The Mystery Files of Shelby Woo

Season 3 Episode 2

The Shell Game

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The Shell Game
A volunteer effort to help endangered sea turtle hatchlings find their way to the ocean has resulted in "Black Out of the Beach," a campaign aimed at getting shore lights turned off during the hatching season. The problem is, it's also resulted in a string of robberies at darkened homes. Shelby needs to find the burglar before the town orders the group disbanded.moreless

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    • Shelby: Slow and steady wins the race.

    • Rocket: But after this important message, we'll come back and learn more interesting facts, like what turtles like to wear in the rain.

    • Noah: Uh again, let me stress the prudence of calling the police.
      Shelby: I am the police.
      Noah: No, I meant more the flashing light, uniform variety type police.

    • Will: Alright, listen up people. (bangs on his pot.) It seems that, uh, some of you forgot to take home your soup the other night. But the good news is I saved it, put it back in the pan, and reheated it, so we got it for tonight. So don't worry. Everybody gets a cup before they go home.
      Shelby: Gee, thanks Will.
      Will: It's not a problem, not a problem at all. Just remember, look for the cups with your names on 'em.

    • Cindy: You should tell Detective Hineline about Rick.
      Shelby: I just wish we had more proof.
      Noah: What more do you want? A note that says 'I did it, love Rick'.

    • Cindy: Uh, you see, we were following this... turtle.
      Shelby: And it started heading for the house.
      Noah: Naturally we were concerned, so-so we went to follow it.
      Detective Hineline: Skip to the part where the baby turtle opened the door and walked into the house, making it necessary for you to look in the window.
      Shelby: You see...
      Detective Hineline: Save it. I gotta convince the Rocket Citizen Control you're no threat to the community.
      (Detective Hineline walks away)
      Noah: Good luck.

    • Grandpa Woo: More information, yeah.
      Cindy: Did you know that all eight species of sea turtles are either threatened or endangered?
      Grandpa Woo: I was thinking more information on the bed and breakfast.

    • Shelby: I wanna see someone about some security stuff.
      Kenny Keyes: Stuff? What's the matter? Someone break into your locker?

    • Kenny Keyes: That's the secret override code for all the systems.
      Rocket: I hate to say I told you so.
      Detective Hineline: Then don't.

    • Shelby: I got the message you wanted me to be here. At the crime scene! They had to tell me three times before I believed them.

    • Grandpa Woo: Shelby, Shelby, I think I got it. How about this? A touch of the far east on the east coast.
      Shelby: Poor Mark Finney, he didn't even get a chance to speak.
      Grandpa Woo: I know the feeling.

    • Radio Caller: I got tricked by the blackout too. Someone broke in and stole my C.D. player.
      Rocket: Haha. He's probably using it to play my C.D's that he stole.

    • Rocket: Good morning listeners, this is The Rocket blasting off, and I am mad. Last night I was robbed! I went out with my girlfriend last night. (he pushes a button and a girl screams) Haha. She was very excited. Of course she would be, it's The Rocket. Needless to say, when I got home, my place was ransacked! Now, I don't know who did it, but I know who's to blame. It's those turtle hunters with their blackout the beach campaign. Sure they have us turn off our lights, great, but while they're busy looking out for little baby turtles, who's looking out for me?

    • Will: Hey guys, who's hungry? The grill is down, but I put a pot of soup on.
      Noah: Soup. It's 97 degrees out.
      Will: Yes, I read that if it's really hot outside and you drink something that's even hotter than the temperature around you, it cools ya off.
      (Will puts his elbow in the pot of soup and quickly pulls it out)
      Will: (gasps) Yeah, uh, that should do the trick.

    • Cindy: Oh, sign us up!
      Noah: Oh, not me. My dog. He gets so jealous.

    • (Shelby and Cindy hear snoring over the walkie-talkie)
      Cindy: What's that sound?
      Cindy and Shelby: Noah.
      Noah: (waking up) Shelby, Cindy, is that you?
      Cindy: No, it's the turtles. While you were sleeping we learned how to talk.
      Shelby: It's time to call it a night so everyone can get some sleep.
      Noah: Wimps. (yawns and says sleepily) I could do this all night.

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