The Naked Brothers Band

Season 1 Episode 5

Alex’s Clothing Line

Aired Saturday 8:30 PM Feb 24, 2007 on Nickelodeon
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Episode Summary

Alex tries a new clothing look, but pretty soon, everyone is copying him. Meanwhile, Jesse and the band try to catch up on their schoolwork.

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  • This could have been better, alot better, but it was not the worst.

    Overall 3.7/10


    Storyline 4/10

    This is another episode that did not come close to what it could have been. The generally story was good and the episode loses most of it's points as a few factors are far too exaggerated. Alex's clothing line should have been used more sparingly as, and I think most people if not everyone would agree that everyone would any one clothing line. I do believe that this was trying to put across a point, but it goes without saying not everyone wears the same style. I also thought that David's 5th grade maths question (8²÷32x6÷√16) was far beyond the 5th grade. The Nat and Rosalina thing was done very well during the episode although Nat seemed abit out of character when Rosalina first hears the song "Beautiful Eyes".

    Acting 5.2/10

    The acting in general was average perhaps a couple of notches higher, but it job, although to a lesser standard than they are capable. Nat did a good job although as I stated earlier he seemed out of character when Rosalina first heard "Beautiful Eyes", although he did this quite well all the same. Alex was very 50/50, 50% was Tolerable, the other was way below what I have seen of him. It must be said that every actor is not always at their best, and I believe that a bit more time could have remedied this, as I believe in most cases. Producing/Directing/Editing 2/10

    More effort was needed to disguise the extras, as I with ease noticed the same extras in what is to be presumed different locations, unless of course the bus was circling the block. There were a few bad Transitions at the start and few more through out the episode, and again we have the phantom camera man effect. Also the camera on Mohammed and Rosalina gives the idea that there are a large number of cameras, although strictly speaking, I didn't have a problem with it, just thought it worth noting. Still some of the wrong sort of camera interaction for mockumentry style, would be better suited to a home video format.

    Character Development 3/10

    This is a bit restricted, but there is more than in previous episodes. Alex's clothing line could only have been done better had it been restricted, as I have stated several times not everyone likes the same style. The Nat – Rosalina thing was done well but odd into how Naïve Rosalina is. I would have expected that after "Rosalina" and the events of the movie, she would have expected Nat to write in code of sorts.

    Music 5.4/10

    "Beautiful Eyes" – This is a good catchy song, and it is well done is a lot of aspects, although not overly deep, this song holds its own, and is a song I would listen to, I just would not go out of my way to do so. It is still too much of a love song, and I personally do not like them, their always is the exception. Dialogue 3/10

    The dialogue it self I though to be sub-par, and in a couple of situations a bit out of character or in Alex's case over emphasised. It has been done about the same level all the way through and as of such it has been impossible for me to select a quote that was better than the rest.moreless
  • this one is defintiely a filler that was planned like at the last second.

    ok, so you know how the naked brother band is "real"? well they advertise like its real and they made it sound like its real and many little kids think that its real, well this episode is just like showing people its all fake. if alex actually had a clothing line, then wouldnt it actually bein stores? and dude, his style is something no designer would buy. this episode just bugs me and the way that they make people not want to buy alexs clothing is very stupid and there are so many other things that they could have done like just stopped the production of the clothes. overall, probably one of the worst episodes in nickelodeon history.moreless
  • While not a complete disaster this episode was a miss step for the series.

    I liked the idea behind this episode but in the end it really did not work out that well. The main problem is that the two conflicts in it were solved way to easily and it did not feel like they went anywhere or developed at all. It seemed that Rosilina cared far to much about Nat possibley having a girlfriend when she was just telling him the kiss they had did not mean anything in the last episode. Alex trying to change his image was kindof funny but it was not enough to save this overal bad episode. It did not help that it ended with the principal visting them and acting like a 5 year old. The show has a reputation for making adults act stupid but this was the worst example of it. Not my favorite epiosde.moreless
  • Silly...but in a good way

    This is one of few Naked Brothers Band episodes i like. It was funny and in my opinion any episode that is mostly about Alex is good. I also like the song Beautiful Eyes. In this episode, Alex starts a new clothing line which features clothes in red white and blue, doo rags with the word moo on it, milk sayings on shirts and socks tied around the ankles. After everyone starts to dress like him, and even pretending to be Alex starts that starting a clothing line was a bad idea. In the subplot, Jesse helps the band catch up with their schoolwork.moreless
  • Alex gets a whole new look, and he doesn't like the turn out when every one from pretty school girls to the local cops starts wearin' his threads.

    This was for sure one of the very best shows that NBB has done. I should know, Nat lives right next door to me.

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