The Naked Brothers Band

Season 1 Episode 9

First Kiss (On The Lips, That Is)

Aired Saturday 8:30 PM Apr 07, 2007 on Nickelodeon



  • Trivia

    • Nat and Rosalina will kiss again in another episode.

    • Shyanne Melendez played Daisy and Sarah Livingston played Patrice.

    • Rosalina said Nat is almost 12 but in "Fishin For Love" Nat wrote the song 3:00AM on his birthday. So how could he be almost 12 if he was already 12 or turned 11?

      He could've written song on the night of his 11TH bithday.

    • "Long Distance" was not written for Rosalina, as it was written for a girl that Nat met at camp, and she doesn't call anymore because she thinks Nat really likes Rosalina. In real life, Rosalina's real name is Allie.

    • The band is filming a western theme music viedo.

  • Quotes

    • Director: I give cowboy hero breathmint from my country. Stronger than speeding bullet, will give him sweet and delightful breath for months to come.

    • (after the straingtening thing goes wrong)
      Alex: Houston, we have a problem.

    • (Rosalina comes in when Nat is kissing the cantaloupe)
      Nat: NO!! It's just a school project!

    • Alex: Step aside Rusty the dog.

    • Director: She is going to be flatten like pancake-y.

    • Matt Pinfield: How does it feel to be dumped by Rosalina? (Nat walks awawy) Come on Nat, lighten up! You're gonna get a new girlfriend soon!

    • Alex: Well go be famous kissing some other rock star 'cause Nat's never gonna kiss you! Right Nat?

    • Director: You are "uncomfor-table" with smoochy-smoochy?

    • Nat: Dude, I am not gonna kiss a cantaloupe.

    • Juanita: Nice Caveman!
      Alex: Thanks! Get this Rosalina and Nat have to kiss on the lips in this new music video we're doing!
      Juanita: Yuck!
      Alex: What if the guy you had to kiss had really cool hair and he knew how to do a Caveman move? Would "Yuck!" be your reaction?
      Juanita: Yep probably.

    • Qaasim: Hey curly comrade. We will not accept defeat. Take off that hat and let your freak flag fly!

    • Patrice: He's scared to kiss her. I'll bet he's never kissed a girl before.
      Rosalina: Shut up Patrice!
      Patrice: Hey you can't talk to me like that. I'm the most popular girl in class.
      Rosalina: I don't care.

    • Alex: Did you see the thing with Juanita and the straight-haired dog? It was almost like saying "Alex, I hate your curly hair. You have no chance with me. So don't even bother." I thought my curly hair was what she liked best about me! Man, women are confusing!
      (Continues pulling his hair)

    • Alex: Oh Melony, you're so ripe and juicy.
      Nat: OK, Alex. You've got to go, this is getting really freaky.
      Alex: Oh no, I'm gonna leave Melony here so you two can get to know each other.

    • Alex: Imangine that it's a really cute girl...with rough skin and Cantaloupey perfume.

    • Matt Pinfield: Rosalina! The question on American's mind is Why?
      Rosalina: Why what?
      Matt: Why did you break up with Nat?
      Rosalina: I didn't break up with him. We were never together.
      Matt: Yeah right, we have all seen the make out video.
      Rosalina: It was just a kiss on the cheek. We're just friends.

    • Director: This is Daisy. Rhymes with crazy.

    • Director: Why cactus is playing accordian? Who is this cactus? And why is he in every scene?

    • Contest contestant: I want to marry him. I do I do!

    • Alex: We put another contest into the 'I Wanna Kiss Nat In The Music Video' contest.
      Qaasim: Yeah, we put in a 'Do You Like Straight Haired or Curly Haired Guys Best' contest.
      Alex: Yeah.
      David: Lets see what she has to say.
      Goth girl: Curly or straight? I like guys who are prematurely bald.

    • Nat: I should just live alone and never see a girl again and live like a hermit.
      Alex: Oh quit your whinnin'. We counted the votes. Curlies bit the dust. So, I'm the one who should live alone and become a helmet.
      Nat: It's a hermit.
      Alex: Whatever.

    • Rosalina: It's so funny how the guys think this kiss is some big thing. Because it's not. Right?
      Nat: Oh no. Why do you think it is?
      Rosalina: Oh my gosh! That's Patrice from school.
      Nat: Yeah she's in your class right?
      Rosalina: What is she doing here? Ah she's always so mean to me.
      Nat: She's probably just jealous.
      Rosalina: Why would she be jealous of me?
      Nat: Because you're beautiful and talented and smart and some other reason.

    • Alex: So we finally finished the video. Nat kissed Daisy, my father kissed his crazy girlfriend. Pretty much, everyone's kissing today.
      Juanita: Yuck!

    • (After she kisses Nat.)
      Rosalina: Your first kiss shouldn't be with a total stranger. It should be with a friend.

    • Thomas: Whoa, whoa. Nat. You have to kiss Rosalina in this one.
      Qaasim: Whoa!
      Rosalina: We do not.
      Thomas: Yes you do.

    • Thomas: The Script Lady left her storyboards here. Ok, bad guy tied up...bad guy...train coming...train almost squishes save save her again...and you kiss. On the lips.
      Qaasim, David, and Alex: On the lips?!
      Thomas: On the lips.
      Qaasim: On the lips?!
      Thomas: On the lips.
      David: Whoa. Are their mouths open?
      Qaasim: Hey, I've kissed a girl on the lips before.
      (Everyone laughs)
      David: So have I.
      Thomas: Yeah, so have I. Who hasn't?
      Qaasim: No you have not!
      Thomas: Neither have you.
      Qaasim: Yes I have.
      Rosalina: You guys are so immature.

    • (Taking about the kiss)
      Nat: It's nothing, it's acting.
      Rosalina: I know, it's like work.
      Qaasim: Nuh huh! Baggin' groceries is like work! This is getting busy!

    • Nat: Have fun laughing me with your stuck up friend.
      Rosalina: I wasn't laughing at you and she's not my friend.
      Nat: Whatever.
      Rosalina: You're my friend.
      Nat: Funny way of showing it.
      Rosalina: Nat... (She kisses Nat on the lips)
      Nat: What was that?
      Rosalina: Look, Daisy's really nice and all, but I just don't think your first kiss should be with a should be with a friend.

    • (Rosalina comes in Nat's room)
      Rosalina: I just wanted to say hi.
      Nat: Oh. Well, hi. Is that it?
      Rosalina: You hate me now, don't you?
      (Nat shurgs)
      Rosalina: It's not that I didn't want to do the scene with you. It's just that it's complicated.
      Nat: What's so complicated?
      Rosalina: I'm two years older. Next year I'm going to be going into high school and my friends are already starting to bust me about it.
      Nat: You call that Patrice girl your friend?
      Rosalina: No, not realy, but, just-
      Nat: What do you care what she thinks?
      Rosalina: It-I don't-it's-
      Nat: I guess I see where I stand now.
      (leave the room; Rosalina stays behind)

    • Alex: Man, women are confusing!

  • Notes

    • This was Allie Dimeco's first on screen kiss, as well as first kiss. This counts her kiss with Kelli Price, as her first kiss, because the Nat kiss was directed. The kiss with Kelli was natural.

    • International Airdates:
      - Denmark: July 9, 2008 on Nickelodeon

    • Nat Wolff received his real first kiss while he was at camp, not in this episode.

    • Long Distance Lyrics

      I sing this song from the sky
      No matter if it's heaven or hell
      I know I love that girl
      But it wouldn't work out well
      I'd be sitting there all alone
      Coutning day after day
      I knew she wouldn't come home
      It wouldn't work out that way

      'Cause long distance relationships
      Will kill you(3x)
      Long distance(3x)

      The night I woke up the dream
      I knew it was the end
      You didn't make me cry baby
      Or even let me bend
      And I know
      I know, I know

      'Cause long distance relationships
      Will kill you(3x)
      Long distance(3x)

      I didn't wanna let you go
      But baby it was wrong and right
      I didn't wanna make you cry
      And maybe stop your lies
      I just wanted to hold you in my arms
      And tell you it's alright
      But I knew that'd be long chance

      'Cause long distance relationships
      Will kill you(3x)
      Long distance(3x)

      'Cause long distance relationships
      Will kill you(3x)
      Long distance(3x)

      Long distance relationsips will kill you

    • Matt Pinfield re-appears in the show.

    • Apparently there's a girl (Patrice) in Rosalina's class that's mean to her.

    • You can see Juanita's hair in this episode.

    • Alex tries to straighten his hair because he thinks Juanita likes straight hair.

    • Mr. Wolff kisses Betty.

    • Nat kisses Daisy (the contest winner) and Rosalina.

    • Rosalina gives Nat his first kiss(on the lips).

    • Juanita and Betty appear in this episode.

    • The band plays the song "Long Distance", which the song was written by Nat Wolff.

  • Allusions

    • When you see Alex and Juanita you see the costumes from the Banna Smoothie video. When you see Nat's dad and Betty you see the sign from the soap bubbles comerical in the episode Puberty

    • The plot for the music viedo is alot like most old time movies you see. With the pretty girl being tied up on railroad tracks.

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