The Naked Brothers Band

Season 1 Episode 12

Alien Clones

Aired Saturday 8:30 PM Oct 20, 2007 on Nickelodeon

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  • Nat & Alex's Sleepover

    I liked this episode.... It wasn't the best episode they had, but it was okay... I think in some parts of it was funny... :D
  • Halloween for NBB, it justed didn't seem right.

    Overall 3.2/10

    Storyline 3/10

    I am not a fan of storyline as it makes everyone seem gullible. The is not a lot I can say about the story, but it was alright, even though I dislike it. I didn't find it funny or anything else, although perhaps it was to a younger audience, but it was silly. Really I minor point in regards to the play Mr Wolff was in, why would you do a play if you have to change half the cast because they do not have the right costumes. Acting 4.9/10

    I don't think the story really suited any of the actors, judging upon what I have seen in past, there was at least one point were each of the actors could have done better with ease but there were others where more a far bit more work was required. One of the big things that was unconvincing was the fear, but I know that it is a very hard thing to act. Producing/Directing/Editing 2/10

    It is good to see that we have some of the right kind of camera interaction, with the interview with music video director, although there also was some of wrong sort as well. Some choices to change the actual flow of scenes blew the whole mockumentry concept out the window, there are a number of things that just don't happen. Character Development 0/10


    Music 4/10

    "Run" – One of the more annoying and repetitive songs, it does suit the episode but reminds a lot of "Banana Smoothie" in regards to my opinion of it, not the lyrics or music.

    "Alien Clones" It is a simple and a somewhat silly song. It is rap which is not bad, but they are trying to put across a rock image and this song obviously does not do that. "I Could Be" was Alex's better song. Dialogue 5/10

    Very average and at several occasion what the characters said seem out of place and character although not drastically. There was not a lot I would call great and nothing the main characters said was worthy of Quote of the episode, so it will go to my favourite returning cast member.

    "Are you a children? Too bad I liked you" - music video director.
  • halloween for nbb

    The Naked Brothers Band is having a sleepover at Natt and Alex's apartment after they are done filming a music video because of a power outage at the studio. Rosalina does not attend the party, which is one thing that I did not enjoy. And while at the sleepover Alex is concerned that Jesse may be an alien clone because she has a brand new tatoo, likes sour milk, and has very frizzy hair that took the shape of a very big affro. This was an ok episode I guess, the acting was ok, the script was clever in ways I guess.
  • Halloween episode.

    Alright so nbbs first halloween episode, I really liked it I think it was one of their best episodes but then again thats my opinion! because everytime I review nbb 10 people disagree with me and send me hate mail. In the episode the band makes a music video called alien clones which I thought was one of their best songs. After Nat tells Alex a scary story alex starts to think alien clones are real and soon he convinces the rest of the band alien clones are real and soon they start running everywhere with the song playing which I thought was A nice touch. That about sums up my review for NBB "Alien clones"
  • It wasn't what I expected

    I am a really big fan of the Naked Brothers Band. I can watch their episodes over and over again and never get tired of them. But then cam the episode "Alien Clones." Don't get me wrong, this episode was okay, but they made the commercial look better then the actual episode. It was really disapointing. It wasn't even that freaky. I thought it was kind of hilarious how The girl jesse hair looked and how all the boys started running around screaming. The best parts was when They showed the video for their song "Run" (ofcourse), The funny sound there dad was making at the end, and when jesse said she wished she was from the 80's where big hair was actualy cool (which she But the episode wasn't totaly horrible. I just hop ethe next one would be better.
  • The band is staying over at Nat and Alex's.

    This was an average episode. Not the best, but okay. The band is staying over at Nat and Alex's. Jesse walks in with crazy hair because of the rain. Alex is convinced that she is a alien clone. He finds a new tattoo he was never seen before on her. Then, they are all convinced she is an alien clone. Jesse leaves to get milk. They are alone. They power goes out. They hear noises and go crazy. Mr. Wolff comes home. It turns out he was the one who has making the noises during his vocal exercises. Rosalina walks in and explains Jesse's new tattoo is for her new boyfriend. ALex gets mad. Jesse comes home and brings Alex his favorite movie and milk. The song in this episode were "Run" wriiten ny Nat and "ALien Clones" written by ALex. The episode would have been better if Rosalina was in it.
  • And now we have the Halloween episode.

    I have recently had the "pleasure" in watching this episode. Three words, very boring episode. A music video that NBB made has caused Alex to believe that alien clones exist. Apparently, all you need to look like an alien is frilly hair and pale skin. Alex's fear eventually gets to the entire band when Jesse is seen with the frilly hair during a slumber party. So, the band starts getting freaked and start running around. A music video is shown throughout this(Why exactly would you put a music video in a running scene?). Then, Nat & Alex's dad comes with a British parliament wig on. The reason for this was because he was gonna be in the Sound of Music. Yeah, it doesn't make sense if you think about it. Then, Jesse comes back and the band realizes that she's not an alien clone. Then the get together and watch a Tony Hawk video, which is Alex's favorite. Yes, his favorite movie is a Tony Hawk video. And it couldn't have been something else?