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The Naked Brothers Band

Season 1 Episode 6


Aired Saturday 8:30 PM Mar 10, 2007 on Nickelodeon
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Episode Summary

The Timmerman brothers, the one hit wonder brother band from a few years earlier, visit the music video set and terrorize Nat with the horrors of puberty. Nat becomes convinced his voice is changing (turns out it was just a cold) and Alex does everything he can to convince Jesse he's old enough to start a relationship.moreless

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  • This episode was so cutesy! lol

    I loved this episode. Truly a good one. The Timmerman brothers added something new to the show (wether it be good, or bad). In the scene where the were whispering about Alex being a "native american", I laughhed my head off. SO CUTE! Alex's role in this apisode was great. A litle boy trying to be a "man". The fake facial hair was one of my favorite moments :] Alex pulled everything off perfectly. Nat was also very good in this episode. I enjoyed the part when Rosalina and Jesse found him eavesdropping under the table. The look on their faces was priceless. The ending scene of this episode were also very adorable, with Nat shoving his head in the freezer trying to catch a cold (to once again impress Rosalina).moreless
  • Okay I have watched some episodes of this show and I kinda got interested when it came out and it was a new show then I realized how bad this show was and it got boring. Nothing really happened in this episode.moreless

    Nat is thinking that he is going through puberty when his voice is changing and is getting lower then he finds out that he just had the cold and finds out that Rosalina likes that voice. We know that Nat knows how to play the guitar. The song Taxi Cab was not a good song it was kinda short and was more of childish. Alex wants to go through puberty in this episode also but he is too young and I don't think that was really necesary to put it their. Nat puts his head inside the freezer and catches the cold again to impress Rosalina.moreless
  • I actually liked this less than "Alex's Clothing Line" but it rates higher. Alright, but not as good as others.

    Naked Brothers Band: Season 1, Episode Review Template

    Episode: "Puberty" All categories marked out of 10.

    Overall 3.5/10


    This episode is the only one to follow on well with the next episode.

    Storyline 4/10

    This episode like all except "A Man Needs a Maid" has a lot going for it, but again fails to deliver. We see the Timmerman Brothers introduced, I just that they weren't the bluntest knives in the draw, like the other adults. Jessie hooking up with all three of the Timmerman brothers was as predictable as sunset, and it self was too cheesy, I think it could have been done the same way with a couple of variables changed. The first scene was done well; it suited its place even though it did not follow on to the rest of the episode. Acting 4/10

    The acting was generally good, there was not a lot of defining moments that were good or bad, although there were a couple of moments with the Timmerman Brothers that didn't have me convinced, like the scene with Jessie and Alex on the tramp.

    Producing/Directing/Editing 2.5/10

    Again we have the phantom camera man effect hopefully this can be worked on over the next season as I know the rest of the season still has this. The episode also had the undesirable scripted feeling. A couple of interesting points, the first in regards to the under the table scene. How did Mohammed fit under the table without it being blatantly obvious to Rosalina and Jessie? Also this is not a cartoon so how did Alex write so well on his armpit? It's not 'The Simpson's' where Bart can write perfectly on his butt. Character Development 4/10

    The Timmerman Brothers are re-introduced for the first time since the movie, and it was done in quite a believable manner. However things they did like all going out with Jessie which itself is another development, was just too cheesy, and I love pizza. I bit of reworking how things were done could have remedied this.

    Music 3/10

    "Taxi Cab" – This song has no relevance to the episode and again I think a better song could have been used. As I much as I dislike the song it is well written for a younger audience and I'm meaning really young, but not for the episode.

    Dialogue 3.9/10

    The dialogue was a bit below average, with a couple of lines seeming out of character, others out of place and some more just plain ridiculous. I noted at least one inconstancy between this and the movie in regards to the Timmerman brothers' view of the band. Quote of the week had a number of contenders but there was just something about this one that made me chose it.

    "Come on Mohammed, you got a zoom lens on that thing." – Alex Wolffmoreless
  • I guess it was entertaining, but there really wasn't a plot to it.

    Nothing happened. Well, some stuff happened of course, but there wasn't actually a plot. Things were just kinda random, especially with Nat. He thinks he started puberty when his voice changes, un-aware of the fact that he just has larungitis. After he hears Rosalina telling Jesse she likes his voice, he sticks his head in the freezer while his dad gives him "the talk". Even though he falls asleep practically. And Alex wants to grow up so Jesse will like him, but that just turns into another hilarious situation! Like I said, entertaining, but no plot or nothing happening. But I guess its still a good episode!moreless
  • I love this episode! it's funny! I enjoyed this episode best of all! ive gotten to sing splishy splashy soap bubbles in my head! splishy splashy soap bubbles!!!!!

    Nat goes thrugh puberty and alex tries to be more manly to have jessie be his girl! a comedy show classic!!!! i love the taxi cab song! Alex is so adorable in this episode! i love the show! this episode was great! funny and cute!!!!!Basically this episode is about Nat going thrugh puberty and alex being jelous of the timberman brother asking jessie out on a date..and nat tries to impress rosalina with his puberty voice! this episode could not be funnier than it was! a fabulous episode! with great songs! and funny quotes! this episode is amazing! love it!moreless
Adam Draper

Adam Draper

Donnie Timmerman

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Billy Draper

Billy Draper

Billy Timmerman

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Coulter Mulligan

Coulter Mulligan

Johnny Timmerman

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