The Naked Brothers Band

Season 1 Episode 3

Nat is a Stand Up Guy

Aired Saturday 8:30 PM Feb 10, 2007 on Nickelodeon

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  • nat is NOT a stand up guy

    nat wants to impress rosalina by performing stand up, the only problem is he is not funny (i coulda told you that!). he tries to get lessons on how to be funnier, will any of them work or is he doomed to not be a very funny guy?

    i really see no humor in this... the fact a big name guy like george lopez was in it does not make it funny either, it's actually embarrassing that he is in it, i think anyways. just not funny at all and did not have a good plot, i have to give it an F
  • Fabulous! Bravo!

    Though the acting wasn't great (what do you expect), this is by far my favorite episode to this day. I loved that we got to see just how much Nat wanted to impress Rosalina. How he was so jealous of Alex for being funny. Goerge Lopez was an amazing cameo, did a great job. My favorite part of this episode was when Nat offered to take Rosalina home (though it didn't really make sense, because she made him so nervous earlier). Just the scene of two kids running off laughing filled me with happiness. Fresh out of the oven cookie happiness. :] That ending song also added a twinge of fabulous bittersweetness. Bravo Naked Brothers Band. Bravo
  • So much potential, but not realized.

    Episode Review – "Nat is a Stand Up Guy"

    Overall 3.7/10

    Storyline 2/10

    This has to be one of my least favourite storylines of the season. It is said that first impressions are lasting impression and that was especially true with this one. The first scene was bad, and the rest of the episode did not get much better. The only parts worthy of noting were the concert onwards, it was the best part of the episode, but not so great that it was worth sitting through the rest of it. It is a number of notches above "A Man Needs a Maid", but it was difficult to filter the good from the bad. Acting 4.4/10

    This has been difficult to pull away from the bad plot, but has once again kept the episode of the bottom of the pile. Nat would have to be the actor I found most convincing but the others were not far behind, although Thomas David and Quassim seemed to be more props than anything else. Although it has held up the episode it does not come close to where it should have been.

    Producing/Directing/Editing 5/10

    The editing is a lot better than "A Man Needs a Maid" and is one of the few small things that separated the two. There is not a lot more that I can add it was pretty standard.

    Character Development 0.2/10

    There again has been limited to no character development which does not allow a lot of progression. Nat trying his hand at stand up comedy is the sole thing worth mentioning.

    Music 5.5/10

    "Catch Up With the End" – It is a relatively good song, deep and true, however it is this episode that ruined the song more or more accurately the first scene, with out I could be more open to enjoying it.

    Dialogue 5/10

    The dialogue barely comes through as average, a couple of areas worth mentioning are Nat's stand up act, which is too old and to a degree inappropriate for him and Alex who lines on several occasions seemed out of character. Despite this I did have a couple of contenders for quote of the episode, but this one just topped the others.

    "Butt-face is a funny word" – George Lopez
  • Nat tries to be a stand-up comic to impress Rosalina...but nobody's laughing!

    Nat trid to be funny to impress Rosalina. Alex is funny and Rosalina likes that. Nat you say...upset so he tries stand-up comedy. But he bombs! Nobody laughs at him! So they go home and Nat and ALex get into a fight sorta. And Alex writes Nat these notes that are funny. Then the band goes to play at a kidney bennifit w/ George Lopez. Nat reads Alex's notes and everybody laughs. Then the band plays "Catch Up With The End". The psycho movie director tries to make Nat's video funny when it's not a funny song. He's a weird director...but funny.
    Anyway, I liked this episode, especially the end ehen Nat and Rosalina walk home together. They are so cute. And I love Nat's song "I Indeed Can See" which plays at the end.
  • This show could not get any worse!

    I don't understand why this show is considered a comedy. What's so funny about it? These episodes make no sense they are leading nowhere and what's with Nat's songs? They keep repeating the same words over and over again, would you give it a rest. I think the only people that actually watch this show are probably 8 year olds. I'm suprised this episode hasn't been cancelled already but I'm sure it's had a lot of really bad reviews. I'm actually looking forward to seeing the new episode where Nat has his first kiss but only to see if I will cry about how bad it is or laugh myself to death.
  • Great Episode

    This was probably the funniest episode by far i no i'm reviewing this a little late but yeah out of all the 4 episodes they have done so far this is indeed the funniest it went like this nat isn't found funny so he tries stand up comedy to impress rosalina then he bombs then he gets ina fight with alex then he uses alex's notes to get some laughs at a benefit with george lopez then they play their song catch up witht he end and evryone is crying and not finding it funny like other people did then nat walks rosalina home and yeah it ends but yeah it's a great episode
  • This was a very very interesting episode.

    My classification of the episode was tearjerker but not b/c it was emotional or sad but b/c tears were pouring out my eyes from laughing at Nat for making a fool of himself trying to do stand up comedy. The show is about Nat finding out Rosalina is impressed with stand up comics like George Lopez ( who guest stars in this episode ) and Nat who for some is desperate for her attention decides he wants to be stand up comic. Then they go to a comedy club called Monkey Buttz which by the way Im shocked they were allowed to say Buttz on Nickelodian where Nat makes a complete fool of himself and after more pointless stuff the show eventually ends with Nat racing Rosalina home.
  • great lyrics

    i love this one because the lyrics were (to me) like wow sooo ture im getting their soundtrack! i know its going to be really good casue so far their all good songs and i hope they have the song from the movie on their! and i felt sorry for nat casue he wasn't funny and alex was.
  • My first experience of "The Naked Brothers Band"!

    This was the first episode I've seen of "The Naked Brothers Band". My sister was bugging me to watch it with her.

    Right from the start, I thought it was a "Hannah Montana" rip-off. However, as the episode went on, I realized it really wasn't that bad.

    The comedy was funny in some particular points, but I wasn't dying laughing like my sister was. I'm guessing the humor is meant for pre-teenagers.

    Anyways, this episode was average. Nat tries becoming a comedian, but he's not funny. His younger brother, Alex is the one who's actually funnier than him. The two brawl a couple of times. You get the picture.

    It's your typical Teen Nick show. I didn't expect much at all, but it was a little better than I expected. The music was pretty catchy. I'm sure I'll catch myself watching this show more than I expect.
  • Nat attempts stand up comedy to impress Rosalina, but he's absolutely terrible. He's very determined to proove to everyone that he is funny like his brother.

    This is by far the greatest episode yet! It's hilarious! and cute. Nat's jokes are soo terrible that you cant help but laugh when he says them. And he does allll of this just to impress Rosalina, because she LOVES stand up comedians like George Lopez. Turns out that Nat was trying to be a stand up comedian not only to impress Rosalina, but to show everyone that he's just as funny as his brother. So Nat might not be a good stand up comedian, actually he's a terrible stand up comedian but he sure is good at writing songs and then singing them.
  • YES! Thank you. This is the best episode since the movie and it features the best music that they have ever done. Shows there IS hope for this show!

    After the first 2 episodes being very disapointing this one was a BIG step in the right direction. It reminded me why I had liked them in the first place. The song that they do at the end is the best they have ever done and Alex putting toothpaste all over his face and then using his toothbrush like he was shaving is one of the most memorable funny things he has done. I think that those of you that have already condemned the show have done so too early. It is a brand new show and it needs time to grow! Why not wait awhile till you write a review saying how awful you think it is? Its still not perfect but if this episode is any indication it is moving in the right direction.
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