The Naked Brothers Band

Season 1 Episode 11

Battle of The Bands, Parts I and II

Aired Saturday 8:30 PM Oct 05, 2007 on Nickelodeon

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  • Tough to review, still might have to make some changes.

    First i will start off with a couple of notes about the episodes. First it does not warrant being labeled a TV movie, it just falls under double episode. Second you do lie to me, the song 'LA' can not possible have been new as it was played during a music video they were making in 'The Song'. Third, if you are trying to impress me, do not use English accents, I hate the English and can not understand why anyone would pass them self off as English.

    Storyline - 2/10

    This is alot like other battle of the band episodes i have seen also it is easy to know who will win, them losing would have been a nice twist. Bobby Loves character is badly written and the fact that he revealed all of his important secrets in the space of three minutes is just lazy writing. This could have been accomplished in far more interesting and creative ways, and him being afraid of balloons, lets be realistic for a minute here. The apology of the band confused me, why are they apologizing it is so obvious that they don't want to, If it was because of Rosalina, why had they not shown the incriminating film of Bobby Love to Cooper prior to the news conference. When Rosalina quits the band I found myself asking why is the band continuing with out a bassist, they may have been able to pull it off, but i doubt they would have one. This also leads to the other question how did she get backstage after she realized the Nat was right. The LA Surfers were well written except possible the name. Their music is very similar to that of the English Punk scene in the 70's but most notably the Sex Pistol's, however the antics and such have been watered down. At the start of the episode how did it go from Nat trying to fake an English accent to replicating Bobby Love, it does not seem logical. It was also lazy pointless and stupid having the man wanting the 'honey bunnies' to play in Europe, this is the sort of behavior the leads people to hate America. Matt Pinfield guest stars in this episodes and is a major flip flop, and at times is contradictory. It is obvious that he does not like the Naked Brothers Band, Why then without actual proof that Nat writes his own songs does he flip flop onto the band wagon. He also somehow knows that Bobby Love, is not English but withheld this. My final criticism on this, is how did both bands manage to learn new songs with in the space of perhaps ten minutes. Granted the Naked Brothers band (with out Rosalina) had practice when recording the music for Nats Serenade, Rosalina had none. Why did they not completely screw up the song like most accomplished bands would. Acting 3/10

    I found Rosalina acted rather unconvincingly during this episode, and also down to bad writing, she was highly gullible, easily manipulated. I believe i could have convinced her (in this episode) that 'Dusty' in the movie 'Twister' was played by Orlando Bloom, I've done it before.
    So far Alex has been constantly acting his part well, and his 'aggressive' nature is put out well. I will however criticize the 'Balloon Attack' on Bobby Love, it was bad, not helped by the poor acting done by the person playing Bobby Love, he can not act scared for crap. Mr Wolff is again portrayed as immature this is a backwards trend on previous episodes where he had moments were he was realistic. The band was far to easy to forgive Rosalina, They must have taken a crash course on Forgiving and Forgetting. I rarely forgive but often forget, but do not get the two confused, It has been almost 8 years since I last forgave anyone. After such a large breech of trust, i doubt anyone would forgive them that quickly.

    Producing/Directing 4/10

    Only have a few points on this part so far. In general it was average, major concerns are once again the dynamics and flow of the episode, especially early on. They still have not got this right. Some scenes are cut to short and completely stuffs up the transition between scenes especially the cut between the 'honey bunnies' being asked to play in Europe and the LA surfers performing. At the photo shoot, the hat, Nat puts on his head suddenly disappears in the next scene.

    Character Development 2/10

    Rosalina is still untrustworthy, easily lead and gullible. The last episode these characteristics were shown was 'First Kiss' in which she was far to easily convinced out of kissing Nat for the Music Video. Rosalina is also very temperamental in this episode and must be incredibly stupid to believe that Bobby Love is from Hogwarts, this is where she should have torn his story apart. Bobby Love is so obviously in love with himself, and is the tired stereotype. On top of that he does not write his own songs, is not English and is afraid of balloons, someone explain to me, why balloons? Why not something more realisitc. Nat remains in what would i guess be described as blind love. The amount of times she has broken his trust and hurt him, it is getting ludicrous any one with any sense would have looked for someone else.
    Alex is in fact shown to be less aggressive and a bit more sensitive than we have seen in the past. I'm not sure whether this is good or bad, but at least he managed to start a fight.
    Adults once again are shown to be immature, fix it.
    Cooper and Patty seem to have clicked, perhaps she will appear a few more times next season. Music 6/10

    'LA' - This song was heard last episode during the filming of a video clip, which had nothing to do with song. The Song was not bad, and when played by the LA surfers reminded of a watered down Sex Pistols.

    'Girl of My Dreams' - Not there worst song, but also not their best. Not real complaints or praise from the song, it was at best average.

    'Honey Bunny' - This song would have been better had it not been written to be slaughtered and rolled in sewerage. However it seemed a bit familiar.

    Dialogue - 5/10

    Nothing overly funny about the dialogue except a couple of amusing quotes. But for 50 minutes of viewing the content in this department is pitiful. Quote of the Episode is once again one of Alex's i tend to think he says his lines better than most other members of the cast.

    'Tough Patootie, You got me baldy'
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