The Naked Brothers Band

Season 3 Episode 1

Mystery Girl

Aired Saturday 8:30 PM Oct 18, 2008 on Nickelodeon

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  • A big step down from "Polar Bears"

    A long wait did not provide the fruits in which I so hoped that it. The 'season' premiere "Mystery Girl" was a bit of a let down, yet not as much as I was preparing myself for. It had alot of potential going for it, it had an interesting plot, great actors and great music but in all honesty it just wasn't that good.

    In many areas I felt that the episode failed to make a connection leaving a small feeling of being unfulfilled. Yet there was still a good amount of awkwardness that was appropriately used and used well. The Nat/Roslaina/Mirinda part was done well for the most part, but there was still enough that seemed uninspired.

    The cheek that we saw during the last two seasons and the movie was now few and far between, and it was those moments that connected more than the others. The stand out moment was Alex pieing himself, it came together strongly and unlike other areas of the episode it hit bang on.

    Interestingly enough I was not really satisfied by the level of acting from any of the main cast, some parts were great while others missed the mark. Of those actors we have seen before I will have to tip my hat to Teala Dunn (Juanita) she was bang on in every scene she was in and it is pleasing to see.

    I felt during filming that the look was there, but usually they were not supported by the acting or in some cases the writing. That said the playing of "My Smile" for Rosalina was done well, as were [i]some[/i] of the arguments earlier on. In regards to the episode and especially that finally scene I only have one thing to say....WHOO NEW ZEALAND!