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  • Mysti, who is half human half fairy, tries to balance life on earth and fairy world.

    Like many people I thought this show had stopped. Then, out of nowhere, a second series has just aired!

    This is probably the best drama on children's TV. The reason is simple: it has a really fresh, funky and sexy cast! Nearly all of the acting is first class. My favourite actors are Laura Aikman (Mysti), Eva Alexander (Ella), Oliver Mason(Rick - favourite; great actor and yummy!)and Yasmin Paige (Abby). It's a real shame Ashley Campbell (Ollie) was not in the second series.

    The way the show has changed has greatly improved the show. All of the new characters have added something to the show. I think Saber is a great addition.

    Top TV for teenagers. Bring on a third series...
  • The only thing that is better than the first series, is the second.

    I think that this show, though it's good, has a weak cast, aside from Laura Aikman, who I think is brilliant. I have seen her in better shows though.

    However, it is supposed to be for a target audience of 7-15 year old. I am 16, and I do not know what I would've been interested in at the time. The music guests could be better, but I like the 'Mysti Story' part, which is one of it's stronger points. Because of this, you can probably imagine, I was thrilled when the second series was announced to be only 20 minutes per episode, and would be acting. The episodes I have seen of the season so far are so much better than the first series. The problem is, they've got rid of some of the better cast, and kept the more annoying cast (for example, Rick.)

    However, a big well done to the writers and directors!
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