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  • I don't know why I wasted my time wathing this.

    All right, all of the songs are stupid, they sing horrible, and I defiantly wasted my time. This was yet another show that nick has brought, they keep on getting worse and worse. The show is horrific their singing is terrible, and their commercials are completely getting on my nerves. There is no way I am going to even think about seeing this show ever again. Basically if I hear one of their songs, I am quickly going to another channel, there is nothing that the show can do to make it better. Of course if they cancel this lame excuse of a show.
  • This show is about two brothers, their band, their friends, and their life. As simple as that.

    I ABSOLUTELY, POSITIVELY LOVE this show. I loved the movie and it is now my favorite over many things and actually it's my favorite out of anything. I first saw this show on the advance screening of the movie and I instantly fell in love with the show and characters. Now no matter what else is on if the Naked Brothers Band is on then I will quit watching the show that I am currently watching and watch it instead. I persuaded my brothers to watch it with me and now they are big fans as well. LOVE THIS SHOW!!!!!!!!!
  • Musically talented kids who should stick to making music.

    After months of hype on Nickelodeon about this show, I'm still trying to understand the point. I get that these are kids who sing, but why are they on television again? There are too many really talented kids out there, who can sing and aren't nearly as aggravating as these kids are. I am a mother of two boys, and they both agree that this show is pointless. Plus, a kid who wears a do-rag of every color, who clearly doesn't need to - come on Nickelodeon. Bring back Rocket Power or Jimmy Neutron - anything's better than this show.
  • This show is completely and totally awful!

    It looks like friends of staff at Nickelodeon volenteered their completely untalented kids to do a show! This show is boring, and the kids cannot sing in the least! Did I mention their acting is awful? They attempted (and quite frankly, failed), to start a show about a kids rock and roll band. I doubt this will get very far in the least, sorry to say it Nickelodeon producers, but you've failed... Again... Why don't you people just bring back the good old shows and stop making yourselves look bad with this terrible new garbage you call entertainment! In all honesty, this is one of the worst shows I've seen.
  • A group of untalented and annoying childeren try to be funny in a sorry excuse for a television show.

    The naked brothers band has to be the worst idea for a show ever. They copy every thing they do off the Beatles, they have no talent whats so ever and i dont know if they think there funny but there not. I just cant believe Nickelodian would put this on there network Its pathetic that they would even think that people would like this. They have the worst songs ever. Crazy car? IM OUT? If Thats Not Love? Motormouth? They are what 11 years old? I doubt they even know what half the stuff there talking about. Not to mention I doubt they are really playing instraments.
  • who wants to see some kids age 8-11 sing, not me

    well being the person i am i give every show a chance even this show. well where do i stary the shows about some kids in a band called the naked brothers band it tells about their life and other stuff about them, the fact is me and many other people do not care. also this is basically a documentry show which is kinda dumb to put in nick. but one thing i will admit is the song crazy car is almost okay other than that their songs are garbage well you can choose to watch this show or not its up to you but i can't stand this show. no offence to people who like this show.
  • it's a really cool show. Some people may argue that their music isn't good, but for me, I LOVE them !

    I Love them ! They're so cute ! their music is awesome. i don't understand how people can't all see that. I know some are really fans, but trust me. It's a fantastic show. The lyrics of the songs are really deep, and sweet. The movie was also really funny. So I highly recommand this show to people who like good music, and a funny, and sweet show. And if you're still not convinced, let me ask you something. Would they be rock stars and famous if they weren't any good ? And to the person who wrote a review saying that the people who like the naked brothers band's music have not listened to real and good music. Well, have you considered that different people like different kind of music ? That's really rude to others, and to me. I love them, and i can't get enough of them. Of course, I'm not saying that everyone should watch the show. I'm just asking for you all to give The Naked Brothers Band a chance. Watch an episode, and then decide, don't listen to people and not watch the show.
  • Well it is different.

    I really liked this show. Who could think that me, a person that likes anything from rock to rap from hip hop to country, would like this? It is a great show and a great documentary. Who know that kids ages 11 and 8, (10 and 6 when the movie was filmed. I think.) could make some great music.

    I love most of these songs. Crazy Car, MotorMouth, and Rosilina are all interesting songs. Its nice to see that they live in an apartment in the Bronx of New York City, New York.

    Overall a great show that shows that not all great bands need to be made of late-teens and young adults. Kids can do great on their own. I cant wait to see "The Naked Brothers Band" get richer and more and more famous as they get older.
  • It was interesting, and cool. I like it despite what some people say

    Okay, I actually liked this movie/show/documentary. It was funny, and very cool. The kids are so adorable, and actually do some pretty interesting stuff.
    I mean, most of the people that hate this show just don't understand that that is what Nickelodeon does. At least this show is better than Mr. Meaty, or Spongebob Squarepants! I mean, I'm not hooked to Nickelodeon, because half of the shows on there are just retarded.
    These kids are very talented in my eyes. I mean since when do you see a group of kids between the ages eight and eleven? NEVER that's when!
    Nat Wolff can write some very interesting song lyrics, that may not make sense, but the beats to the songs are awesome!
    I like this show no matter what some kid haters might say about them!
    I've said what I can say! Kill me if you want!
  • poser

    Ehhh, this show doesn't really float my boat. Who thought of this anyway? Who said that rock and roll is only for adults? These kids should be finishing their homework instead of taking off to the music industry. And how are they naked? Are the directors of the show obsessed with that kind of stuff? This show is very poser because 1) All of these children have some sort of ego problem. (Like saying they know they're hot). 2) Girls younger than them chase them. 3) Everything seems to come so easily. 4) Music sucks. 5) Acting is terrible.

    So, there's my two cents. By the way, the singer's voice sounds like fingernails screeching across a blackboard.
  • Cool Show

    This is a funny show. I highly reccomend it to anyone who watches TV. I have to admit, though, that at first I didn't want to watch this show, but then I turned the T.V on, The Naked Brothers Band was on tv, and I kept on watching it. I liked that whenever Nat was ever near Rosalina he would talk in an english accent. This show is a cool show. I'm gonna get a D V D on this show if one comes out. I like "Crazy Car" and "If thats not Love" Those are really good songs, but "I'm Out" is a bad song. The tune is good, but the lyrics were only a few lines that were repeated. Good Show.
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