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  • the naked brothers band is about a band that has to work together but also has to go through everyday trials

    ok i dont know why i dont change the channel immediately when i see its on..but that means i have 2 get i gave it like 5 chances and im like seriously what is this crap? i dont know why i watch it b/c this is like the worst show on nick today and probably thru nick's history..and oh my gosh i am so tortured right now as i watch the concert but i wanna see the show following it so why bother..i just never want anyone other than ppl i really dont know from this site knowing i watch this show b/c its embarrassing
  • Okay, I know my last review got reported for some reason. --++++ even though I never insulted any of the users But, I still have my opinion. And all I have to say is, WORST SHOW EVER.

    The naked brothers band is a show about this kids in a bad who go on tour and blah blah blah. It's pretty awful sorry, I couldn't stand watching three seconds of it. I think the songs are really hard to listen to, they say the same things over and over again and are not that hard to write. I mean two and three year olds can come up with these songs around the house. I don't understand what any of the songs are about so yeah. And I don't like the acting on the show either, it seems like a bad documentary. Well this is the last of my review and I'm hoping I don't get reported for "flaming" again, even though I never insulted any of the users. Either way it was worth it.
  • Pretty cool

    "The Naked Brothers Band" is an awsome show. It is pretty good comedy wise but maybe a laugh track would help. Im not so sure. I like the band and their music but it can sometimes be a bit wierd but I love it. I have the CD and season 1 on DVD. I watch it on Nick everytime its on. I love Rosalina. Shes awsome. And Nat. I guess hes pretty awsome too. I hope this show doesnt get canceld anytime in the near future because I love it so much. Its nothing compared to Zoey or D And J but its good.
  • This is one of the best shows i have seen on TV, in a long it is the best show on Nick, i will say that i do not watch a lot of Nick due to my age and the lack of interesting programs. I know talent and this show has it.

    I live in New Zealand and the Naked Brothers Band is just coming to air, and what i have seen it is one of the best shows to come out in a long time. I am an extremely fussy person when it comes to what T.V programs i watch, even more so for programs i go out of my way to watch. Currently on T.V in New Zealand there are only two programs, NCIS and the Naked Brothers Band. As fussy as i am with T.V i am just as fussy with music. There are only three bands in the world in which i would by an album they are Green Day, NOFX and the Naked Brothers Band. I enjoy watching this program for many reason but top most of all they have talent. There are not many Actors and/or Musicians that i have said they have talent, but they really take the cake. The top person in the band, that would have to go to Alex, I wouldn't mind seeing more solo vocals from him, he has a great voice.
  • Nat and Alex have their own documentary that follows them through growing up. Nat goes through puberty and girl troubles while Alex also has girl troubles.

    I really like this show a lot. Nat and Alex are very good musicians and actors. The other members of the band, Rosalina, Qaasim, David, and Thomas are very good as well. The songs that Nat writes in and out of the show are phenom. The only down side is that their show has a new episode only once every week, if that. It shows on Nickelodeon on Saturday nights at eight thirty. There have been two seasons so far and one movie so far and two hour long episodes. There is another one coming out this summer called Polar Bears.
  • Those idiots! What are they doing to Nickelodeon?!

    What in the bloody heck were they thinking?! The Naked Brothers Band is the most horrible, stupid, idiotic show ever! The songs are so stupid! The acting is terrible. Especially Nat, stupid smile. And the name, the name! What is up with the name?! "Naked?" "Naked?!" Gosh, what happened to Nickelodeon? What is with these stupid shows, like the Naked Brothers Band? Nat, Alex, I just want you to know I hope your show gets cancelled, I hope people, everyone, stop watching your show. Because this is super-mega-extremely-RE-TAR-DED! Stupidest thing that's ever happened to Nickelodeon. I'm dead serious, and I mean it. That's all.
  • This is my favorite show, and I think that this show needs more credit than it gets. Kids spending time practicing their music to get better is a very inspiring message.

    This show is my favorite, and it is on at the perfect time, during the strike. While all of my other favorite shows were on an in definite hiatus, NBB was still there. The acting has very much improved and the writing has gotten better. The rest of the band has been featured more, and there is actual character development. A whole episode pretty much dedicated to David was good. In the first season, it was completely centered around the main 3 characters, Nat, Alex, and Rosalina. The songs are way better than the past season and I look forward to more to come.
  • This show is even better this season! I can't wait to see what genius producer Polly Draper has in store for us this season! That would be cool if she produced other Nick shows, and displayed other children's talents, as well as her children's talents!

    This show doesn't get the respect that is deserves in my opinion. People think that the first season was horrible, and I have no idea why. The kids were just starting out, this acting thing was all very new to them, so give them a break! Don't say that they can't play instruments- that they're not as good as they think. If they want to think something, let them think it. In my opinion, for kids, they are all very talented.
    In the new season, the kids are going on a "mock tour" which I think is cute; they're not huge, but they would like to display their talents to a smaller audience- great idea! Also, the kid's acting chops got much better, becuase they understand the characters and how the characters feel, thus letting them get into the character. Plus, the editing got better, and the episode ideas and settings are also good. One thing that I would change though is Wing, the new tour manager-person, he's the same annoying tour manager- person in a different outfit, and in my opinion, no matter what costume you put on, you're still annoying! But that's all I would change.
    I love the Naked Brothers Band, and season 2 was even better than season 1. Hopefully, season 3 will be the best, because I know that there will definitely be a season 3!
  • This show is a show of kids in a band...who go out and rock the world!

    LOVE IT! This show is funny and it can be really interesting once you get into it. I love the relationship between Nat and Rosalina... I love the awkwardness that always goes on with them. I'm always looking foward to something happenening with those two. Alex, of course, is hilarious!!! He makes me laugh so much! He always has something to say and he plays those drums like I've never seen a 10 year old before in my life. The other members are also really funny. Quaasim (not sure I spelled that right), Thomas, and David are always getting into some typee of trouble or crazy things like getting in trouble with the principal, or getting chased my girls (Quaasim!...haha)And last but not least the manager cooper! He is what keeps this show together of course! He's got a good head on his shoulders, even though he's the youngest in the band, except for Alex.The bottom line is, I love this show because it pretty much keeps my childhood alive! :)
  • cool show

    this shows is pretty good. but please nick, put better episodes of this show. some of them so far haven't been up to date. Nickoloden has cancelled great shows to put other shows on. They cancelled Jimmy Neutron for some show on Nick Jr. I think these guys are going soft on us. But anyway, NBB is a good show that will get better. If somone who works with Nickoloden reads this review, please put better episodes of this, Avatar, and iCarly, and Jimmy Neutron.
    NBB is good but it can be better!
    iCarly is a bit better. We will have to see at the end of both seasons.
  • This show lacks everything that makes an interesting show.

    These boys are not the kids to get a "comedy". TV sitcoms need a good looking kid who is funny and talented. These kid do not deserve a sitcom like Drake&Josh do. I will also discuss how everyone hates the name. The name is just crafted to not invite kids, but to invite creepy people who are actually looking for a genuinely naked band. And on a kids channel too. The acting is not actually "acting", more of a drone of boring, tone-deaf children. Speaking of which they cannot sing, all there songs are like Paul McCartney with a songwriters block. The only kid that actually stands out is Rosalina, as she is OK looking. When the kid were awarded for the Banana Smoothie song, they were just showing how "fun" it would be to be a rock star. Getting to wear grass skirts and coconut bras. It is also unrealistic to actually think that this band would actually survive in the real world, with a lead singer with a soprano voice and an orchestra instrument with one of the key characters. A drummer with a revealing shirt and a boy with a funny name. Plus who names their kid Cooper. This show is Nicks blunder. Not the gold mine of merchandising and exaggeration that it is not.
  • Just How Terrible is Naked Brothers Band suppose to be? The Music for this show is so bad that it makes you wanna plug your ears for your life.

    My 88th review after: "My Super Sweet 16"

    Let's face it. The Naked Brothers band is easily one of the Worst nick shows ever Created. If this is called: Naked Brothers, Why aren't they naked? If they were, Why not put it on Comedy Centreal, So we can laugh our butts off Literally, and looking and laughing at them playing in a band Naked? plus they should put sensors. and another thing is... what in the world?! Little Bratty Rich Kids... Singing and Playing in a Rock 'n' roll Band?! No Way! This show is not only one of the most dumbest shows it's also one of the BIGGEST Attempted mistakes to Nick and Schneider's Bakery, Inc. In's History of Ranting Usernames. There' no way a Bunch of 8 year olds can make 50 million dollars a year, during Song bands. If I worked for Nintendo, which I will soon, I would earn like 2 Billion Dollars a Year. aka if you don't know, $ 2,000,000,000!!!! I'll be Ugly Disgusting Rich!!!! $$$$$ Ha! Mostly the Rich part if you ask me! I'll maybe have enough to Fire the Actors for the band and the show and enough to bring back the Great Classic shows on all channels that everyone missed so much. Alex wolf and Nat Wolf are just Spoiled and Talentless Brats. This show is Definitially, going to get an F-. Here the Results:

    Voice-acting: F-- 1.5/10.0 Because of the Kids spoiled voices, It failed the show miserably with terrible rock band music.

    Graphics: F 3.0/10.0 Bad Cookie-cutter edits on the show and the Colors and Hideously Bright, Blurry, Ugly and Nasty. It's like a Homebrew 1983 Show updated in a Terrible way.

    Sound: F-- 1.0/10.0 Oh you're kidding me right? The sound is so bad and Stupidly Childish created, that it will be the lamest Excuse for a Rock band you'll ever hear in your life, EVER!

    Dialouge: F- 2.3/10.0 The scripts and Plots don't make any sense at all. If before the show known as the movie which sucked butt, why could not they just cancel making the show once the movie premaired? This show is happening to work for the worst nick show of all time, "Mr. Meaty" Because they put some of their songs such as Crazy Car, on their Stinky show.

    Lasting Appeal: F-- 0.0/10.0 Complete Boredom and Stupid. This show Sucks.

    Overall: F- 2.0/10.0 What were they thinking? This show makes some of the worst games of all time look Impressive such as: "Big rigs over the Road Racing", "Tiny toon Adventures Plucky's big Adventure", Powerpuff girls Chemical X-traction", "Aquaman battle for Alantis" "Nicktoons Party Blast", and More. Cancel this show quickly before I blow!
  • I am not a fan of The Naked Brothers Band.

    First of all, who the heck would name a children's TV show Naked Brother's Band? And... They tried to write a book called "Cry Wolf" Geez! I bet that sold 0 copies. I do not like the message they send to people! They are like, 7 years old! They should not be wearing purple velvet jackets! They are terrible actors,I mean, come on people! In the show, or maybe in real life, Nat acts like he is a "Ladies man" Well, HE'S NOT! I just flat out hate that show! I have no idea why their show is on the air. If I could rate this -999999, I would! It stinks! If you are reading this Nat and Alex, sorry, but it's the truth!
    It's sometimes funny how they think they are so good.
    and! I understand that they write the songs, and by the way, they stink too!
  • I can go on and on about how stupid this show is.

    I could write a whole book and why this show shouldn't be on the air:
    1. Their name, alright. Why this their band called the NAKED brothers band? It's really immature and some parents may not want their kids to watch it because of their name
    2. Their music is horrible! They sing about long distance realtionships and their not even thirteen yet.
    3. I think their trying to be like Hannah Montana with their music. You know what I mean. Only it's on Nick.
    Those are only three reasons. There's probably a million more. And look at the reviews for this! I've only seen four or five people give this something higher than a six. Waste of time.
  • I honestly can't see who could stand watching this [...]

    I honestly can't see who could stand watching this. I at first did give this show a chance. Nickelodeon very often does a bad job of advertising things to make them look bad, and then the show itself could be decent. Here, that was not the case. It all started with the movie. The movie was absolute crap. The show seemed to follow up quite the same. Is there a need to explain why it is so bad? Well, first all the actors act like complete idiots. They can't act half the time, and when they are it doesn't make sense or it is really insanely stupid, annoying, or wrong. Next, the entire story of the show is nonsensical. It is supposed to parallel real lives of a band, which it fails at terribly. Nothing in the show is real at all. Every person in the band acts like a moron, the managers and family of the band act stupid, and if it were real life it obviously could not be a band.

    This show fails. I fail to see the good in it that is still allowing it to have a score of 6.4. Why can't I give it a rating of 0?
  • This show is one of the worst shows in the TV history!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    This show sucks! Nat, Alex, and the other members of the band just do stuff. That's about it! Nothing exciting, nothing fun! Nothing u look foward to seeing! First of all, the name of the band?? The Naked Brothers Band?!?!?!?!?!? You do not know how wrong that sounds! I understand a lot of Band names are silly, but this one, goes WAY TOOO FAR! I mean seriously, who names a band the "Naked Borthers Band"!? Second, the episodes. There is nothing good to see in the episodes. No action! No comedy! They try WAy TOO HARD to be funny! This show should be cancelled IMMEDIATELY!!! YOU NBB fans are sooo lucky u cant rate dis under A 1!
  • Just because you make a single-camera comedy, that doesn't make it mature.

    Combine Mickey Mouse's voice and sound of fingers screeching on the blackboard. Then record it onto a machine and turn up the pitch high enough unitl you recongize the sound (and also the pain). What's that sound, kids? You guess it, it's Nick Wolff's voice.

    Seirously. What was Nick thinking when they decided to give these brats their own show.....

    Come on, Nick....You can do soooo much betta. I heard My Chemical Romance, Three Days Grace, Jay-Z, and even Miley Cyrus do way better (and I want Miley dead!!!).

    They sing the most stupid songs ever to be heard by man. Nick, Why!!!!!

    The reasonable reason that this show is on Nick is if they were holding one of the producer's family hostage. I rather be held hostage than listen to this .....ugh

    Honestly, there's not enough words to even describe how horrible thier music is. You can call their music heinous but that'll be a complient. "Someone took my chocolate chip cookie" or "Crazy car" or "Fishing for Love"

    No one gives a damn about a choco chip cookie. The only way a crazy car could actually exist in real life if there's a drunk driver inside the car. Fishin for love? They haven't even reached double digits yet!?!

    The plot is horrible. There's no joke. Their lame attempts for jokes aren't funny, just sad. Just because you make a single-camera comedy, that doesn't make it mature. They can't act. They don't even try. I know it's a single-camera comedy but even the actors on The Office try!!! The characters on this show lack personality, there's nothing that makes them different from one another.

    They only got this show because of their mom, just Miley Cyrus (Billy Ray Cyrus) and Romeo (Master P.)

    Oh, I can go on and on, but even this review is too short to list why they completely done heinously horrific.
  • The Naked Brothers Band...obviously, Nick confused it's popularity with the Jonas Brothers.

    Seriously, the movie was mediocre to start with. But to make a series?! Why, Nick, Why?! First, Mr. Meaty, then Urban Jungle, then DP season 3 airs in Latin Amereica before the country that made it, then Avatar Withdrawl syndrome, now this?! This is truly a god-awful show. Two brothers and a bunch of their friends make a band. Suddenly, they are the biggest band in the world the day after they form. Obviously, Nick has never heard of Metallica's story. It takes years, not days, to do something like that. My Chemical Romance is better then them, and MCR are as emo as hell. And how did they get on Nick? Because the creator is...Their Mom! Oh, what a surprise! Oh, and I made that reference in my Summary because they remind me of the name of The Jonas Brothers and they are WAY more popular then them. This in Nick's so-called answer to Hannah Montana. Nick, for the third year in a row, you fail to grab teenage viewers. I can't believe they got a DVD after two months. Two months! And three CDs. Why must you torture your 90s fans with this?! You rip-off "Spinal Tap" and are too blind to see that you mixed up the Naked Brothers with the Jonas Brothers when it comes to popularity. Oh, and it stereotypes emo rockers. That officially ends my review. I give this a 1, but I want it lower, but won't let me.
  • This show could do better.

    This show really does need fine-tuning. I'm fine with other people enjoying this show, but nothing will change my opinion. I could tell Naked Brothers Band was going to be a "try to be funny but fail miserably" show just by its title. The word "Naked" in it represents a pathetic attempt at bringing a smile into one's face (-1.1). Of course, this is not the only reason I dislike the show. The songs, to be honest, are just too short to be considered "real". I can understant someone listening to them off of the computer or t.v, but putting the songs on an actual CD is a ripoff. (-1) The thing I cannot stand the most is the show itself. I have yet to laugh at a single joke (-.3). The acting of the characters is appalling (-1); I can not stand Nat. He acts like such a brat; his spoiled nature is very evident (-.3). The fact that he thinks he can date some sixteen year old, who seems a bit unintelligent, really angers me. (-1.5) They act like adults, which is one thing I CAN NOT stand in society today. Youths deciding they can do everything that a fifteen+ teenager can do makes me so mad (-1.5) I know it's not like EVERYONE is doing it, but people in the fourth grade honestly don't need to be dating and they are too inexperienced to do it. The reason they are being compared to adult bands is because NBB gets there own show, but other bands don't. The fact that they got there show because there mother paid Nickelodeon disgusts me. There are other bands that had to audition to become immensly popular, and what happened to NBB is that their mother paid for their spotlight. (-2) The fact that there are people reporting other reviews because they express opinions that are not offensive upsest me. (-1) However, I can agree some of the reviews are offensive natures (+.5)

    Overall, this show really just needs some fine-tuning. If it turns things around, it may have the chance to have a lot more fans than haters. I honestly don't mind people loving this show, but I will not respect anyone who tries to delete my review without a good reason (i.e don't say "Your wrong" or "Your mean", etc.) I would like a thorough answer as to why my review was offensive. (I don't want to sound harsh, sorry)
  • This is a decent show, with some good moments.

    The Naked Brothers Band is a decent Nick show. I wouldn't go as far as great, but decent. Some of the episodes are really pointless, such as "Nat is a Stand up Guy". And yet, some of them are great episodes, such as "Battle of the Bands", which is The straight to TV movie. I would like to see Nat and Rosalina end up together by the end of this series. They are building some of the episodes to lead you to beleive that they will. But normally, Rosalina usually acts like they are only friends. This is a good show, with some great moments.
  • worse show ever please take off :(

    worse show ever please please oh god please take off i never saw a worse show.... or even heard of one why cant they take it off... its reviews are bad the show is bad everything is bad so just take it off already jeez.. i dont know anybody who actually likes this show theres no point to it like come on make a better show on nick then this i wonder if its possible to get a worse show... i dont think it is compared to how bad this show is i rather watch CN now since nick is failing so bad to make this show.... its horrible simply horrible :(
  • Nickelodeon's single worst show ever...

    I can't describe my hate for this show. It is my least favorite out of everything I have ever watched! Nat Wolff and Alex Wolff star as two brothers who, even though they are elementary schoolers, have a smash hit band "The Naked Brothers Band". The other members include a freak with a wig Quasim, and Nat's phoney baloney crush Rosalina. None of the people on the show can act. They don't even try. There is no humor either. Not even a lame attempt. Just plain old kids saying lines for a dumb mockumentary. The songs...ugh! Don't get me started! Nat's high soprano voice has no potential, and the songs have the cheesiest lyrics. These kids don't know anything about "true love". They should be writing songs about stuff like 'who stole the last chocolate chip cookie'! I mean, do these mommy's boys actually think their famous?! No. Not ever. No.
    Just the parent's own project to make their 'little babies' stars. Nickelodeon is just ripping off Hannah Montana, so they can make money off of music. Hey Nick, next time, choose a cutesy girl like Miley Cyrus, not 2 hormonal dweebs who think they rock. Because, Newflash! No One Enjoys that!
  • the naked brother band is so cool says jordan.

    The Naked Brothers Band is the best TV show i've evur seen yo i really like all the songs. The best songs are Long distance, I indeed can see and Catch up with the end. My favourite band member is Rosalina. But i love them all the same. I really like the way Nat and Alex's dad Michael always plays the accordion. My favourite episode is the one were they record catch up with the end and have a private concert and perform the song. I like the special guest George Lopez he is really funny. go naked brothers band!!! i love it
  • THis show has everything..

    This show has everything from music to drama and romactic.The nat and rosalina romactic realships is the a piont of the show. I love all the crazy things the other guys do on the show. The music is awesome and the lyrics i have never heard anything better its amazing. They really make ne think about life. Since i play many instruments i enjoy having this show. The story lines are really funny i love them all!! I love all the characters espically nat i think he is deep nice and cute I Love THe SHow the best ever!!! IT Rules!
  • Very Good Show with Good Music.

    This is a very good show about boys and a girl who have their own band. It is similar to that way to the show of Hannah Montana, because they are both very good in the way that they sing. Also they have the make the show funny. Most of the funny parts of the show is when they not on the stage performing, but behind the scenes where the camera crew is filming. It is almost like a documentary similar to the movie. They are always talking about what they want to do, instead of a story without it. It is very nice to see what they do.
  • What the...all of their songs sound the same!!!!

    What the...all of their songs sound the same!!!! I dont know if you noticed I swear all the songs are at the same tempo..same tone the only things thats are differant are the lyrics and the beat. Why is the show scripted that makes the show 10 times worse did nick really think the that would make the show funnier?1 O.o also the matt and Rosalina thing makes it more intresting? Just Kiss her already!!! I gine this show a -1 Niick what have you done what happened to your old shows In the end this is one of NIck worst shows ever >:(
  • You may think i'm being harsh but neds was canned for it and it's a load of rubbish! I would pay not to watch this show. By the way it wouldn't let me give the show a zero or 0.1

    Full of bad singing, bad acting, bad jokes and a bad script. These kids don't deserve fame and by those kids I mean Nat and Alex since the rest of the band hardly get mentioned. I wasn't suprised when i found out that Mike Scully (the person known for ruining the simpsons) works on this show. Pollie Draper has ruined Tv and i know a whole load of fan girs are going to complain about this but I don't realy care. I am speaking the truth no matter what the fan girls say. Thank you ladies and gentlemen and peace out.
  • the naked brothers is the best show you will ever see in your life so watch teenick and you might see the naked brothers

    t h e n a k e d b r o t ers band on teenick watch it free on any day naruto spongebob tom and jerry yhe best website cr ay ay ay ay ay zy car to lead me no where leadme nowhere actcly it is made for that made for that thats crazy car from the naked brothers band nat and alex made if you don't watch the naked brothers band watch it i think it is on right now ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha
  • Boo! I don`t even know what this show is about.

    Well , it`s a piece of trash. When they start singing my ears start to hurt and bleed. I feel like throwing up. How can anyone like this? Their songs are like a cat trying to scratch
    the chalkboard with its nails. They think that they are cool and all that. But , they`re not. Can they act normal , because they act like a can of soda falling from the sky. Naked , Brothers , Band? That sounds homosexual. I fall asleep while watching their episodes. They are not funny. Why can`t they just make cool music , instead of acting like a couple of fools? Waste of time.
  • its awesome i dont understand why people hate it.

    its really cool. but people are always commenting how bad it is. i mean come on they're only 12 or 13 . people are comparing them to adult bands. thats just like people yelling at little kids for finger painting while they say that they're not as good as Pablo Picasso. i really wanna see the battle of the bands. for all u haters out there, if u hate the show i get it but stop calling people dumb or saying that they have no taste in music just because they do. (for the record, I am not an nbb fangirl/boy)
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