The Naked Brothers Band

Season 3 Episode 6

Naked Idol

Aired Saturday 8:30 PM Mar 14, 2009 on Nickelodeon

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  • This is one of my favorite "The Naked Brothers Band" TV movies.

    I loved this episode because it was so intense with the decision between keeping Rosalina or to keep the new girl, Kristina in the band as the bassist. Also, I made a minor appearance, I can only be "heard" though. I was used as a sound effect, when you hear "woah" after the crazy girl is pulled down by a rope of the "Naked Idol stage". It'll be wonderful experience I'll always remember, as a milestone in my life - a dream come true! I met cast member, music supervisor of the show, and Nat and Alex's real life dad, jazz pianist and former band leader of "The Arsenio Hall Show". As well as, "thirtysomething" star Polly Draper who is the creator, showrunner, executive producer of the series. She directed this purticular episode. I also met Allie DiMeco (Rosalina), and spoke to cast member Qaasim Middleton a bit. I never really spoke to Nat and Alex Wolff until after their tour concert performance.

    All in all, I loved the episode - everything about it.