The owner's daughter of Simple Pleasures was willing to try to get their restaurant shut down just so she could spend more time with her parents. It's also a wonderful example of love. Supposedly, Shelby likes Vince, supposedly Vince likes Shelby and neither one know what to get the other from Christmas. It's a classic example of two people in love, neither one aware of the other.moreless
Pat Morita

Pat Morita

Mike "Grandpa" Woo

Adam Busch

Adam Busch

Noah Allen (Season 1-3)

Irene Ng

Irene Ng

Shelby Woo

Preslaysa Edwards

Preslaysa Edwards

Cindy Ornette (Season 1-3)

Steve Purnick

Steve Purnick

Det. Whit Hainline (Season 1-3)

Eleanor Noble

Eleanor Noble

Angie Burns (Season 4)

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    • Shelby: I think the food's been spiked!

    • Mr. Emerson: (referring to the burgers) Our own special receipe.
      Mrs. Emerson: Take meat, put it on the grill, grill.

    • Vince: We still need someone to be Santa for the Christmas Party.
      (Grandpa Woo comes into the room.)
      Grandpa Woo: Oh, very good. Very Christmasy.
      Vince, Shelby and Angie: Santa.

    • Detective Delancey: Listen, it's, uh, Secret Santa time, and you got the last name.
      (Shelby pulls out the name.)
      Shelby: Vince.
      Detective Delancey: Hey, that's a lucky break! Well, at least you're buying for someone you know.
      (Detective Delancey turns around and pulls a slip of paper from her pocket and puts it in the hat and goes to over to Vince in the next room.)
      Detective Delancey: Ho ho ho! It's, uh, Secret Santa time, and you got the last name.
      (Vince pulls the paper)
      Vince: Shelby.
      Detective Delancey: Hey, that's a lucky break. At least you're buying for someone you know.

    • (to Shelby, referring to Simple Pleasures)
      Detective Delancey: If I were you, I'd get dessert somewhere else.

    • Detective Delancey: Cheese and mice. Goes together wouldn't you say?

    • Shelby: This is a crime scene, isn't it? What's the crime? Robbery? Vandalism? Kidnapping!
      Mrs. Emerson: Serving mice.
      Shelby: You've been serving mice?
      Vince: Does that come with fries too?

    • (after revealing her customer's plate of food to find mice on it)
      Angie: Uh oh, here goes my tip.

    • Shelby: The more Christmas spirit the better.

    • Angie: We're allergic to fruit.
      (she looks down at the apple she's eating)
      Angie: Achoo, achoo!

    • Grandpa Woo: Okay you guys, go ahead, ask me anything you want about Santa.
      Shelby: The eight tiny reindeer are?
      Grandpa Woo: Are... In order: Dasher, Dancer, Prancer, Vixon, Comet, Cupid, Doner, and Blitzen.
      Angie: But who leads the sleigh on foggy nights?
      Grandpa Woo: Uh... I gotta go.
      (Grandpa Woo leaves the room)
      Angie: Hmm. I thought everybody knew about Rudolph.

    • (after Shelby has snuck into the kitchen and Detective Delancey found her)
      Shelby: I was looking for the ladies' room.
      Detective Delancey: And how do you spell ladies' room? K-I-T-C-H-E-N?
      Shelby: No, that's kitchen.

    • Vince: Too bad you can't actually come down the chimney.
      Grandpa Woo: Right, the chimney.
      Shelby: Grandpa, no. No Grandpa. We've got to stop him before he gets to the roof.

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