The Naked Brothers Band

Season 1 Episode 9

First Kiss (On The Lips, That Is)

Aired Saturday 8:30 PM Apr 07, 2007 on Nickelodeon

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  • ?help lol

    Can you watch this on a phone
  • Nat And Rosalina

    i love this episode it shows how much chemistry is between nat and rosalina and for them to kiss made it way better!!!! :D
  • For all the potential this episode could have reached, it came nowhere near my expectations and was too alike other episodes of the same nature.

    Overall: 4.6/10

    This is typical first kiss episode and did not stray to far from what appears to be a set script of episodes of this nature. However I would not call any kiss during this episode a true first kiss not even for TV standards. This is an improvement on 'A Man Needs a Maid' but it is still not a good episode.

    Storyline 3.5/10

    This episode was unoriginal and full of tired cliché's, with Nat being caught in some embarrassing situations while trying to practise kissing. Patrice talking Rosalina out of the kiss had some good potential; however her following parts left me in two minds. She seemed to have only thought about the short term. Did she really expect that Rosalina would not find out if she had won and in the event that she did, she really expected Nat to kiss her. He knew that it was her that talked Rosalina out of the kiss. Is this showing the lengths that people will go to get what they want or just a piece of writing that wasn't thought out properly? I have incline based on other episode to think the latter, but I am not sure. Alex seems left out all most ignored in full group shots, and I get the feeling that the storyline was either written or altered to disguise that he is for lack of a better word, an afterthought. This is not based on any evidence but is speculation based on what it seemed like to me. It appears through some of the shots that were shown than Mr Wolff is having second thoughts about Betty, he seemed slightly annoyed and perhaps exasperated with Betty. On the topic of Betty and Mr Wolff, why have they been written so that they are so intent on ruining the music video? Yet again the adults are shown as being the children and vice versa. Why was filming of the video not cut at the first sign of interference, and why when the music video director finally call cut was he ignored. It is shown in other episodes that Nat and Alex are desperate for a dog, why does Alex not get so annoyingly excited with Rusty and Pogo as he does for ET and Lucky?

    Acting 5.9/10

    Nat does a good job acting angry at Rosalina, although he appears to smile slightly when Rosalina enters the room before the 'first kiss', this although minor mad me sub consciously not take what came next seriously. This minor thing distorted what is supposed to be a very important moment in the episode, I do not blame Nat as it was most likely sub conscious but it should have been done over. Alex does a good job in acting disinterested with his father although some thing I would not really expect until at least twelve. He also does well acting embarrassed about his hair, and I am very reserved about his acting after he kisses 'Melony'. Most members of the cast were not seen enough to really comment, Rosalina, I'm almost convinced is a blonde. Patrice however would have to be the best this episode. I can not really fault her, although being from NZ I can not really understand what popularity has to do with anything. Also convincing were who I have dubbed the 'fan girls' for their accurate depiction of this group within the fan base.

    Producing/Directing/Editing 5.0/10

    Dynamics a reasonably good although there are some areas of concern. Alex appearing to laugh during the music video was one thing I noted that possibly was an oversight. I found the actual flow of the episode was too choppy from one plot to another and this did not allow smooth viewing. I did not like the 'first kiss' being frozen, if it was that special is shouldn't have been edited. This freeze mad the whole thing seemed too cheesy and you would not find it happening in a true documentary.

    Character Development 3.0/10

    Nat gets his first kiss in the episode and Mr Wolff and Betty also share a kiss. It is revealed that Betty heard Mr Wolff play at the Rat Sculler. After some uncertainty it is confirmed that Wynita likes curly hair over straight. These short sentences pretty much sum it all up, although I can expand slightly and say that prior to Nat's 'first kiss' he had is trust in Rosalina broken and I believe it was regained far to quickly.

    Music 4.0/10

    'Long Distance' This song was average at complete best but more likely mediocre, I did not hate it in entirety but I think the 'Michael Jackson' squeal ruined anything it had going for it. I can not really go into a lot more depth with the song and I will refuse to comment on the validity of comments about lack experience around the content of some songs, like this.

    Dialogue 6.2/10

    Dialogue in this episode is relatively good and the lines were in general performed well. And some more interesting dialogue than we have seen in the past. There were a couple of small parts where the lines didn't seem to work properly but I am not unduly concerned, it is an improvement on the garbage I have seen. The video contest entries were well written and provided an accurate depiction of the 'fan girls'.

    Other Comments

    Alex's laugh sounds quite obviously forced during the video rehearsal and due to some freak of nature his hair managed to become straight(ish) within a few seconds. Call me ignorant if you will but I also fail to understand what popularity has to do with they way you talk to someone, is it really like that in the US?
  • Terrible

    Just terrible. This show doesn't do anything for me, it's bad acting and overall terrifying. Even worst episode

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  • My fav n

    My fav natalina eppisode because they finally kiss on the lips. Rosalina was jsut nervous when they had to kiss and because of patrice the evi girl in her class that thinks shes all that. Rosalina really wanted to kiss nat but lied about it. And when nat got angry she felt regret. She has always and will always love nat! this shows rosalinas real feelings inculding in an other episode. The natalina realtionship will probably contine untill the end of the seris. Anyway i like long disatance. This is my second favorite episode. I love the story line! It is great!
  • This episode was exactly what the fans wanted and just what the series needed.

    In this episode tension explodes between Nat And Rosalina and its one of the best episodes the series has seen. In the past it has often seemed like the relationship between Nat and Rosalina had become to strong, to quickly but this episode shows things are not perfect between them. It makes their relationship much more interesting. It shows how peer pressure can effect people and I think alot of people can relate to that in their own lives. Alex's sub-plot also works well and adds to what is already a great episode. Its not the funniest episode but it more then makes up for that with the plot progression.
  • Nat has to kiss Rosalina for there new music video. But Rosalina does not want to. So they get a girl called Daisy. At the almost end Nat thinks he should ever like a girl tell Rosalina kisses Nat. Then at the end Nat kisses Daisy in the music video.

    When I just finished watching that episode I thought it was the 2nd to best Naked Brothers Band episode ever! I really like it when Nat & Rosalina kiss Nat. I was not expecting that!!!!!!!! Now I am looking forward to the new episode this Friday called "The Song". It's on 6/22/07 at 8:00 p.m.
  • Nat and Rosalina find out they have to kiss in the new music video. Rosalina quits and they find another girl. But who will Nat really kiss?

    This episode was painful to watch. Nat and Rosalina kiss. Big woop. I, personally, think that the Nat/Rosalina relationship isn't going anywhere. Plus it just gets on my nerves along with the character, Rosalina, herself. Plus this episode was just stupid. I mean Nat's 11 right? How is getting your first kiss such a big deal at that age? I am rating this episode a 4.7 because of the reasons I said. And because Nickelodeon didn't make the plot entirely as predictable as they do for many of their Teenick shows. The promos left some suspence for us to ponder who Nat really is going to kiss.
  • Rosaline gets nervouse when she has to kiss Nat in a music video. She quits after a girl in her class teases her. A contest winner gets to kiss Nat. Nat feels betrayed by Rosalina. Alex makes contest to search for girls preferences on hair. Goes straight

    This was a perfect episode! I watched it over and over! It was exactly what the episode needed to really get on it's feet. Hilarious during music video. Especially when Nat and Alex's dad keeps trying to hide the fact that he's not the rockstar by ruining the music video. The first kiss was so cute even though it's obvious it's not real. It was smart to have parts from different episodes in like the costumes form the Banana Smoothie music video and the props from the Splishy Splashy Soap commercial. Funny episode all together. Pay attention to the funny remarks Alex makes!
  • good, bad, and in between.

    i think nat should of acted like a man, i mean come on im only 11 and i thought that when i was watching it. i would of acted more mature and kissed rosalina a long time ago. nat is more like a baby, he dosent know when to act right. i know some people dont like rosalina but come on the dude is only 11 and likes a 13 year old. i totally understand that but, if he likes her so freakin much how come he dosent ask her out one day. and then they kiss. geese man.
  • Seriously painful. I HATE Rosalina. I dunno why. She just seems so unlikeable.

    I never like Rosalina but this episode made her even more unlikeable. I didn't like the song for this episode. I only liked when Alex tried to straightened his hair and when they had a poll to see who had better I think , curlies are the best. I like c urly hair guys better I think. Alex would look good with straight hair. But like I was saying, I don't think anyone likes Rosalina's character. Everyone hates her for some reason. I want to s ee the episode with the song I indeed can see. It's played at the end of 'Nat is a stand up guy".
  • nats first kiss is in a music video, but its more complicated than it seems

    I really liked this episode. We get to see more of Rosalina, who up until now seemed to be becoming a 2D character.
    They have yet to give more detail on the other band members, that is a little dissapointing. The only characters we ever see properly are nat and alex, though i suppose most people prefer it that way.
    This episode was very entertaining, i dont want to give away too much. So I really dont want to go into detail on the storyline. But basically:
    Nat and rosalina are meant to kiss, a girl from rosalinas class teases her because nat is so much younger. So rosalina decides she wont do it, and nat gets mad at her. Meanwhile there is a subplot where alex and thomas try to find out if girls prefer straight or curly hair.
  • finally an episode worth watching! rosalina is cute and nat is... well every boy would probably want to be him just for kissing her

    episode was pretty cool, just for the kiss lol, but other than that it was alright, rosalina and nat finally kiss but if that girl who said that it was embarassing to kiss a boy younger than her, nat wouldve never kissed that other girl, but yea i mean who cares about age!? as long as your happy with that person then everything should be fine =) it was one of those episodes that was worth the watch
  • For a new video, nat and rosalina have to kiss in it. Rosalina gets teased by a classmate because nat is 11 years old. she asks the director to take her out of the kissing scene and the director makes a contest. Nat gets his first kiss from rosalina.

    I thought this episode was a pretty good one. The storyline was somewhat unoriginal but they managed to pull it off well.The whole part where alex is talking to juanita about his hairstyle was something i found amusing. Especially when alex trys to straighten his hair and ruins it instead. Although, it seems weird to me that an 11 year old kid is thinking about long distance relationships. I mean, i wasnt thinking about that kind of stuff when I was 11 years old lol. I guess things are different from when I was 11 haha. Overall, one of the best episodes of the series.
  • Nat and the band are filming a music video in which Nat must kiss the girl he rescues. Rosalina is orginally cast, obviously, but thanks to an obnoxious "friend" she opts out. I can't finish because I will run out of words so I'll just say this..WATCH IT

    I loved this episode. I waited like three weeks for it and I was definatley NOT dissappointed. It was really sweet but it kind of left me a little unfufilled that Rosalina said the kiss was just friendly. But then again if the two got together half of the shows plot would be ended and no one would really want to watch because they got what they wanted out of it. It makes me sad to think that Nat and Rosalina probably wont be officially together until the very last episode. And as much as I love Nat's songwriting this song was kinda his worst one in my opinion. I can't wait for the Battle of the Bands episode though because the song from that one sounds like it could be the best so far.
  • the episode that changes everthing..

    In this episode NAt and Rosalina have to kiss in the music video. Of coruse Rosalina has confitened feelings. The girl in her class keeps making fun of her for working with so called little boys. Finally rosalina decides to give up and not do the sence with nat. I think she shouldnt have one that i think she was preeeused to quit by patrice. Anyway we can see that rosalina really likes nat even tough she said that his first kiss should be with a friend i feel she actally wanted and enjoed the kiss. But she is not willing to tell anyone i bet that Cooper knows because i think rosalina told cooper and made him promise that he wouldnt tell nat ever. I guess we have to want for more info coming up on the nbb.
  • One of the greatest episodes so far.

    I thought this episode was so awesome! I didn't like the song Long Distance that much, but who cares. It had a good message. But when Nat and Rosalina find out they have to kiss in the Long Distance music video, Nat gets kinda excited because, well he likes Rosalina. But after Rosalina hears from her "friend" that it would be so embarassing kissing a guy so much younger than you, even though its only two years, she quits and says she doesn't want the kissing part anymore. Nat gets really sad and depressed because he thinks Rosalina doesn't like him anymore, when really its because she doesn't want to get embarssed by her friends. In the end, she kisses him and Nat turns back to his old self again, and they do the music video, but he still doesn't kiss Rosalina because she was just in the background. I thought it was so funny how the dad and Betty were trying to get in every scene though! Exactly why I watch this series.
  • the best one yet!

    this was defintly my fav. naked bros. band episode so far!!! nat gets his "first kiss" (cause he had his REAL first kiss already) and his "second kiss". the song was so sad though but the episode was also funny so it made up 4 it. betty and juanita came back, which is good, cause their storylines didnt end. way to go nat!!!
  • Nat gets his first kiss (which isn't actually his first kiss, his first kiss was at camp with this other girl, not rosalina, who then broke up with him) with Rosalina! Two kisses in one day!! Horray for Nat!

    Wow I love this episode so much. I think it is my favorite episode so far. Although I was crying throughout the whole episode (read my forum topic on the Naked Brothers Band forum to see why). But then again, I cry at everything. I loved all the emotion and although I cried during the music video its pretty funny because if you watch Alex he's just sitting there by the jail cell. Nat and Rosalina are superb in this episode. I also loved the acting of Rosalina's enemy girl. She was funny. Oh yeah and their dad as the cactus??? funny!!
  • When Rosalina and Nat learn they have to kiss they are nervous. Rosalina is because her friends are makingfun of her for liking an 11 year old. Nat thinks rosalina hates him when she decide not to kiss him but in the end it all works out anyways! ;]

    This is the cutest episode of this show ever and I had to tape it!! I love the Nat/ Rosalina relationship and this really left you hanging for the next kissy kissy episode. It was an all around adorable episode with Rosalina's mixed emotions. I love love love the relationship. The girl who was saying she was oh so popular really started to annoy me. She was a jerk and messed up everything. Just think if she wouldn't have said anything to Rosalina then they would have kissed happily in the movie and they would probably be all BF and GF now. Why Oh Why do directors do this in every show lol???!?
  • -Nat must kiss Rosalina... -Rosalina is not comfortable. -A contest is held to see who will Nat kiss in the video. -rosalina believes Nats kiss should come from a friend, not a -SHE KISSES HIM ON THE LIPS!!!

    To me best episode ever! Nat and Rosalina share their first kiss lots of drama and emotions in the episode but it was GREAT! to Alex couldn't get a kiss....... and am i the only one that thinks their dads girlfriend is crazii??? Rosalina didnt seem like she cared about Nat;s feelings but it was nice for her to give him his first kiss... Her friend was very jealous i agree with Nat she is beautiful and smart plus very very talented... Who do you know that knows how to play like 10 different intruments? no one i know... u?
  • TEENick's Kiss & Tell Night rocked.

    This episode of NBB was different. In their new music video Nat and Rosalina have to kiss but Rosalina drops out of the video. It was good that they showed the paparazzi asking questions to Nat and Rosalina about them breaking up when they were never really together. They held a contest to see who'd kiss Nat instead and it was hilarious seeing all the desperate girls wanting to kiss a rock star. I wish Hannah Montana would hold a contest like that because Miley is hot. Betty the "cleaning specialist" is in this episode and I'm getting tired of her. But it was good that Juanita was in this episode because it would be good if she and Alex hooked up. I just hope this show doesn't turn into a big soap opera. When Rosalina kissed Nat it was good but the screen kinda paused a little bit. This was a great episode that really showed a lot of emotions from Nat and Rosalina.
  • Yet another strange instalment in a strange sereries....

    I don't even know what to say...It was half funny, half painfull to watch, I don't know how I feel about this episode and this series in general. It's fake, but at the same time it's funny. I would like to see a little more originality with the storyline though. And what's with Alex's friend who looks like a boy, but really is a girl? What the heck was that about??? idk it just confused me even more.
  • this episode is sooo funny, especially with nat and rosalina. alex is also pretty funny, with his whole thing against jessie.

    alex gets extremely upset when jessie is going out with "the adorable timmerman brothers" so he quits the band and runs away to the skate park. but jessie has to drive him there, because she is alex's only transportaion. all the guys in the band are going to wrestle because they want to meet double x, a wrestler they've never heard of, and rosalina wants to wrestle nat. nat refuses and rosalina calls him chicken. then when they're recording a song that nat isnt in, roslaina mouths the word "chicken" to nat when she stops singing. back at the skate park alex meets someone who is almost exactly like him. he then finds out that its a girl, and BANG!, he has a new crush named juanita. in the end nat agrees to wrestling rosalina, and she knocks him down right away. he asks her how she learned to wrestle and double x shows up and tells them that she, yes SHE, taught rosalina. she had dated rosalina's dad before. then double x teaches the guys to wrestle, and alex rejoins the band.