The Naked Brothers Band

Season 1 Episode 7

A Rebel and a Skateboarder

Aired Saturday 8:30 PM Mar 17, 2007 on Nickelodeon

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  • This is in my opinion the best episode of Season 1

    Overall: 7/10

    'Rebel and a Skateboarder' would have to be my favourite episode of the season, not only did it flow on well from the last episode 'Puberty', but it was in my opinion the best produced and edited episode of the season. This episode is also the first episode in which Alex sings, which makes a nice change from Nat.

    Storyline 7.5/10

    The storyline is quite interesting and it was well written. I have had not had to comment on the realism of this episode in which I found to be close enough to par. Too tell the truth I have been getting sick and tired of the realism in this series. The storyline continues on well from 'Puberty' due to the unresolved conflict between Jessie, Alex and the Timmerman Brothers, this provided a solid base to work off. The main focus is on Alex while Nat and the rest of the band minus Cooper are left to fill in time with their wrestling match. David and Thomas again show their, well sexist side, although I admit a lot of kids think like this. I wasn't amused in what I suppose was supposed to be a comedic twist, which was the weight lifting doughnuts, it just seemed well unfunny. It is finally revealed that Nat and Alex's mum is dead, although they way it was done was so poor that had you not known prior, you would know that their mum (Polly Draper) is still alive, for such an important issue it should have been revealed better. We are also introduced to Wynita who is a lot like Alex. During this episode it is stated by Alex that Mohamad is his and Nat's uncle, however until it is confirmed I believe that this was just an excuse as to why he was being filmed.

    Acting 7.5/10

    Alex does a good job being angry with the Timmerman Brothers, and he continues this through the part in which he quits the band. However I think Alex sounded to kind when saying "good riddance to the three stooges". There was a couple of lines that I thought were to advanced for him, he also should not have gotten excited over the dead mum thing although this is possible a script problem. Other acting through the episode was of good quality all though I was not convinced when Nat scrunched up his face when Rosalina said she would wrestle him.

    Producing/Directing/Editing 8/10

    Dynamics are good through out the episode with only one area which I really noticed inconsistencies. When Nat and Alex are talking after Alex 'quits' the band the side on shots and the facial shots do not match, with most notably the arms not being where they were before. However this is what I believe the best episode in regards to Producing/Editing and possible directing as well.

    Character Development 5.5/10

    Alex still hates the Timmerman brothers and remains angry with Jessie; this follows on well from 'Puberty'. However his anger with Jessie dissipates after skateboarding with Wynita. No change is shown between Alex and Timmerman brothers. It is also revealed that Nat and Alex's mum is dead, although the manner in which it was done seemed careless and unfitting of a development of this nature. A through in line such as "Mine too" is not how you reveal an important death. We are also introduced to Wynita who is a lot like Alex in personality and attitude. Music 5.9/10

    'I Could Be' The music to this song is good and the vocals seem to suit the song however the lyrics were average at best and if they were improved would give more credit to the song. To have Alex singing a song, is a nice change from Nat but I would have to agree it needs the work if he was to keep on singing. One thing I noted was that I was able to hear when Alex was smiling while singing, although not a major it is always good to remove inconsistencies from songs.

    Dialogue 7.9/10

    Some very good dialogue during this which was more interesting more amusing and better performed during this episode than others I have seen in the past. The script suited the actors and this added to all round effect of the episode. Quote of the episode, due to it's randomness and it did get me to crack a smile is "holy chicken soup with rice" – Alex Wolff

    Other Notes

    Why does it appear that Alex is not wearing a seatbelt while in Jessie's car, it may be that he wasn't, either way this is not setting a good example to the younger audience. Also how does the camera man fit in the car when all the seats were taken by the characters?
  • i loved this eppisode!

    I loved this epp! this eppisode is about where alex gets mad at jesse and runs away but, jesse takes hime to the skatepark...=/ wierd i know! but anyways......alex meets Juanita which at first alex thinks she is a he but she is wearing guy clothes because she is an orphan .. also alex sings "I could be" and i love that song! thats really the only song alex wrote except for "thats how it is" which is sooo sad sounding! Alex and Juanita believe in Whahopahot*spelling* whcih is where u ALYWAYS wear pads and helmets! Also nat doesnt want to wrestle rosalina because he doesnt want to hurt her!! awwww how sweet!