The Naked Brothers Band

Season 1 Episode 8

A Man Needs a Maid

Aired Saturday 8:30 PM Mar 24, 2007 on Nickelodeon
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The boys have a sleepover and, because the house is a mess, they hire a maid. The maid Betty and Nat and Alex's dad take a liking to each other. The boys become concerned about their future.

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  • OMG! Was someone drunk when they wrote this?!?!?!

    Okay, first off, I hate Betty, and I'm glad she got off the show, second...NO! Betty was the only reason. I got to sit through 22 minutes of Betty, a grown woman act like a spoiled 2 year old! And whats worse, Sonny falls for her!!!! But the song banana smoothie was pretty good. Plus, I would've liked Rosalina to actually be in the eppy. One of the lows of season 1, I'm glad she ran off with Uncle Miles in season 2! I don't know anything about the actress who plays Betty, but Betty will always be hated in my book! The only good thing she did was bring Lucky into the show. Wow, this turned into a Anti Betty rant...:P Oh this is for you Betty!!!

    Cricket curse!

    Cricket curse!moreless
  • This was my least favorite episode of the whole season for 2 reasons. 1. It was boring 2. It gave us Betty.

    This was my least favorite Naked Brothers Band episode ever! It was boring all the way through, Alex's dog impression was annoying, even though its my icon, it had no Rosalina, and it produced Betty. Betty is the most annoying character of them all. She is a maid who does not clean. Oh sorry, she's a cleaning specialist. Her wig is also completely fake, too. I'm glad she's left now. Banana Smoothie is a short, but fun song. It is catchy and can stay in your head for hours on end. Nothing important happened in this episode. Overall this was a bad episode.moreless
  • I don't know if I've ever seen a more stupid, pointless episode.

    I don't know if I've ever seen a more stupid, pointless episode. It made NO sense and wasn't even the least bit realistic. That "maid" or whatever ridiculous name she called her occupation was...UGH!!! Ugly for one, rude for another. How could anyone fall for her? Especially at first sight!! And the whole Nat trained ALex trained...??? "Look dad! I trained my brother!!" Ok...that doesn't make you responisible or smart enough to own a dog. And then the whole group went and lied to "Betty" so Michael might have a shot at love with an awful woman he just met... Maybe it's just me, but that's so stupid. I hated this episode, more than I hate the show.moreless
  • This Episode has been re-reviewed and is now more in depth.

    STORYLINE: 0.2/10

    I did not think it possible to write a plot that is so bad and boring that it does not even reach 1 out of 10. The first thing i come to question is the age group. A lot of the story line revolves around the actors being a maximum of five. There were some parts in this episode where the story managed to fit the age of the actors. The next thing i question is what is the point? most episode's lead somewhere, all this did was introduce Betty, who is highly unrealistic and immature, this could have been achieved far more effectively and interestingly by means other than this episode. There nothing good in regards to storyline that i can name, in fact the episode left me wanting that part of my life back.

    ACTING: 5/10

    Judging the acting in this episode has been very difficult as it all seems bad due to the bad story and script writing. It took me five attempts to get past the barrier. Alex acting as a dog for the episode was quite well done on Alex's part, but again leads me to question how old do the think this kid is? Cooper, Quassim and Jessie have some good periods of acting during this episode. Nat unfortunately to Polly Drapers insistence on making him seem more mature than he is downplays any good acting they may have occurred. 'Betty' shows no obvious allergic reaction to ET means that the piss poor writers forgot to add this detail into her script or she simply could not act it. either way this is a bad mistake. Also when are the adults going to act their age. Come on Polly, wake up and smell the roses


    This Episode is poorly produced and edited. The Dynamics of the episode suck! The transition between cameras is not synchronized and this leads to time jumps throughout the episode. Good Editing and Directing could solve this problem as in some case's it is due to the actor not being where they should be for the next shot. I have no compliments for the Producing and Directing of this episode, it shames me that i watched it.

    Character Development 0.1/10

    What Character Development? The only notable one is Betty being introduced and Mr Wolff falling in love with her, despite the fact everyone else hates her.

    Music 1/10

    The song 'Banana Smoothie' has no relevance to the episode. It is neither great nor average, rating as a mediocre song, it was also noted as extremely repeative. Also could Polly Draper stop ruining songs for the acordion.

    Dialogue 2/10

    The Dialogue of this episode is bad. It is not funny nor interesting and i guess rounds of a bad episode with a bad script.moreless
  • So annoying...

    Okay, the episode starts with the brothers wanting a dog. This eventually trails off and we get to see another music video about bananas. Alex also inexplicably acts like a dog for this episode. The guys find out that their house is a giant mess. No, they didn't find out they house shouldn't look like Pee-Wee's. They find out that it's dirty and disgusting. They hire a maid who wears a beauty pageant dress for no reason. She claims to be allergic to cleaning products. So, incompetent maid. They now have to serve the maid for some reason. Mr. Wolff comes back from something about the Sound of Music. The maid immediately gets love-struck. Alex is still trying to act like a dog when it just looks dumb and creepy. And it all ends with the dad trying to yodel. Okay, boring.moreless

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