The Naked Brothers Band

Season 2 Episode 2

Great Trip

Aired Saturday 8:30 PM Feb 02, 2008 on Nickelodeon

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  • Unrealized Potentaial, this is really been my focus of the this and the last season... 'Great Trip' is no exception.

    Overall 3.5/10
    This episode has been a bit more difficult to review as several more factors needed to be taken into account, namely the difference between the original screening order, and the one I am subject to, which in my opinion has destroyed any character dynamics they may have taken place after "Uncle Miles"

    This episode has also taken a lot of self control to stop myself pulling it to pieces.

    Storyline 3/10

    Potential unrealized… these two words collectively describe the overall Naked Brothers experience, except of course "A Man Needs a Maid" that just sucked… but "Great Trip" is no different. To stop myself getting carried away I can only barely skim over this. I think the main problem is that any many regards it was far too cheesy and the trip looked less fun than it most likely was. Power hungry Alex… I'm not sure if I liked this or not it seemed a bit of a filler and the whole talking dogs thing that was one idea the was a few feathers short of a duck. Acting 5.2/10

    As a general statement for the episode I would say the acting seemed a bit forced especially at the water park, it should have been a bit more lax but I'd be at a loss at how to fix this. That said there were some good moments ie when David told the band he and won and the following argument, when David said who he was taking and the bands reactions although I felt Rosalina's (DiMeco) was a little over done. Alex was generally good throughout and a bit of moulding and he could be an army drill sergeant. Nat I felt was near on invisible although the bits of him and David while at the water park again seemed forced. Producing/Directing/Editing 1/10

    This aspect was painful to watch, it seemed to have followed the rules on how not to make a documentary. I mean the talking dogs… what the hell was that about. If you have or intend on watching this episode you will know what I am on about.

    Character Development 4/10

    The main thing a felt was missing here was foreshadowing both in regards to David being "freakishly lucky" or Alex being a self indulgent power hungry wiener in a manner of speaking. Both were done quite well but they were out of the blue.

    Music 5/10

    "Great Trip" – In many, if not all, respects the song out did the episode itself. It was simple, it was a kids song, but it was not undue silly or for a harsher term stupid. I did fell that it was not used as well as it could have been, but at least it escaped the floors of the episode.

    Dialogue 3/10

    Through out both seasons of the Naked Brothers Band I have at least been content with what was said, with only a few overly negative comments and looking back, half of those were stupid on my part and my part alone. This episode just had too many things that did not fit with the characters or the developments. I'm not saying that it was all bad, I was well content maybe a little impressed early on, but there was just too much to turn a blind eye to. Once again there was nothing I felt that really deserved to be my quote of the episode… unless you count that first conversation between Alex, Nat and Jessie.

    Other Comments

    The timing of this episode annoys me, although not the fault of the Producers (or at least I think it isn't) this airing of this episode out of the original order has ruined any on flow from "Uncle Miles" I hope this isn't the story of my life, in which a superb episode is immediately followed by a bad one.
  • In this episode there was some great character development. I'm happy that the main 3, Nat, Alex, and Rosalina, are sharing the limelight. We also heard a great new version of one of my favorite NBB songs, Motor Mouth.

    "Motor Mouth" was a personal favorite of mine, so I'm glad they resurrected it from the ABC, Already Been Chewed, NBB song pile. Next they should do either "Rosalina" or "If There was a Place to Hide." Anyway, David's acting was good, and it was funny when he pushed Nat's dad down the slide. It was also funny when they asked Nat if Alex would be in charge of the band after a tragic boating accident. I was really surprised that they would put that much effort into computer generating E.T's mouth moving. Besides those things, the episode could have been better, but I guess it had the typical NBB silliness throughout the episode.
  • Ok episode

    Overall the episode was ok it really wasnt a great start to season 2. In this episode Alex took over the band and put a military theme on it while Nat and David were on a trip. I thought it was a good comedic touch to the episode since its never really that funny. Although I didnt really find it amusing at all watching Nat sign a bunch of autographs at an amusement park and I feel that wasnt really necessary. What really saved the episode was the new song and Alex being funny otherwise it wouldve been as dull as watching Hannah Montana for 30 minutes. That pretty much sums up my review.
  • I didn't love this eppisode...

    For the secong time nick has let me down this eppisode was a filler one they should have cut it out it won't do an to the seris but i tought they could do better. Im a huge nbb fan and i love almost all of their episodes but i have to say this one just didn't go any where. Its not the ones thats coming up three is enough and others. i only think they put the eppisode in becuse they needed one untill teenicks crushnigt. I think they should do a better job. I did love one part tough when e.t. started to talk but thats the only pat i liked.