The Naked Brothers Band

Season 1 Episode 11

Battle of The Bands, Parts I and II

Aired Saturday 8:30 PM Oct 05, 2007 on Nickelodeon



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    • Matt Pinfield: Nothing like a good old knock-down, drag-out battle of the bands to get this rock reporter's blood flowing. How about you, America? Are you ready? The Naked Brothers, the L.A. Surfers, Who's going to win the battle of the bands? I think I know. (laughing maniacally)

    • (the LA Surfers are singing 'L.A.')
      Nat: That's our song!
      The Band: THAT'S OUR SONG!
      Cooper: That's our song!
      Patty: That's your song!

    • Rosalina: You guys! You guys, they stole my music. I didn't do it on purpose. I'm sorry.
      (Rosalina hugs Nat)
      Nat: It's ok.
      Rest of the Band: No it's not!
      Rosalina: I'm so sorry. I'm such an idiot.
      Nat: No your not. No your not.
      Rest of the Band: Yes she is!
      Nat: Guys shut up, she already feels bad enough.

    • Nat: Let's not take this out on each other! Let's take this out on the stage!
      Patty: No!
      Nat: No, the Naked Brothers Band challenges the LA Surfers to a Battle of the Bands next week. And I want all my fans to know that I do write my own songs! And we're gonna perform a new one next week at the concert!
      Bobby: And I want all my fans to know that I will do what is best for the charity. And we too will perform a new song.

    • Nat: You're the one who told Pinfield that lie.
      Bobby: Moi? Wait that's French and I'm not French. (American accent) But then again I'm not British either.
      Nat: You know I could tell the press you're the phony and the liar.
      Bobby: Nobody would believe you. You already lost your street cred after Matt Penfield's latest report so here's what your gonna do: nothing. Except watch as I steal your fans and your girlfriend.
      Nat: She's not my girlfriend.
      Bobby: Now who's the phony?

    • Matt Pinfield: Love is in the air for Rosalina and it's spelled B-O-B-B-Y. Bobby. (hysterical laughter)
      Alex: Actually it's spelled R-O-B-E-R-T. Robert.

    • Nat: (about Bobby Love) She's falling for him.
      Alex: Did you tell her he's phony baloney?
      Nat: Yeah but then he came over and told her a C-7's cheeky and now she doesn't care what I say.

    • Bobby Love: Dude, you gotta write me another hit. Another Bobby Love original.
      Alex: (whispering): He doesn't write his own songs.
      Bobby: I heard this kid Nat Wolff wrote 22 new songs. This kid's like nine or ten years old.
      Nat: (whispering): I'm 11!

    • (Pork walks onstage in his boxers; Patty sees him and covers her eyes)
      Patty: Aah! My mom said not to talk to strangers in their underwear.
      Bobby: Pork, put your trousers on.

    • Nat: Whether we win or lose, she's still gonna hate me and love Bobby Love.

    • LA Surfer Drummer: (talking about tattoos) I got this one in Reno, this one in Shanghai, and-whoa I've never even seen this one. Where did you get yours?
      Alex: A cereal box.
      LA Surfer Drummer: Awesome

    • Nat: (singing) LA, LA, LA, LA Go the day LA, LA, LA, LA It's a date LA, LA, LA, LA I say hooray Bobby Love's a big, fat phony liar! (Nat, Alex, David, and Thomas laugh) Rosalina: If you guys can't rehearse with the right lyrics, than I'm leaving. Thomas: So go then, who needs you? Cooper: Guys just rehearse the song the way Nat wrote it- originally of course. Nat: OK. (singing) LA, LA, LA, LA Go the day LA, LA, LA, LA It's a date LA, LA, LA, LA I say hooray Nat, Alex, Thomas, and David: Bobby Love's a big, fat phony liar! Cooper: Nat cut it out right now. Rosalina: I quit. Nat: What? Rosalina: You guys are being so mean and I hate being ganged up on just because I don't hate someone you hate. I knew you guys could be jerks, but I expected more out of you Nat. Goodbye, I quit!

    • Rosalina:Since when did you start drinking cofee?
      Nat: This is a latte, and I like it a lot, eh?

    • Bobby: So, you were the one spying on me.
      Nat: I wasn't spying!
      Bobby: The liar and the spyer. Better not tell.

    • Bobby: The balloons are taking over!

    • Jesse: And Bobby isn't even his real name!
      The Band: What is it Jesse?!
      Jesse: It's Robert!

    • Rosalina: He's [Bobby] really afraid of balloons? What a weenie!

    • Thomas: I didn't hear the L.A Surfers apologizing to us, did you David? David: No I didn't Thomas. Did you Quassim? Quassim: No I didn't David. Did you Alex? Alex: No I didn't Quassim. Did you Nat? Nat: No I didn't Alex. Did you Rosalina? Rosalina: No I didn't Nat, because the L.A Surfers had nothing to apologize for.

    • Rosalina: I QUIT!

    • Nat: Look at Bobby Love! He's riding a motorcylce, surfing, and drinking a latte all at the same time!
      Alex: And you can't even read in a car.

    • Matt Pinfield: (on TV) An insider tells me that Nat Wolff doesn't even write his own songs.
      Nat and Alex: WHAT?!

  • Notes

    • International Airdates:
      - Denmark: August 2, 2008 on Nickelodeon

    • This is the first movie that is 1 hour long.

    • This movie is 48 minutes and 6 seconds long.

    • This is the second TV movie of The Naked Brothers Band.

    • Bobby Love has a few secrets that he never told Rosalina; he is afraid of balloons, he doesn't like kids, he is not British, and he doesn't write his own songs.

    • Girl of My Dreams lyrics

      My mind is turning around
      I'm seeing things upside down
      My mind is turning around
      I'm acting like a clown

      Cuz the girl of my dreams was right next to me
      And she was sitting on my lap
      I didn't catch your name
      But I'm going insane
      I'm in love with the girl

      I will find her
      I will get her
      I will make a little heart come through
      I will see her
      From miles away
      From night to day
      In my head

      (Nat and Rosalina) Ooohhh-ooohhh
      What if the girl of my dreams was right next to me?

      The girl of my dreams was right next to me
      And she was sitting on my lap
      I didn't catch your name
      But I'm going insane
      I'm in love with the girl

    • "L.A." is the song in the first episode and "Girl Of My Dreams" and "L.A.(remix)" are the other ones.

    • The song for this episode is "Girl Of My Dreams".

  • Allusions

    • The beggining of the song "The Girl of My Dreams" sounds almost exactly like another song "Beautiful Eyes"

    • Battle of the Bands

      The Battle Of The Bands is the same title for a Jimmy Neutron episode and it is also about a band which is Jimmy's band, this episode also has the same title as an episode of Life With Derek when Derek's band called D-ROCK Iin a contest and Casey joins the band.