The Naked Brothers Band

Season 2 Episode 8

Everybody Cried at Least Once

Aired Saturday 8:30 PM Apr 12, 2008 on Nickelodeon

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  • oops...I need to reword this.... The reason it got a 1 instead of a 0, is because it has george lopez in it!

    this has got to be the worst excuse for an episode i have ever seen! I mean literly! They all just sit there "crying" because the dorky kid with the glasses wants to bring his smelly dog on the freakin bus! I mean... Who crys over that? I mean, Sheesh! The only good reason somebody should cry is because rosalina's dad never showed up and finnaly did. But, the only good part of this episode is george lopez.... But this is his second appearence on the show... So they must be paying him a lot just to show up! I mean, Who would want to show on that show!
  • the band gets ready to go on tour but there are some complications with either leaving people behind or some people going on the tour

    ok i will be super honest..i dont really like this show..i was super bored so i was watching this ep..and plus hello! waiting for the zoey 101 commercials too b/c theyre like uber important (yes uber is a word)..anyways wow this show is like way too dramatic..i mean its a very dull dramatic..i think theyre trying to be funny but theyre not really..the only good part of this ep was the minor part george lopez was in and that was like a whole 2 mins out of like a 23 min show or something like that..thats pitiful..their dad creeps me out and a lot of other things creeped me out too
  • I guess I'll be the only person to write a good review on this episode.

    I never review for this show, but I do watch it a lot. Despite what anyone had to say about this episode, I personally pretty much loved it. It shows what actually goes on and people's lives when they are about to leave their family and everything they have behind for a good amount of time. With a short appearance by George Lopez along the way. But what I really loved about this episode was the end with Rosealina crying over her dad. I know what it's like not seeing my dad for quite a while and I know there is a lot of people that would probably agree with me. But it was just something about that last scene when her dad finally came that made the episode at it's best.
  • It is called everybodies cried at least one for a reason

    I like this epsiode, espeacilly when I hread Rosalina's ringtone! lol beauitful eyes? hmm that show something that she really like him and that she loved that song he worte for her, also i think that it was really sweet that Da cried over E.T. but in the end he got to take her, so that worked out. Rosalina and a big part of this episode she had a hard time with her dad and that fact he's been divorced 4 times, that must have been hard for her, she at least got to say goodbye to him, and in the end she also had Nat to rest her head on, yea i loved that part too.
  • Awesome episode.

    The band is making final preparations to leave on tour and everyone is dealing with last minute stresses- David is upset about having to leave E.T behind, Rosalina fears that her dad won't make time to see her off, and Thomas is embarassed that his mom has sewn his name into all his underwear. Nat and Alex are busy trying to cheer their dad up (he's heartbroken over his breakup with Betty) but nothing seems to work- until George Lopez shows up and finally convinces Dad to enjoy life again.

    This episode was pretty darn awesome. I watch it over and over again.
  • This episode should have been played directly after 'Uncle Miles'

    Storyline 5.5/10

    The storyline is predictable just due to being able to understand why things happen... especially considering the circumstances. Perhaps more important to me is the plot relating to Rosalina and her concern that her dad could not make it, to see her off before she goes on tour. I would have liked to have seen a lot more of this.

    Acting 6.2/10

    Rosalina (DeMeco) was great in this episode, it is perhaps one of her more convincing ones to date. She really suited and she really was one of two things that made this episode work. George Lopez was the other, I loved him in 'Nat is a Stand Up Guy' and i loved him in this and i would love to see more of him. Others worth a mention were Quassim, Khalil and David.

    Producing/Directing/Editing 8/10

    I have no real complaints here just the lack of interview style shots.

    Character Development 8/10

    The follow on from "Uncle Miles: in regards to Betty was great although overdone in a couple of places, It reminded me alot of the flow on from 'Puberty' and 'A Rebel and a Skateboarder'. But the best part was Rosalina and her concern that her dad may not be able to see her off. That for me really made the episode. I was however a bit skeptical of Davids mum's sudden turn around from snotty and stuck, too nice and normalish.

    Music 6.3/10

    This song, is simple, easy to listen, yet I felt that there could have been more to it. However it was a great fit with the episode and helped set the mood.

    Dialogue 7/10

    As a general rule i did not really have a problem with the dialogue. A couple of areas i thought were a bit patchy and not in tune with the character, but not badly so.

    "Can I use all of your stuff when your gone" Khalil Middleton