The Naked Brothers Band

Season 2 Episode 9


Aired Saturday 8:30 PM Apr 19, 2008 on Nickelodeon

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  • OMG! NATALINA!!!!!!!!!!

    the eppy was amazing! i totally loved that rosalina was so jealous! she was about to say why, but she caught herself in time:( when nat said rosalina was beautiful, i almost died!the conflict with thomas was totally expected.someone had had to be jealous over the attention nat was getting. i was dying laughing when david and qaasim were trying to take nat's hair and socks! and the song body i occupy is amazing! i jjust wish there was a trailer for the next eppy at the end:( all in all, great episode, an log live the naked brothers band, and NATALINA!!!! Rock On!
  • It was awesome!!

    So.. tons of jealousy!! With Rosalina being jealous that was really great! I also loved it at the end when Nat told Rosalina she was beautiful to make her love him! That set up for more fun Natalina to come! And then Alex not talking was funny too! That was kinda hard to believe he lasted almost the whole thing but then his romanticness side came out! He he! It was also cool how Thomas was jealous of Nat and how no one was talking to Nat for part of the time! I though this eppy was great! Everyones acting has also improved a lot! I think haters should give the show another chance now!
  • Love it, it was good to see thomas happy

    They finally showed more of the band,they try to put the band in the show most of the time but it doesnt always work out. Anyway it was funny how Nat got his hair pulled out, which realy happened in real life. I felt bad for him but i also sooo loved how incredibly Jealous Rosalina got he wouldnt even talk to him, its proabably becuse she felt that if shtalked to him she might tell him how she felt about him, i wish that would happened, yea i think she does really like him because she got really really jealous, i loved this episode
  • It has things going for it.

    Storyline 7/10

    The story line is great and is one of the few the seems draw a bit of background from the movie. Thomas being jealous of Nat was drawn from the movie although not directly, but it still worked well. I also enjoyed Rosalina's jealousy and a guess annoyance at Nat because he was getting pawed by all the girls. One thing i was a bit disappointed with was how quickly the cities were passed over, although i see the reasoning behind it.

    Acting 7/10

    Thomas was great in this episode, and in my opinion it is his best performance since the movie, and work very well considering the ties to it. This is also one of the best episodes for Rosalina (DeMeco), she did a great job through and has been quite consistent all season. I also liked Quassim Jessie and David... and of course Tuffey.
    I felt Nat and Alex took a back seat in this episode... Alex for the obvious reasons.

    Producing/Directing/Editting 2/10

    My major complaint comes from the Sioux City concert where there were parts in which the dubbing was bad. Also i noticed a couple of very choppy transitions and this were not minor things, but somewhat obvious ones.

    Character Development 6.8/10

    This episodes main development involved Cleveland loving Thomas as well as Thomas becoming a bit more mature. This was done well and i though it highlighted how easily things can be misinterpreted. I also thought the conflict between Nat and Rosalina was done well and leads you to expect more in the future.

    Music 8.2/10

    "Body I Occupy" - It's upbeat, it's catchy, it's simple and yet has some complexity about it at the same time. It works well with the episode although does not have a major connection to the episode.

    Dialogue 6.8

    The dialogue of this episode was good although not overly funny. In regards to the silent dialogue... thank god i don't play charades with Alex... i think i would have also come up with "Einsteins Theory of Relativity" - Quassim

    "Thomas! Thomas! Don't you do that to me too! Thomas!" Tuffey