The Naked Brothers Band

Season 1 Episode 11

Battle of The Bands, Parts I and II

Aired Saturday 8:30 PM Oct 05, 2007 on Nickelodeon



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    • (the LA Surfers are singing 'L.A.')
      Nat: That's our song!
      The Band: THAT'S OUR SONG!
      Cooper: That's our song!
      Patty: That's your song!

    • Rosalina: You guys! You guys, they stole my music. I didn't do it on purpose. I'm sorry.
      (Rosalina hugs Nat)
      Nat: It's ok.
      Rest of the Band: No it's not!
      Rosalina: I'm so sorry. I'm such an idiot.
      Nat: No your not. No your not.
      Rest of the Band: Yes she is!
      Nat: Guys shut up, she already feels bad enough.

    • Nat: Let's not take this out on each other! Let's take this out on the stage!
      Patty: No!
      Nat: No, the Naked Brothers Band challenges the LA Surfers to a Battle of the Bands next week. And I want all my fans to know that I do write my own songs! And we're gonna perform a new one next week at the concert!
      Bobby: And I want all my fans to know that I will do what is best for the charity. And we too will perform a new song.

    • Nat: You're the one who told Pinfield that lie.
      Bobby: Moi? Wait that's French and I'm not French. (American accent) But then again I'm not British either.
      Nat: You know I could tell the press you're the phony and the liar.
      Bobby: Nobody would believe you. You already lost your street cred after Matt Penfield's latest report so here's what your gonna do: nothing. Except watch as I steal your fans and your girlfriend.
      Nat: She's not my girlfriend.
      Bobby: Now who's the phony?

    • Matt Pinfield: Love is in the air for Rosalina and it's spelled B-O-B-B-Y. Bobby. (hysterical laughter)
      Alex: Actually it's spelled R-O-B-E-R-T. Robert.

    • Nat: (about Bobby Love) She's falling for him.
      Alex: Did you tell her he's phony baloney?
      Nat: Yeah but then he came over and told her a C-7's cheeky and now she doesn't care what I say.

    • Bobby Love: Dude, you gotta write me another hit. Another Bobby Love original.
      Alex: (whispering): He doesn't write his own songs.
      Bobby: I heard this kid Nat Wolff wrote 22 new songs. This kid's like nine or ten years old.
      Nat: (whispering): I'm 11!

    • (Pork walks onstage in his boxers; Patty sees him and covers her eyes)
      Patty: Aah! My mom said not to talk to strangers in their underwear.
      Bobby: Pork, put your trousers on.

    • Nat: Whether we win or lose, she's still gonna hate me and love Bobby Love.

    • LA Surfer Drummer: (talking about tattoos) I got this one in Reno, this one in Shanghai, and-whoa I've never even seen this one. Where did you get yours?
      Alex: A cereal box.
      LA Surfer Drummer: Awesome

    • Nat: (singing) LA, LA, LA, LA
      Go the day
      LA, LA, LA, LA
      It's a date
      LA, LA, LA, LA
      I say horary
      Bobby Love's a big, fat phony liar!
      (Nat, Alex, David, and Thomas laugh)
      Rosalina: If you guys can't rehearse with the right lyrics, than I'm leaving.
      Thomas: So go then, who needs you?
      Cooper: Guys just rehearse the song the way Nat wrote it- originally of course.
      Nat: OK. (singing) LA, LA, LA, LA
      Go the day
      LA, LA, LA, LA
      It's a date
      LA, LA, LA, LA
      I say horary
      Nat, Alex, Thomas, and David: Bobby Love's a big, fat phony liar!
      Cooper: Nat cut it out right now.
      Rosalina: I quit.
      Nat: What?
      Rosalina: You guys are being so mean and I hate being ganged up on just because I don't hate someone you hate. I knew you guys could be jerks, but I expected more out of you Nat. Goodbye, I quit!

    • Rosalina:Since when did you start drinking cofee?
      Nat: This is a latte, and I like it a lot, eh?

    • Bobby: So, you were the one spying on me.
      Nat: I wasn't spying!
      Bobby: The liar and the spyer. Better not tell.

    • Bobby: The balloons are taking over!

    • Jesse: And Bobby isn't even his real name!
      The Band: What is it Jesse?!
      Jesse: It's Robert!

    • Rosalina: He's [Bobby] really afraid of balloons? What a weenie!

    • Thomas: I didn't hear the L.A Sufers apoligizing to us, did you David?
      David: No I didn't thomas did you Quassim?
      Quassim: No I didn't David, did you Alex?
      Alex: No I didn't Quassim did you Nat?
      Nat: No I didn't Alex did you Rosalina?
      Rosalina: No I didn't Nat because the L.A Sufers had nothing to apoligize for.

    • Rosalina: I QUIT!

    • Nat: Look at Bobby Love! He's riding a motorcylce, surfing, and drinking a latte all at the same time!
      Alex: And you can't even read in a car.

    • Matt Pinfield: (on TV) An insider tells me that Nat Wolff doesn't even write his own songs.
      Nat and Alex: WHAT?!

  • Notes

    • International Airdates:
      - Denmark: August 2, 2008 on Nickelodeon

    • This is the first movie that is 1 hour long.

    • This movie is 48 minutes and 6 seconds long.

    • This is the second TV movie of The Naked Brothers Band.

    • Bobby Love has a few secrets that he never told Rosalina; he is afraid of balloons, he doesn't like kids, he is not British, and he doesn't write his own songs.

    • Girl of My Dreams lyrics

      My mind is turning around
      I'm seeing things upside down
      My mind is turning around
      I'm acting like a clown

      Cuz the girl of my dreams was right next to me
      And she was sitting on my lap
      I didn't catch your name
      But I'm going insane
      I'm in love with the girl

      I will find her
      I will get her
      I will make a little heart come through
      I will see her
      From miles away
      From night to day
      In my head

      (Nat and Rosalina) Ooohhh-ooohhh
      What if the girl of my dreams was right next to me?

      The girl of my dreams was right next to me
      And she was sitting on my lap
      I didn't catch your name
      But I'm going insane
      I'm in love with the girl

    • "L.A." is the song in the first episode and "Girl Of My Dreams" and "L.A.(remix)" are the other ones.

    • The song for this episode is "Girl Of My Dreams".

  • Allusions

    • The beggining of the song "The Girl of My Dreams" sounds almost exactly like another song "Beautiful Eyes"

    • Battle of the Bands

      The Battle Of The Bands is the same title for a Jimmy Neutron episode and it is also about a band which is Jimmy's band, this episode also has the same title as an episode of Life With Derek when Derek's band called D-ROCK Iin a contest and Casey joins the band.

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