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  • Just throwing my thoughts out there!!!!

    I remember the Naked Brothers Band first came out when I was in fourth grade. I was a fan of them from that time until towards the end of my fifth grade year. Then I outgrew it and I hated them for a while. Now I'm sort of in the middle. I'm not a huge fan of them like I was when I was a kid, but on the other hand I don't hate them. Nowadays I just like to revisit their stuff every now and then because it brings back memories. Three things I wanna discuss are their band name, their music, and their show. The band name, not digging it so much. To be fair, I understand that Nat and Alex got it from a childhood memory of being "the Naked Brothers Band" in their bathtub, so I guess it's of sentimental value to them. But still, I don't think it's an appropriate name for a band or a show. Some people may get it, having heard the backstory, but it will not be well received by most people. Their music, some of their songs are okay, some of them not so much. Songs like Long Distance Relationships, Catch Up With the End, Everybody's Cried at Least Once, and several others like those three are good. I like the melody, rhythm and emotion put into those songs but some of them are a bit too repetitive for my liking. Other than that, those songs are good. Other songs like Banana Smoothie, Taxi Cab, and Crazy Car I don't like so much because the lyrics are weird and don't make sense. Their show, I'm not going to lie, the plot lines for their show episodes are VERY interesting. Even though a lot of it is drama filled, I've got to admit, it's VERY interesting. I like seeing what Nat, Alex, Rosalina, and everyone else are going through together. I like seeing them socialize and have fun together. My overall opinion of the Naked Brothers Band, they're alright. They're not spectacular (I've seen better bands and musicians) but they're not all that bad either. I like that Nat and Alex are still performing together, although pretty much everyone else in the Naked Brothers Band has gone their separate ways. I have listened to Nat and Alex's Black Sheep album recently and it's really good. I think if they had more songs like those on their Black Sheep album when they were on the Naked Brothers Band (and perhaps a different band name than that one) then they would have been a lot more successful. It's a shame they didn't have a mentor at the time to take them under their wing and help them with songwriting, acting and stuff. But in spite of that, they were decent (strong in some areas, weak in some areas).
  • THIS is the reason why Television SUCKS nowadays!

    I was never interested in this show, and knew this was when TV was going to become CRAPPY! Ever since then, Nickelodeon did NOT learn from this!
  • Beggining of the end

    It is just entertaining. It is not funny and has some of the lamest things I've ever seen but at least it's watchable and better than crap like Big time rush (NBB music wasn't bad)

    I forgot all about them until recently I saw an episode and said to myself I should watch some more, as this was one of the shows I watched as a child. Now that I'm older I can get some "inappropiate" scenes but that's about it as comedy goes. Either way, it's not bad nor good, it's one of those shows you watch when there is nothing else on .

    As a side note, this was the beggining of the end for Nickelodeon.
  • Best Series Show Back Then

    The Naked Brothers Band Tv Show was better than all those teens shows i'm not saying Zoey 101 is boring cause i like that too, but the other ones boring except Icarly and Zoey 101. NBB IS THE BEST BAND EVER!
  • Apply palm to face

    I've barely got anything to mention because I've barely stuck with this show. at the age of 12 u may experience love but even though i'm only 13 I've got to say u don't know what love is.... SO STOP ACTING LIKE U DO NAKED BROTHERS BAND. if my mind caught any footage of this show it would probably be the music video 'face in the hall' ik it's not much but I can clearly tell this is uninspiring, laughably bad, and lacking knowledge. it's hard to take this crap seriously when u've got a bunch of kids in a band with an unappealing title acting like know-it-alls with love. the humor is lacking but if u dig for that tv gold u may get a chuckle. this show lead to the trend of bad live-action nick shows about famous, bratty and/or stupid teens who'll go all out to either complain or fix minor, minor flaws in their perfect lives. uhh.... bye
  • 123456789

    why did they end they ended on my brithday in 2009.. happy bday to me :'(

  • i <3 the naked brothers band

    i love the naked brothers band and i wish the show was still going on
  • I feel as it is more of a documentary than a reality show.

    I like documentaries more than reality shows, because reality shows are fake and they shouldn't be called reality shows if it doesn't deal with reality. It was OK to watch, when I was bored sometimes I would watch parts of it, and it really wasn't that bad, but I didn't fancy it like I fancy other shows at that time.
  • i miss this show

    why did they take this show off i miss it i use to love wathcing it and crying about it. it really had a meaning in life. well to me. then they took it off n i was lost n i had dreams about it and the people who dont like then shut up and dont watch it .
  • Naked Brothers Band

    I don't like the show, or anything. It's not funny. And what kind of name is the Naked Brothers Band? I mean seriously isn't that innaproppriate for younger fans? I first heard about them when I was little and they were in concert, (I was watching it from TV) and I didn't really like their voices and of course not the band name. I only watched one episode of this show and that's all I need for my review, it's not good at all. Sorry for the fans, this is my opinion and I totally respect yours.
  • rosalina

    well listening to nats song about me was the best song ever and if you guys dont like the show than stop watching it

    OK I really hate this show. It's just completely...stupid. Thank God they removed this piece of sh#t and added Big Time Rush! That show is actually funny and good, my opinion! Hope you guys enjoyed my short but Amazing review of this donkey sh#t TV show!
  • Awesome

    i love this show!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • Worst show plus worst music.

    This show is one of the rock-ruining foundation. Watched one of its episodes and I just lasted for a couple of minutes. Therefore I don't know it's plot. But all I know is they suck at making rock music, ruining it. Plus they act stupid in each episodes. Let's compare their songs to some superior bands.

    NBB: Chatterchatterchatterchatterbox!

    Megadeth: Welcome to fortress fall, take some time to show you around! Impossible to break these walls, for you see the steel is much to strong!

    If I can make a vid, I will compare it's solos, drums, bass, and guitars. They can't be a band if they can't write a good song.
  • Oh no!

    I used to love them. Then I learned that their lip singing kids. The show was horrible as well. It was just about Alex(I think that's his name)and Rosemary(I think that's her name) liking each other and then finally dating but by now probably broken up.
  • The Naked Brothers Band ROCKS!

    If you do not like the show, then don't spend your time writing bad things about it! I know I don't spend my time writing about things that I do not like! Put what you just read into deep thought, cause I make a wonderful point!
  • What is wrong with you all they just wanted to have fun and make a show.

    As you can see i love this show! And someone on page 9 asked "Why would they named their band that name?" They said the story a billion times but I guess your to deaf to hear! And everyone making fun of this show lay off bitches!! They just wanted to make a show for ppl that knew them b4 so why be rude they made it for there fans and they made so the can become how some of us are today. And yeah if some of you didn't notice there still popular today (yeah... SO FUCK OFF MOTHERFUCKERS) and Ikari_Kamisama there band was real the documentary was real everything except for the house an Rosalina(Allie DiMeco) and sunny Wolff's (Micheal Wolff) names were fake everything that happened on that show was based on real and it could've been real which it was so I was very happy everything on youtube for videos of their movies and previews I already watched when I was a little girl I love this show it's part of memory and I love it so don't bother coming on the show if you don't like it!!!
  • Yep I'm another person that doesn't like this show.

    This show is about Nat and Alex Wolf who form a band called the Naked Brother's Band. This show is in the style of documentary, but we all know this band isn't real. There are a couple of things that are bad about this show. One, the songs are horrible. Two, they are only kids and have a successful band, not likely. Three, the show is a complete bore and puts me to sleep. Four, did I mention the songs are horrible. Five, their band name is the Naked Brother's Band and that is just wrong for a stupid kids show. I have advice for any one who watches stop watching this because they are brainwashing you and you need to break free. Overall I really don't like this show and it is one of the worst television shows on modern t.v. A lot of people would agree that this so called documentary is completely horrible.
  • This show is up there with Genie in the House and The Suite Life as one of my least favourite shows of all time.

    Ick, this show is horrible. As said before this show is up there with Genie in the House and The Suite Life as one of my least favourite shows of all time. Nat sounds like a total girl and all their songs suck. How could anyone possibly like them? I watched an episode and ended up having nightmares. I saw the movie and wanted to punch Nat upon hearing that "British" accent he did. I mean, does an actual "British" accent even exist? I've heard of English, Scottish and Welsh accents, but an actual "British" accent?? To conclude this review this is the type of show you're forced to watch down below.
  • This is the best Nick show. The naked brothers band members are the funniest.I love this show, and enjoy it.

    This is the best Nick show,I can watch it over and over again.Nat and Alex Wolff are the coolest guys on the show.Rosalina and Kristina are so good as emenies and friends.Thomas,David,and Qaasim do the best pranks. Copper is the best manger. Nat loves Rosalina. Rosalina kisses the French guy. Kristina the bass player, Nat has. Crush on Kristina. Alex loves Jeese. Alex hair is curly and pretty. I can watch it over and over again.The best kid's show I've seen so far.I enjoy it and watch with my siblings.I watch it on netflix.I just love the show so much.
  • This show is WAY too boring.

    This show is a big waste of time indeed, I mean all there is to it is just a dull show about a band but looks as if no effort was put into it at all to make a good show. Very very poor, just one of the most boring television shows ever. I got no interest in it at all and it is hard for me to catch on to it. Well I'm not sure if I like their songs or not, but they should just stick with their music career instead because I think the show is horrible. Well at least they seem like good kids. Dunno why Nick is still making new episodes for this show though. Since a vast amount of people think this show is horrible like me, this show should have been canceled by now. I do not know how this "lost your mojo" or whatever it is is going to turn out. Probably not going to watch it, the whole concept of this show lacks a lot of good things. But really, this show is so bad that I'd rather watch paint dry, or find something more relaxing and healthy to do like sitting outside and just watch the sun set, or watch the amazing night sky. That is all I got left to say in this review.
  • Give me a B, give me an A, give me a D, what's that spell? BAD!

    I don't need to watch a whole episode to tell how some shows will turn out. A commercial can help me decide on whether a show looks promising or is just a waste of time. Especially this show. C'mon! I find it hard to believe that htese kids actually made the music. They don't even look like they're over 13 years old. No music company would actually take these kids seriously. It looks like a waste of time to me. I don't think this show will last past another season, if it can make it past 1. I just don't see what's so good about this show. If someone thinks this show is good, PM me and tell me why. Litterally!
  • I present to you, the downfall on Nickelodeon.

    I was afraid of this. Nickelodeon just went downhill with this show. I honestly think they cannot sing at all. Plus, I have seen the first episode and it was not really all that good. The humor is not even that funny. If it is a comedy, then they could make the show a lot more funnier. I will not be watching this again anytime soon.
  • horrible......

    this is one of those shows i only watch when there is nothing else to watch. i mean come on! ow yeah its a show about some band that stinks and probably doesnt know a guitar from a piano in real life! the only song i kind of like is None Of Them! I do think that Rosalina is hot so thats like the only reason that anyone would ever watch it. I read in nick mag that they changed here name in the show from Allie to Rosalina. I liked Allie better. because Rosalina is too long. so tha Naked Brothers Band is horrible. The End.
  • For the love all that's good, please don't watch!

    Now, I'm very leanient and I give shows a try before I judge whether they're good or not. But this show... this is the one exception.

    This show is a terrible and awful program to ever grace a television screen or any channel for that matter. I got this feeling when I watched the movie that aired before the series. Seriously, would you be going crazy and foaming at the mouth if you heard two little kids saying Crazy Car?

    Personally, I find this show to be inapropriate and wrong on many levels for a kid who's watching this. When I was their age, I didn't want to go kissing other girls and having a relationship. They haven't even reached puberty yet! If it was about a couple of 12-14 year olds, that might be different, but a 9 and 10 year old?! That's where I draw the line!

    The music is so bad that Disney can actually do better! And they would higher 20 year olds to play as high school students!

    If you like good story, good music, and an all around decent show, this is the one show you should keep away from yourself, your family, your children if any, and younger relatives!
  • A bunch of Homosexuals in a Band that Michael Jackson approves of!

    Why does Michael Jackson Approve because it has Naked in it! Seriously why the people like it Ill never Know its just awful. Hell I remember when Nick had good Quality TV Like Invader Zim, The Fairly Odd Parnets, Spongebob Squarepants, Kenan and Kel, All That, Rockos Modern Life, Hey Arnold and Angry Beavers. But Seriously this series is just...... Three Letters GAY which is written all over it and now Nick it 100% Crap this is just as bad as when they cancelled Invader Zim. The Naked brothers Band deserves a Thumbs Down. Nick only made it so Girls can pretend theyre Married to three Gay kids. If the Naked Brothers Band comes across this Review I hope your career goes downhill you Losers!
  • Have a love/hate relationship with it.I think I'm a little more on the hate side.

    I guess I like it.Has it's ups and downs every now and then,like a roller coaster,except without vomiting blood.Sometimes things can get a little annoying.Some things are obviously staged.Like,who de heck would pretend their English by saying they come from Hogwarts?The littlest child is always scared(Alex),and they do things retarded like counting grains of sand.(Which is rather ilogical,they could have picked up a mound.)God!!whenever they do crap like this it makes me cry and go into a raging fit at the same time.Things like this are just bloody bloody bloody bloody annoying!It just makes me want to crush their faces until their complelty hidden in their heads!!That director is probably not even from Sweden!!(Whoever didn't know that,if someone hits you in the head with a sledgehammer,the sledgehammer demolishes competely.)It's more dumb then Samson!Wait lets not gets crazy. :lol: Die you dumb basterds die!!Now I need to go kill,what I'll need are the hedgetrimmers,a sledgehammer, and some ordinary household bleach.*Walks away*

  • This show is incredibly under appreciated and is continually increasing in quality. Give it another chance.

    The Naked Brothers Band is a show that gets a lot less credit than it deserves. People who actually spend time tearing this show down have apparently forgotten that it is a television program intended for a young to adolescent audience. Also some of them should keep in mind that it is a work of fiction, and Nick isn't insinuating that these kids are actually famous rock stars.

    One of the major draws to the show is the original music. Regardless of your opinion on the quality of the music there can be no doubt that these kids have talent. Each episode has at least one original song and each TV movie has several. While some may rip the show for allowing the audience to believe these kids are famous rock stars, I applaud them for it. I don't do this because kids should believe they too can live the rock star lifestyle, but because it invites kids to explore music as a form of expression that they too can accomplish.

    The movie followed a mockumentary style that had commentary coming from an omniscient Nat and Alex. This style was interesting and added something to the movie, but was apparently too dificult to adhere to, because it was adapted to fit the TV show. The commentary was dropped after the first episode.

    The first season was dissapointing, and is unfortunately the source of most of the show's criticism. The first season was the showcase for one incredibly disastrous episode called "A Man Needs a Maid", and two highly criticized songs, called "Taxi Cab" and "Banana Smoothie". What can be said be said of "A Man Needs a Maid"? It was an awful episode which introduced the worst character in all of television, Betty. I would recommend skipping this episode. Both of the aforementioned songs are criticized as being overly silly and repetitive, which in all honesty, they are. The acting and writing of the first season was also a bit dissapointing, but fortunately it did get better.

    The second season was so much better than the first musically, writing wise, and acting wise. Unfortunately everything after the first season is untouched upon by most haters. Something that that made the second season so much better was the handling of the Nat and Rosalina relationship which had up till then, been incredibly one-sided and lacking in chemistry. In the second season, it seemed like you could tell there were feelings between the characters without it being shoved in your face. The second season had highlights such as the genuinely emotional "Uncle Miles", and the TV movie "Polar Bears".

    I enjoyed "Polar Bears" very much. I liked how they had a mix of an environmental message, Nat and Rosalina, great Beatles allusions, and even some powerful and emotional moments. Emotional scenes like when they drove through the wreckage of Hurricane Katrina, when Alex sang "Why", and when Nat sang "I'll Do Anything" and they showed Rosalina break into tears, really made the movie.

    The third season has revealed a new musical high for the show. The music has been less repetitive with more powerful lyrics. The acting has also gotten much better. Unfortunately, the show, has lost a lot of the quirky original plot lines in exchange for more cliched angsty plots. These are still fun to watch, but, they seem to have forgotten the chemistry from the second season, where Nat and Rosalina weren't constantly the plot of the episodes, and we saw more of the other band members. So the biggest problem in this season is a lack of plot diversity.

    All in all, I think that this show is very good, especially for Nickelodeon, the land of Spongebob, Spongebob, and more Spongebob. I think if the people who hate this show were to forget their predisposed hatred of the show, and watch some of the newer episodes, they might not like it, but at least they would give it the credit it deserves as a respectable show. Give The Naked Brothers Band another chance. You may just like it.
  • What the heck is this?

    You have got to be serious.What was Nick thinking?To entertain kids?Well,it bores us.It's about a stupid band who sings god awful music that wants to blow your brains out.T-T Taxi Cab,Shut this off.Okay,why?It's not even funny.It's boring.Then,they had a show which ruins everygood song called Glee.Then,they had a perfect show called Big Time Rush.But this sticks out as stupid.iCarly is funny,but not the best.Spongebob is better.I give this show an F for making me bored to death.Scores:

    Humor:(puts hand on face)

    Voices:0\10 Boring

    Music:1\10 Terrible music.

    Theme:0\10 still horrible.

    Okay,why did Nick make this show.Why is this show rated 6.0?It should be rated 0 because it bores the heck out of me.
  • I hope this show is cancelled now. It sucked so much!

    When this came out, my younger cousins were obsessed with the kids in it. They acted retarded. I didn't even get why they acted the way they acted. The boys were all obsessed with girls and Nat tried his best to stay with Rosalita or whatever her name is. His little brother, Alex has a 22 or something year old girl friend and has all these weird things he imagines like he has an issue or something. I mean, little kids have vivid imaginations, but this kid is just retarded. All the guys do is talk about girls and the girls just cat fight and quarrel all the time. And it's always the same pattern:
    Nat and Rosealita are a couple. Nat become a jerk. Rosalita breaks up with him. Nat gets mad. It's the end. Nat and Rosealita become BF and GF again.
    Same as the High School Musical pattern with Troy being a jerk, breaking up with Gabriella and singing about it. Then, at the end, they have a huge music number about their love and become a couple again. Woopdedoo.
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