The Naked Brothers Band

Season 1 Episode 4

Fishing for Love

Aired Saturday 8:30 PM Feb 17, 2007 on Nickelodeon
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The band, Mr. Wolff, Cooper, & Jesse take a day off and go to the beach. When Nat catches Qaasim flirting with Rosalina, he tries to do the same to get Rosalina to fall for him. Thomas and David see Nat getting more attention from girls. They try to do the same. Alex tries to break a record for sand counting.moreless

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  • We get to see more of the rest of the cast in this one, but it was nowhere near my favorite episode.

    Episode: "Fishin for Love" All categories marked out of 10.

    Overall 3.4/10


    This episode makes me pleased that I live in New Zealand. The call the thing in this episode a beach, here 90% of New Zealand is within 40km (25 miles) from a beach.

    Storyline 3.0/10

    The story line is more of a collection of miniature plots instead of the usual main plot with a supporting storyline. Although I did not really have any problems with the storyline except perhaps the term beach, there was not enough detail within stories for it to really rate. A couple of things however need to be asked, firstly how did Alex get so dry after jumping in the water. Secondly the area was pretty secluded so where did the fans come from. I don't have too much more to add, it could have been better with more details, but it is a million times better the "A Man Needs a Maid" Acting 4.5/10

    This has been a difficult episode to judge with acting, not through a bad plot or bad scripts, but it differs from other episodes because they are just out to have fun. I think everyone has done a relatively good job with, the one I am most unsure about is Alex, he was nearly invisible through the episode, he was almost a prop. The parts he did do something I was not entirely convinced but it was horrible, I would have to say it was very borderline. Producing/Directing/Editing 1/10

    There is still to much of the wrong camera interaction, this does not support the mockumentry style I have stated before, I'm beginning to sound like a broken record. There are a few camera shots which do not support the style as well, (well almost all, if I would follow the unwritten book word for word). A noticed a couple of not so subtle subtleties that are inconsistent with what just happened. For example, Alex his shown to have jumped in the lake but next time he his bone dry, I understand it is uncomfortable to sit around in wet clothes but it was too obvious. Another shows Jessie and Alex completely change location and position within an impossible amount of time, and a third sees all the fans disappear while David and Thomas are pretending there is a shark. Character Development 3.0/10

    This episode sees Alex break the world record for sand counting which he dedicates to Jessie, just for the record it would not be valid until verified staff from the book of world records. The other was Rosalina kissing everyone else on the check to prove a point, 'on the check doesn't count. It was done quiet well, while Alex's world record attempt was done on the sly, then again how do you make sand counting interesting?

    Music 4.0/10

    "Fishin for Love" – This does not have a complete connection with the episode, but it does tie in nicely with a couple of aspects which were done better than some attempts I have seen, not just in regards to NBB. It provides the idea for going to the beach/lake/body of water, and David and Thomas were attempting to fish for love. It is a catchy song but not one of my favourites.

    Dialogue 5/10

    Nothing overly important happened in regards to what is said, but there were some good exchanges especially between Nat and Rosalina, it was not the best material it could have been, and perhaps I little reworking could have boosted it. On the whole though, not a bit script.

    "I'm embarrassed for you!" Qaasimmoreless
  • The fake shark situation bothered me at the beginning but this is the first episode where the band members besides Alex, Rosalina, and Nat did more then take up space and was overall a good episode.moreless

    After watching their own animated music video this episode is about the band going to a lake. Early in the episode David and Thomas are having a conversation while fishing. This is the first time I think they have ever really had a real role in an episode and have said more then a few small lines. The conversation that they have gets alittle dull especially when they start talking about how they want to tie dye their tongues. They decide that they want to try to get attention from some girls by pertending to be under attack by a shark. They stand outside of the water and scream shark then jump in. Everyone freaks out and runs to save them thinking they are really in danger. This part of the episode bothered me because everyone was stupid enough to think that there really was a shark even tho when they screamed shark they were not in the water and sharks only live in the ocean and not in lakes or ponds. Rosalina is the only one to question this and some man jumps in the water the save them forgetting he cannot swim. Noone with half a brain jumps in the water to save somebody when they can't swim and you need to be pritty stupid to forget that you cannot. I know this was suppose to be funny but I do not think this worked for the series. After that it got much better tho and it was fun seeing the conflict between Nat and Rosalina. Qaasim is also shown as a fun interesting character and I did not think I liked him before. (Check out the podcast for the episode he is good in that) Anyway overall it was a good episode if not one of my favorites.moreless
  • This episodes was good.

    I was shocked that Rosalina kissed Alex, Cooper, and Nat's father. Wow that’s was very crazy. I know why Rosaline kissed them because she trying makes Nat jealous. Yes Nat was jealous a little bit. Nat was trying flirting with Rosalina but it now work because she Nat is immature. Wait a minute? This episode kind of make me confused know why because Nat and Rosalina were talked about kissed in 2 years ago then she said, the kiss was not on count. Later at end Nat kissed on Rosalina's cheek. And her face was like smile! I bet Rosalina was liar to Nat!!moreless
  • Wow it was painful to watch! that was bad.

    The whole episode was bad. Then the song made my ears go crazy I had to change the channel. Nat really couldn't sing for that song and it was a bad. Although this episode showed that a story or thign was developing this is one of the worst so far in the show. No offence to anyone but man but wow it was bad. This show has potential as i said but this wasn't the show I was talking about when I saw this. Plus they played the song twice I think more also. The on'y funny thing that came out of it was MR. Meaty making fun of it.moreless
  • this was...

    This was a great episode of the NBB because it gives us cules that rosalina really likes Nat. The biggest cule is when he gives her a kiss and how she reacts. She also makes him jealous by kissing every guy she sees.He even adments that girls rule and boys drool. At the end if the show we see her resting her head on Nat.Which is a typical sign of liking someone. Thomas and david were really funny it was really funny how they tried to get the girls attenion. This has to be a big reason why i like the show!!moreless
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