The Naked Brothers Band

Season 2 Episode 12

Polar Bears

Aired Saturday 8:30 PM Jun 06, 2008 on Nickelodeon

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  • Days of anticipation, hours of agonizing and it still came down to a coin toss.

    Polar Bears fell just short of the the level I know it could have achieved. However it was Captivating and Interesting. Their some touching moments and it is those touching moments that pulls a movie to above the 4 mark. The Nat and Rosalina story through this movie was done excellently. Allie DiMeco, Quassim, Nat and Grace Cartwright, Really pulled this together and This was one of the many great things about this movies. Alex Vs the press... This really made this movie what it is, and really added the emotive moments which raised the bar from good to great. 'Why' this was not only the song of the movie, but the album aswell, It's use far surpassed 5/5 mark i gave it previously. Alex was great in getting across a save the environment message. I personal felt that both of the area although the core of the movie could have gone further, I expected the environmental message to be a bit more preachy. However the were a number of area which i felt were unnecessary baggage. Most of that baggage revolved around the 'State Dinner' which i felt was unnecessary and the film time would have been better used on the environmental message. This has been the most difficult review to date, and after careful consideration and having watched the movie a number of times i was still stuck on 4.25/5 I had to flip a coin to tip the odds and as a result i give this 4 and a half stars.
  • The season 2 finale. Nat finally admits to loving Rosalina. A happy ending to the season, as Nat and Rosalina finally kiss.

    This episode was full of new songs such as... Why, Eventually, I've got a question, I'll do anything for you, and Flying Away(either that or Fly Away). It also had a very nice plot. I liked the jelousy, it added a lot to the movie. This is the best episode so far. The actors were mostly at their best. The script was great. Overall was an awesome TV movie. I absolutely loved Big Ella. She was adorable, funny, and added a lot to the movie. I loved her! I also thought it was great how it was about the environment. Save the Polar Bears! Hurricane Katrina was also a great connection to it, with song Flying Away. It was sad. And of course the Natalina! Nat finally gets his girl the one he's been waiting for the whole show! That was definitely what I was waiting for. Now we just have to wait and see what season 3 brings us!
  • The love between Nat and Rosalina was Romantic and hopfull for some elses relationship

    This is the best Naked Brothers Band episode ever so far. I love how Nat gets Rosalina as his girlfriend and the kiss. The kiss was my favorite part out of the whole movie.I am sure everyone who likes the naked brothers band will agree also. This episode is a great way to express romance and a way for teenagerswho are not sure if a boy or a girl likes them more than a friend gives them hope to know if they like them. I also like how Alex was trying to save the polar bears but I think he should have tryed to save more than the polar bears. How about the trees they are killing them left and right. SAVE THE TREES!!!!!!!!!
  • well written and a instant classic

    This is by far the best episode yet season 3 should be a hit after this amazing season 2 episode
    mrs wolff did a fine job writing thisits about time we see in a series something that we wanted to happen
    Polar Bears made me laugh out loud almost the whole movie
    like other shows some of things the audience laughs at are stupid and dont make any sense like hannah montana
    jokes on that show make me confused but here they use a
    nice combination of seriuos jokes and completely hilariuos jokes and nat and alex did a fine job also nat and rosalinas chemistry is very convincing and for my conclusion this will go down as the greatest nbb episode of all time
  • ... And the sun will find us all eventually.

    One of the greatest TV movies of Naked Brothers Band. I really loved it. The songs were great, and the TV movie itself had a great plot. I loved Big Al, she was so funny. "Let the curse of Santa, be upon you!". I loved the Natalina relationship in the movie. I also liked Alex's song "Why". And I loved the Santa Claus ending in which everybody were wearing Santa hats. A great example for children, and very funny. Another funny part; Qaasim vs. Nat, that was really funny. I really loved the episode. 10.0/10.0. Series clas/sic. Great example. Peace out.
  • Polar Bears is better then the show has ever been and the perfect way to end a season.

    NBB really has come a long way. If you compare this movie to the last one (battle of the bands) its hard to believe that they came from the same show. The story is so much better and even the shows sense of humor has improved. The confusion about who likes who makes for some really funny moments and the ending could not be better for anyone wanting natalina. There are too many great details for me to mention so go on turbo nick and check it out yourself. It will only disappoint if you expect it to be a movie about the environment. It has a good message and a powerful scene with footage of new orleans but thats only a piece of the plot and the focus is still mainly on the characters. I think that anyone that gives it a fair chance will at least admit the show is improving.
  • This movie is bigger than Santa Claus!!

    This is my absolute favorite NBB movie. I love the fact that they focused on real-life issues, like the victims and aftermath of Hurrican Katrina(I'm pretty sure it was Kartina because they were in New Orleans and they talked about a hurricane) and the problems of global warming. Those are big issues in America today and the fact that they discussed them in the movie warmed me deeply. (yes that's as cheesy as it sounds lol). The music in this movie were excelent too. I think the best song in the movie was "Why" by Alex Wolff. It had a good message for everyone out there and it was something people can listen to and really enjoy. The Quassim/Little Grace subplot was interesting too. I thought his crush on her was really cute. The Nat/Rosalina love thing was entertaining too. A little overdramatic at times, like when she was crying while Nat sang "I'll Do Anything". That just seemed a little played-out to me but nevertheless it fit with the movie. And towards the end when Nat said "I love you Rosalina! How could she not know that?" I was like "AWWWWWWW!" And I said it again when Alex said, "She does now." Nat and Rosalina's kiss was pretty romantic too. Real Natalina cutness.
    Big Ella was just too adorable in the movie. I loved her part in it and I loved her sooooo much! LOL
    So all in all, 'Polar Bears' was a great NBB movie. Much better than I expected it to be too which surprised me. But if you're an NBB fan and you HAVEN'T seen this movie, then you don't know what you're missing!
  • Nat, Alex and the band go down to New Orleans to raise money for the polar bears. On the way Nat and Alex run into old friends causing Rosalina to become jealous. Also Quaasim loses his skills with the ladies and Jesse teaches everyone "impecable" manners

    This episode was a classic episode of the naked brothers band. I absolutely loved it. They had four new songs which were great to listen to. Also I believe what Alex was doing to help the polar bears and the people who were hit by Hurricane Katrina was a heartwarming gesture. Also in this movie Nat and Rosalina have their first real kiss on the lips as a couple. Also I think Jesse teaching the rest of the band on how to have good table manners was brilliant. I felt really bad about the band with the whole misunderstanding with Santa but it was cool how they got the reporters away with a spell. lol Anyway this episode was great and that is why I rate it 9.7 out of 10
  • nat, alex, and the band go to their concert in new orleans and while trying to save the polar bears..alex gets into some trouble while nat has some relationship trouble of his own

    ok they did really hype up this movie and i dont know i mean it was interesting in some parts and im like huge on romances and stuff but other than that and feeling sorry for alex this ep was just alright for me..i feel like it may have been dragged out too some pointless things in there..but spoiler..the beginning i guess they had to introduce "the other girl" and stuff and both sides (rosalina and nat) were just jumping to conclusions and being ridiculous..i did like that rosalina and nat ended up together..that was cute..and everyone was happy about it..poor alex..they misquoted him as the paparazzi usually does and he just felt horrible..luckily he had his little cousin who was so adorable to help him out..and everything did turn out good..i didnt like all the songs really but still pretty good

    Nat, Alex, Dad, and the band head down to New Orleans to visit dad's childhood friend who works at "Bed and Breakfast". After watching Al Gore's An Inconvenient Truth, Alex becomes a fanatic about: the environment, the polar bears losing their homes, global warming, and Hurricane Katrina. Also, Rosalina and Nat's relationship is strained, and Qaasim lost his skill's with the girls. At the end, the band raises money from their concert and donate it to a charity.

    This movie is awesome! It was my favorite tv movie of this series. I wish Nat and Rosalina would stay together forever! YAY!